Skyrim mods in 2014 bring Morrowind back to life

By Alan Ng - Jan 6, 2014

If you needed a reason to pick up and play Skyrim again in 2014, we think we may have the perfect opportunity for you. Skyrim mods are once again hitting the headlines, thanks to Skywind – a new and ambitious mod that will give Skyrim players the chance to enjoy gameplay from Morrowind, but on the Skyrim game engine.

The Skywind PC download isn’t available just yet, but progress is ongoing very nicely indeed. The creators of the project have shared their 2014 update on the mod so far, offering a new glance at how Skywind is currently looking in the world of Skyrim.

As expected, it is as professional as it gets and something that wouldn’t look out of place if Bethesda released it themselves as an official mod. The team has expanded to over 60 members in recent months from just under 10 originally, so it’s yet another piece of evidence on how amazing the Elder Scrolls community really is.

If you want to take part and also fancy yourself as a bit of a voice actor, you’ll be pleased to hear that the Skywind team are still looking for volunteers. Head to the official forum here to get started and read through the notes to see what needs to be done.

Enjoy the video and let us know if you will be playing Skyrim in 2014 once this Morrowind mod becomes available for download.

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