GTA V PC possibilities vs. PS4 and Xbox One

- Jan 7, 2014

Grand Theft Auto 5 is such a good game that it really should release on PC, PS4, Xbox One and PS Vita as well but a formal announcement is yet to arrive from Rockstar. The amount of gamers leaving GTA V behind for a next-gen console would be in the millions and these people alone should make a port worthwhile for Rockstar, although exactly how it’s done and timed with a PC launch is yet to be seen.

We haven’t been short of rumors about GTA V releasing on PS4, Xbox One and PC with leaked listings that seem solid and others that certainly reveal a Photoshop. We have also seen Amazon hinting towards an early 2014 release for GTA V on Xbox One and PS4, although these listings and Amazon customer service statements could be nothing more than date placeholders.

Previously, we touched on the desire for Red Dead Redemption 2 vs. GTA V on next-gen consoles and Product Reviews readers revealed mixed interest with the discussion falling back to the age old PC vs. console debate. Some gamers “need more Red Dead Redemption” in their life, while others feel PC gaming is problematic thanks to developer focus. Another reader added, “I love my gaming PC that was a top spec gaming rig when I purchased it, but the more I use the PC, the more I can see how game developers hurt performance of PCs compared to consoles thanks to their focus. Now I own a PS4, but I wish they would release GTA V on it”.


GTA V PC mods could show real difference – the GTA IV game on PS3 and Xbox 360 was impressive in terms of gameplay and open world, but after looking at graphics on PC using the same game with a graphics mod made some console owners drool.

You can see a screenshot of one such mod in the picture above, which reveals GTA IV using a graphics mod and certainly rivals the graphics seen on GTA V for PS3 and Xbox 360. Imagine what would be possible with GTA V on PC without a graphics mod, then think about PC hardware upgrades being used in 2 years with a graphics mod?

Bottom-line: For now GTA V on PS4 and Xbox One would be amazing in terms of improvements with graphics, although the gameplay and graphics really stepped up a few notches with GTA V on PS3 and Xbox 360 already. The fact that a lot of gamers sold their consoles to purchase an Xbox One or PS4 only adds to the need for GTA V on next-gen consoles, so expect a release at some point in the near future.

How do you think the possibilities for Grand Theft Auto V compare between PC, PS4 and Xbox One?

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  • Tyler85

    Rockstar needs to quit being little bitches and release gta v on ps4 already. They should’ve seriously been done did this. It can’t be that hard.

  • Imagine that big surprise. GTA V will be exclusively released only on PS4 and that xbox3 thing. Why? Cuz they want to sell more of those new consoles, that’s why! No PC version! You want HD ultra HDR supa-sweet GTA V? Buy a new console! Believe that son, this prophecy is coming.

  • diwas

    i hope they release it for pc.. now every game is being focused on consoles maybe they do not release for pc because of piracy issues and i guess they earn more from consoles.. they are leaving pc behind… but game is more engaging in pc…

  • Jay

    Don’t think it will be out on next gen anytime soon, not until they sort out the ps3 & 360. It is hacked so bad you have guys on level 5 with 1/2 mill super cars and houses, guys putting billion dollar bounties on people guys nearly on level 1000, I don’t about everyone else but it took me nearly 2 months just to get to level 70 and I’m only a casual gamer. R* have been trying to patch the 100’s of glitches but the damage is done. Unless you start from lvl 1 with 0 $ on the next gen, I see R* making absolutely no profit taking it next gen unless your buying the game for the 1st time.

    • criscann1986

      Except for the millions that want to play it on there new next gen console like me, and I have not cheated once but took me less than a few week of hard gaming to reach level 70, But that was with me doing missions, races etc not jus fannying about driving around killing people and blowing there personal cars up….

  • Fred

    Mods are bad. They inevitably lead to mods used for cheating. That’s why there will be no PC release. R* learned their lesson with GTA Online. The cheating is completely out of control, and that’s on a console. Just think what it would the cheating would be like with a PC release. No, R* is more interested in making micro-transactions work so they can please their stockholders and the Wall Street analysts. They no longer give a crap about you.

    • Chris

      “Mods are bad. They inevitably lead to mods used for cheating. That’s why there will be no PC release.”

      Complete speculation, you have NO idea if there will be a PC release or not. Punkbuster works a treat on other games, why not GTA V?

      • Fred

        There will be no PC release. It is written so it shall be.

        • Alex

          Where is it written? Why shouldn’t PC users who have supported Rockstar all these years miss out on the chance to play this game? That kind of a big F you to the fans who play on windows based systems isn’t it?

        • Fred

          Follow the money, man. It flows from your pockets to Wall Street. R* is just one of the channels it uses to steal your money.

        • FredP

          600,000 people signed the online petition to bring GTA V to pc. If we’re following the money, then we are sure as hell going to see a profit for Rockstar. Rockstar wouldn’t pass up on approximately $36,000,000

        • Fred

          Oh please. It doesn’t cost anything to sign an online petition. Only a small fraction of those 600,000 will buy anything. Most will pirate the software instead.

