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PS4 UK stock update from GAME with warning

We have a quick heads-up for those of you who are still looking for a PS4 in the UK. A PS4 stock tracker update is now available, with high street retailers GAME changing their status this week for those in need of a console.

We’re pleased to tell you that some GAME shops in the UK have now started to offer PS4 consoles for sale again upon walk-in. As you may have guessed, backlogged orders from last year in the build-up to Christmas prevented most from walking in and obtaining a console in time for Christmas.

With the hectic period now over though, it’s great to see that there’s finally some light at the end of the tunnel. As revealed over on Twitter, two shops that specifically have some stock back in are GAME Salisbury and GAME Hanley.

There is a catch though that some consumers have warned us about. It appears that GAME are only offering PS4 bundles to consumers, not the launch editions that first went on sale for £349.99. These bundles are being sold for as much as £460, but it’s not exactly a crisis for those that want a console and a few games at any cost.

Are you still waiting to buy in a PS4 in the UK? If so, let us know if you are willing to give in to picking up a more expensive bundle from GAME.

Also, let us know how much your local GAME store is asking for a PS4 this week, if back in stock.



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