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Pokemon X and Y Giratina unleashed from Pokebank

As the whole world awaits the highly anticipated Pokemon X and Y Pokebank release date, those with a Japanese 3DS who gained early access to the bank earlier are having a great time. We now have some early footage to show you, giving you an idea what the rare Pokemon Giratina looks like on the Pokemon X and Y engine.

If you didn’t already know, some players in Japan were able to download Pokebank the minute it went live. After the eShop servers went down globally, those who still downloaded Pokebank were free to use the service, along with Poke transporter.

That means that some Pokemon veterans can begin with their transferring of other luxurious Pokemon into X and Y. One of these is undoubtedly Giratina and we now have some Giratina gameplay on Pokemon X and Y during a WiFi battle to show you.

You’ll be able to witness Giratina using some of its attacks such as Dragon Breath, in full 3D compared to previous Pokemon games. It looks absolutely brilliant and we just wonder how many of you are waiting to put your own Giratina in the game once the Bank finally goes live.

As we await a Pokebank release date update from Nintendo, enjoy this early gameplay below. Let us know what rare Pokemon you intend to move into Pokemon X and Y.



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