Nexus 10 2 release date with 12-inch theories

By Alan Ng - Jan 6, 2014

If you were hoping to see Google announce a Nexus 10 2 release date at CES 2014, you are again going to be in for a disappointment. It had been rumored last week that Google would make a joint announcement with Samsung, but as you may have heard – this didn’t happen.

Samsung has instead announced the Galaxy TabPro 12.2 and the Galaxy NotePro 12.2 tablets, with nothing from Google on the missing Nexus 10 2. Has the company decided to postpone the tablet as they seek to upgrade its hardware features or display to compete with the larger models that are now coming out?

Let’s not forget that Apple is also thought to be testing 12.9-inch iPads, so it looks like we are going to witness 2014 as the year of the larger tablet displays. Now that Samsung has 12-inch Galaxy tablets on the way, and presuming Apple has too – then surely Google will not want to miss out on the action?

Possible 12-inch Nexus: We wouldn’t be surprised if Google has gone back to the drawing board and are instead working on a 12-inch Nexus tablet. It would make sense to follow in the footsteps of their competitors if 12-inches is now becoming the premium tablet size.

Obviously we could be wrong on this, but it is something worth thinking about. Not even a hint of anything from Google on the Nexus 10 2 tells us that something is up behind the scenes.

We all know that the Nexus 10 2 was ready for release once it prematurely turned up on the Play Store – don’t forget that either.

What is your reaction to Samsung launching 12.2-inch NotePro and GalaxyPro tablets? Do you think Google may decide to release a 12.2-inch Nexus tablet instead and cancel the 10-inch altogether?

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  • Jose

    It would will be hard to hold ! Think!!!

  • Landaree

    At this point it’d be enough if Google stopped going back to the drawing board and released something already; no teases or leaks… actual, tangible releases. Be it an 8-incher, a 10 or a 12 one; or all of them. And yes, they’re not Samsung and thus cannot expect selling in large numbers; but if they keep this act, they’re not gonna sell in small ones either. Lots of people already stopped waiting for the updated Nexus 10 and went Samsung instead, and too much of this creates mistrust in Google being a company capable of actually delivering anything, at least in the hardware department.

    • Sparky

      I agree,sick of waiting,I have now gone and purchased the latest Samsung Tablet instead…..”.Googles Loss”