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Statigram app for Android, iPhone needed

If you are looking to create a video filled with your memories of 2013, most of you will probably have turned to the excellent Statigram service. This web app takes your Instagram photos and turns them into a best of, or worse of 2013 video montage in 15 seconds.

As good as the Statigram website is though, we’re surprised to see that there is no Statigram app for Android or iPhone download just yet.

We’ve been seeing an increased demand for a Statigram Android and iPhone app towards the end of 2013 but so far it hasn’t become available. The Statigram website is still open for business though, simply sign in with your Instagram account to get started with your montage.

Once you have made your video, be warned that you may face a wait for the video to be emailed to you. This is due to high demand for the service as you can imagine, but you may still receive your video straight away if you are lucky.

Try it out now and let us know how you get on. We’ve included a sample video above to show you how it works.

Are you hoping to see a direct Statigram app for Android and iPhone soon?



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