Pokemon X and Y Pokebank exposes Mew

By Alan Ng - Jan 7, 2014

Earlier this week we told you that some Pokemon X and Y players could enjoy Giratina thanks to gaining early access to the Pokebank. Now, it gets even better as the Pokemon X and Y Pokebank also means that Mew is available in the game as well.

Unfortunately though, you won’t need us to remind you that Nintendo are still maintaining their silence on the global Pokemon X and Y Pokebank release date. At the moment, only limited players with a Japanese version of the game can enjoy the bank, allowing Pokemon such as Giratina and Mew to be playable in Pokemon X and Y.

As a result, we’re pleased to be able to bring you some early gameplay showing Mew on the Pokemon X and Y engine. The footage comes courtesy of YouTubers PimpNite and SuperBlah411 and allows you to see what Mew looks like in 3D – it’s a lovely sight.


It’s another reminder of the luxurious Pokemon that all bank users will be able to bring over from previous gen games once the bank finally goes live.

Enjoy the footage and let us know which Pokemon you will be sending over with the bank and poke transporter. Do you have a Mew ready to transfer to Pokemon X and Y? Any update would be nice this week Nintendo.

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  • jamesgray

    Between Nintendo’s silence on the poke bank, and Bethesda’s silence on Fallout 4, I might kill myself. =X

  • Michael Ngo

    Knowing a fact since it’s day 1 release is NOT news. Plus most of is hacked anyways

    • Pokemon718

      It’s not hacked

      • Michael Ngo

        I know for a fact they didn’t transfer their event LEGIT shiny emerald Mew over or reset the game 1000 times.

        • Pokemon718

          I know for a fact you are a jealous baby

        • Michael Ngo

          Jealous over a hack? LOL what a STUPID KID (btw performance>asthetics, shinies have no meaning to me)

        • Dani Gonzalez

          the pokebank is hackproof. it doesn’t let you bring a hacked pokemon into the application. Also I was able to get a shiny mew in emerald by LEGIT methods. it took me forever, but if you love em you’ll do it 🙂

  • Thiswasawasteoftime

    Lmfao how is this even considered News? Japan has had access to PokeBank since Christmas LOOL what a pointless article

  • Pokemon718


    • Pokemon718

      Yeah same. It’s so stupid. I trade over Instagram and see shiny mews every day. I love my shiny darkrai and rayquaza

  • The Absolis

    The wait for poke bank is an interference at best, while it was not their best idea to make the majority of Pokemon only available through using poke bank, they still have a decent amount available allowing players to create a decent team.

  • heo

    quit rubbing it in our faces we get it

    • Pokemon718

      Go on insagram and search #shinypokemon. Then you will be able to complete the dex by trading

  • dgdsfgfgdfg

    i seen a mew weeks ago when i faced someone from japan

    • Pokemon718

      I have mew and shiny mew not that hard

      • Kio

        Of course it isnt that hard with all the hacks out there.

        • Pokemon718

          No. I have a full pokedex. I guess you are just jealous. I trade over Instagram all o the time. If you search #shinypokemon there will be plenary of offers every minute

        • Dani Gonzalez

          of course it isn’t hard TO TRADE. that’s not skill. go on instagram and search #NoSkillAtAll and watch as every pic is yo face! you see, I’m not against trading or anything, that’s cool and all. what’s not cool is waving shiny mew around like you’ve sat there for months soft resetting a million and a half times and say that it’s not hard. if you don’t got your OT# on the pokemon you don’t have the right to say whether or not it was challenging.

        • Pokemon718

          I wasn’t saying that I was telling him that he was upset that he didn’t have one saying that it’s hacked. I wasn’t saying it was hard to complete the dex. It only took a few days after the japaneese got bank

  • Josh

    How’d he get a Black Kyurem with the no items restriction on Poke’Bank?

    • Alex

      You can get the DNA splicer in X and Y.

  • Aash Unce

    I definitely want some compensation for the lack of bank and especially the lack of information regarding the issue. Nintendo’s silence isn’t the best approach as the fan base is clearly becoming aggravated as shown by the incessant and redundant posts on Nintendo of America and Pokemon’s tweets. I’d be happy with possibly a 60 day free trial for the wait. But unfortunately, we must *wait* and see. :l

    • Josh

      Knowing that we get a Celebi is good enough.

      • craze0matic

        The Celebi isn’t compensation for the wait though, it’s a previously established promo. I couldn’t care less about the Celebi personally since I’ll have one trading up from Soul Silver. I think some compensation for the extended wait and underestimation of the server demands is acceptable. Doesn’t have to be drastic, but throwing in a little something extra would be nice.

        • getreal

          oh waa, u have to wait a little longer to get something that wont effect gameplay that much. quit being ungrateful and selfish and thinking that the game company that has worked so hard to make this game needs to give u free stuff because ur impatient and they need time to work out some kinks.

        • Alexander Jones

          Won’t affect gameplay that much? Are you kidding me? The metagame will experience a DRASTIC change once all the Pokemon are available and (due to Nintendo’s incompetent programming) perfect IV, battle-ready Pokemon are more readily available.

          If you don’t play competitively, there’s still the fact that the Pokemon that you love and care about from your old games can now be used again in your new game. AND you can store all your Pokemon outside of the game so you can replay the main story. I do play competitively, but I think being able to experience the main story again is what I’m most looking forward to with Bank.

        • Guest

          You do know about the disobedience the Pokemon will have towards you if you do restart your game with your Bank team. If they’re all Lv 100 and whatnot, they will disobey you till you have the final badge.

        • Alexander Jones

          Duh? That’s been a feature of the Pokemon games since Red and Green. The point is that I don’t have to go get a friend who has the game, and make them catch 400 Bidoofs, and then do 400 trades, and then restart my game, catch 400 more Bidoofs, and do 400 more trades just to keep all of my Pokemon when I restart. I can just drag and drop my boxes into the Bank and have all my Pokemon there ready for when I beat the game.

  • Random1

    How is this news?

    • Spacy

      It isn’t but the truth is that there is a lack of information about the pokebank which is making the fanbase very bitter. This is either going to intensify the outrage or absolve it slightly. Personally, I just want to see my pokes from previous games.

    • NgTurbo

      Are you content with Nintendo’s silence, or would you rather hear about some PokeBank features from Japan during the wait?

      • TheInspired Wolf

        I hate how they Brag about this BS. -_-; Its annoying everyone..

      • lolz

        Oh my God, thank you for sharing this exciting news with the rest of us simpletons! You’ve made the wait so much more bearable!