COD Ghosts Rorke Files playback with secret

We have a quick heads-up for Call of Duty Ghosts players who are still searching for Rorke Files. The hidden audio files are not too hard to find, but now we’re able to bring you a full preview of what messages the files actually contain once played back.

You may not be aware, but there are also some extra files that are secretly hidden in the game once you have managed to unlock the ‘Audiophile’ achievement or trophy.

There are 18 Rorke files to collect in Call of Duty Ghosts, but a further 3 Ghosts files to find once you have the trophy. For those that can’t be bothered to do the detective work, we’ve got a great video for you to watch – playing back all of the hidden files in Call of Duty Ghosts.

While this may be deemed as spoiler content to some, we feel that others will appreciate this as a future heads-up and for collection purposes.

Take a look and let us know what secrets you have found in Call of Duty Ghosts. Are you still looking for the last few Rorke files, or do you have everything?



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