Sega confirms Alien: Isolation release with chilling trailer

By Matt Tran - Jan 7, 2014

A little while back we brought you news of a leak regarding a potential new Alien game from Sega. Those rumors have now been confirmed by way of a chilling new trailer which gives us an indication of what is in store. The main playable character for the game will indeed be Amanda Ripley as widely predicted, daughter of Ellen from the famous horror franchise.

Alein: Isolation is still a work in progress and will reportedly launch towards the end of 2014. The upcoming title will be available on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 and PS3, we may hear about a potential PC release later on. This first person shooter is being developed by Creative Assembley and is said to feature many elements of the original Alien movie, being described as a thrilling survival horror experience.

Last year Alien: Colonial Marines was launched and was very disappointing after delays and production problems. The game was based around the Aliens movie and was played as a big shoot em up rather than giving the player a riveting story line to work through.

We can already see from the Alien: Isolation trailer that players can expect something new from this game, there are sinister motives at work besides the Aliens themselves. Take a look at the trailer we have embedded for you below and let us know what you think in the comments section. Will you be buying the game on a next generation console when it launches?

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