        • William Moy

          Get a job

        • Fred

          Thank you, William, for the suggestion. However, as I’ve told others who suggested I get a job, I am wealthy and do not need to get a job. Now, try for once in your life to have an original thought.

        • graduategamers

          your argument isnt really valid since all those signatures werent to buy the game but have it on PC. I know people who signed it yet they never buy any games except for few indie games.

        • Dimex

          Fred, I know you love your console man.. and no, Rockstar doesn’t love PC users, ofcourse not.. (I laughed when you said that).

          But mate, it’s about the money, not the love.
          R* will release it for PC, PS4 and X1, they’ll such the money out of our nipples. But no man, they don’t love us.

          Now return to your dark corner and continue no-living until you die. (Cause R* doesn’t love us)

        • robert18

          totally true dude, and I did some math and found out that the only reason that R* would make GTA 5 for the PS4 is because they would make around $300 million and just a little less than that on X1 sooooo… they don’t love us, no, and try only care about money, not that so many people haven’t had the chance to play gta 5 yet, or never will…

        • OmegaGame

          Every GTA to date has always come to the PC. As a matter of fact. The GTA series can attribute its claim to fame due to the fact that it started out on the PC first before ever coming to any console. This one will come to PC as well and only a short sighted moron would think otherwise.

      • Andrew181

        Don’t feed the trolls guys. He practically contradicted himself, he said they won’t release the game because of cheaters and he says Rockstar doesn’t give a crap about us… Well, if they don’t care about us why would they care about cheaters, they’ll still make money with a PC release.

        • Fred

          Wow, you need to keep up with current events. The cheaters and console hacks have effectively prevented R* from selling $GTA in GTA online. R* cares about the money they are losing every day because because the hackers and modders screwed up GTA online.

        • thegamingprodigy0

          No sir, YOU need to keep up with current events. Just imagine all the potential GTA 5 has for PC. Better graphics, better online, and MODDING. Like for example : if you had any mods installed in GTA4 or EFLC then you cant go on servers with people who don’t have mods, only 1 that does have them, to prevent cheating. Console doesn’t have it so **** off. R* always makes games for consoles first because they are insuperior and it is easier to make it for consoles. PC is more complicated, even though GTA 5 was BORN on pc. How else do you think they made it? On a console?! HA. As a modder/Game programmer myself, I know for a FACT that it is impossible, so since GTA 5 has been made on a pc, it is pretty much GUARANTEED that GTA 5 will be on PC. X1 and Ps4 I am not sure. ” The cheaters and console hacks have effectively prevented R* from selling $GTA in GTA online.”
          Why in ****’s name would you want to do that? You EARN money in GTA 5 from doing missions! That’s the whole point! Infact, GTA 5 PC has already been rumored by 2 MAJOR retailers, a Norwegian retailer(Rumored March 12th, 2014 in America, and March 14, 2014 in the UK.) on which all of it’s guesses were correct, and AMAZON (February, 2014). Both different dates, but same general part of the year. Q1 of 2014! R* cares about the money they are losing every day because because the hackers and modders screwed up GTA online.

          Seriously? This part made my eyes bleed. Money is being lost? Rockstar Gains Money every time the game is sold! They got their money. They want more? Release it on PC and next gen consoles. There is an online petition for PC release of GTA 5 that already has 600K + signatures (One of them being mine). So R* will make TONS of money on PC alone. Already people are selling their X360 and PS3 to get the X1 and PS4. “Mods are bad. They inevitably lead to mods used for cheating. That’s why there will be no PC release.”

          Most mods are NOT BAD. They are users ideas to improve the game. R* even looks at them to improve future games! Like I said before, you can’t access servers with non-modders. So there won’t be a problem!

          I believe I made my point against this moron. Go into your lonely corner and cry with your console.

        • Anthony

          This guy insults you by calling you a moron and says that PC IS COMPLICATED. LOL
          Dumbass, it is made on a PC like you said so therefore it is EASY to be d used on pc. CONSOLES ARE COMPLICATED NOT PC.I dont think youve ever programmed for a console so nope.


        • Fred

          You are sadly mistaken and there is no hope for you. As an admitted hacker and modder, you, sir, are part of the problem.

    • Faisal

      GTA V improved so much because developers took note and ideas from mods the GTA community created to improve the game. hacking and modding is different in this case… modding on the pc would improve the game tremendously, and it does not promote hacking

    • John

      What an idiot. If any game company judged whether or not they’d release a game based solely on whether or not players will cheat, there would be no gaming industry. Profit is #1, and GTA V would profit on just about ANY platform. I guarantee you’ll see it at least on PC.

    • Joshua Jones

      this is the most ignorant comment I’ve ever read….

    • Ole Marius Myrvold

      In hindsight…

      • Hindsight? You still don’t have that PC version yet, do you? Just because R* announced the PC version doesn’t mean you’ll ever see it. Like heists, Rockstar may well keep putting it off forever.

        • Ole Marius Myrvold

          And now I’ve playes through all the heists and have it on PC.

        • I’m glad that Rockstar finally made good on their promises.