Mac Pro 2014 stock warning for UK, US

By Alan Ng - Jan 7, 2014

If you are waiting for your new Mac Pro delivery to arrive, it looks like Apple is going to keep consumers waiting for longer than first thought. After initial batches reached some consumers on the stroke of Christmas, we now hear that most other Mac Pro stock in UK and US is not expected to reach consumers until February at the very earliest.

For those that ordered one in December, but decided to customize the Mac Pro away from the base specs – this is where the major delays are going to come into play. Not only did customized new Mac Pro units not ship before the end of 2013, but those consumers with a custom model could be waiting as late as March.

Apple has yet to offer a definitive statement on this in public, but you can clearly see on all Apple Store listings that the revised shipping date for Mac Pro models are shipping at February at the earliest.

If you are lucky enough however, you may be able to visit some authorized Apple sellers who still have new Mac Pro stock available. One of these sellers were Best Buy, as they recently had models to sell – unfortunately at the time of writing though, they are once again sold out.

If you have a Mac Pro currently on order, get in touch with us. Have Apple contacted you with regards to a delayed shipping, or have you been left in the US or UK with no update whatsoever?

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  • Justin Wheeler

    Ordered mine on December 31st. Configured from the base model…When I check the order status, it still says “Processing” and “Available to ship February”. It has said that since I placed the order.