PlayStation Now demo with The Last of Us on PS Vita

By Alan Ng - Jan 8, 2014

Hot and fresh from CES 2014, Sony has just announced PlayStation Now. This is the Gaikai PS4 streaming service we have all been waiting for – rebranded and renamed for 2014. The PlayStation Now release date is going to be Summer 2014, but now we have an early demonstration on how it can stream PS3 game The Last of Us, onto a PS Vita handheld.

It looks like an amazing prospect to look forward to, it really does. Sony has said that PS3, PS2 games will be playable on PS4 this year by Summer, but with a PlayStation Now beta release date planned for January at the end of this month.

PlayStation Now is also going to be integrated into all 2014 Sony Bravia TV sets, so you’ll be able to play your games through your TV – no console needed, just a controller as it will all work via the cloud.

Key information: Sony has said that you will be able to rent a single game depending on your tastes. Or if you prefer, a subscription model will be available offering a selection of games across ‘a wide variety of genres’.

There’s no PS Now price for UK and US markets just yet, but Sony has the potential to win over many consumers if pricing is affordable. As we bring you full details on this soon, head to the PS Blog for an initial overview.

We leave you with a demo of The Last of Us – arguably the best that the PS3 has to offer, running on a PS Vita. It looks fabulous. Give us your reaction to PlayStation Now and whether you are willing to pay for this service.

Are you worried about lag or not?

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  • Josh101

    I can’t wait. There are a ton of PS3 titles I never got to try before my house was robbed and my PS3 was stolen. The Last of Us is one of them. I have a Vita and I am too excited. I would gladly pay $50 for a year subscription, less soo for close to $100 but would still pay it. Cheaper than buying a PS3 and that one game for sure. I would play Infamous 1&2, God of War Ascension, Dead Space 1&2, Resident Evil 6, Uncharted 3, the new Batman. I can’t wait. The idea of playing these on my PS Vita is unbelievable. The Vita is a very awesome kit. I have over 60 PS Vita/PS1/PS2 games for it. With this addition, I don’t think any other product can compete.

    • joe Mysterio Simmons

      Add shadowdie- on psn