Pokemon X and Y Giratina unleashed from Pokebank

By Alan Ng - Jan 6, 2014

As the whole world awaits the highly anticipated Pokemon X and Y Pokebank release date, those with a Japanese 3DS who gained early access to the bank earlier are having a great time. We now have some early footage to show you, giving you an idea what the rare Pokemon Giratina looks like on the Pokemon X and Y engine.

If you didn’t already know, some players in Japan were able to download Pokebank the minute it went live. After the eShop servers went down globally, those who still downloaded Pokebank were free to use the service, along with Poke transporter.

That means that some Pokemon veterans can begin with their transferring of other luxurious Pokemon into X and Y. One of these is undoubtedly Giratina and we now have some Giratina gameplay on Pokemon X and Y during a WiFi battle to show you.

You’ll be able to witness Giratina using some of its attacks such as Dragon Breath, in full 3D compared to previous Pokemon games. It looks absolutely brilliant and we just wonder how many of you are waiting to put your own Giratina in the game once the Bank finally goes live.

As we await a Pokebank release date update from Nintendo, enjoy this early gameplay below. Let us know what rare Pokemon you intend to move into Pokemon X and Y.

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  • Dragain

    psh, this is by PIMPNITE, by the way people

  • Kyle

    I intend to transfer my shiny giratina

  • Grimlinks J.

    Whats with all this excitement so late about Giritina and mew, Those are all I hear about online when I look up Pokebank and they are all from the 6th or later and Ive had a Giritina and Mew from Japanese friends for over 2 weeks, Kinda surprised it took this look for the Information

  • Guest

    Honestly I just want to see Nintendo make an announcement cancelling pokebank since everyone’s so impatient, lol.

  • Nestor Cruz Junior

    i dont care about pokebank at the moment now. i completed the pokedex without getting pokebank. but i did use the gts to help me

    • Tucker944

      ok but now think about it, u cant get 100% national dex with out it,

  • Angry customer

    Once again I’m dissapointed about Nintendo. You had me waiting since x and y launch for bank and when it’s a a day or two off from been realeased…. You pul the plug and have me waiting yet again. The servers have been up for days just hurry up and give us bank already.

    • Cody Book

      They cant just give it to us now. They have to make completely sure that their servers can handle it. Pokemon X and Y have millions of people playing

      • dynamite

        Well maybe they should have thought about that before releasing it right after Christmas I mean I theyre just as much aware that they have millions of consumers as we are

  • JeffTheKiller

    If we can get pokemon from Pokemon White or Black somehow, it’ll be the best thinf ever. All i want is my dream team, just like every other commentor.

    • Dane Matesic

      Now if only we can do Gen. IV games. I mean come on!

      • Guest

        You can actually. Trade from plat or pearl or diamond to black or white or those sequels, then to poke transporter. You can even bring those from emerald, using that park thingy to get it in pearl, and so on.

        • Dane Matesic

          I meant directly from the cartridges, that way we don’t waste too much time trading. Plus most with 3ds wouldn’t still have the GBA carts.

  • /VP/ Cloner

    Even without pokebank I’m having fun with my shiny giratina. Gotta love having that wonderful access to the cloning networks. This is of course to tide me over until Bank is out when I can get my actual pokemon transferred over

  • video creator

    Thanks for asking permission to use my video ._.
    At least give credit..

    • JJ

      Pimpnite, you mad? They shared a video, that should be good enough! It’s not like they reuploaded the video, you’re still getting views and potential ad revenue!

  • Guest

    There is nothing to enjoy from that video. You’re rubbing it off of those who doesn’t have the benefits of getting their old Pokemon from Gen V games. That video I watched made me feel left out.

  • Fugly Dugly

    Right now because I don’t have the pokemon bank I am working on more better pokemon for my dream team. So I can battle people with and pokemon X and Y and people with only 5th gen games. I what I’m trying to say is there is still stuff to do. So don’t look at the bad things, look on the bright side of things.

  • FU-Nintendo!!!

    This is straight BS. Why make an article just rubbing our (US/UK) noses in the dirt. It’s not a worldwide release if only Japanese and Korean regions got it. I say boo to you and Nintendo Sir.

    • ?

      They only got it for a limited amount of time before it was removed again, not everyone in Japan managed to get it. Though I really hope they release it for everyone soon 🙁

  • shane finch

    i dont even want any rare pokemon, i just want my dream team i worked so dam hard.

  • khaled

    damn you nintendo you left us in the dark why don’t you release pokebank already since you fix your stupid server 🙁