Pokemon X and Y Bank US release isn’t live yet

By Alan Ng - Jan 4, 2014

Contrary to what information you may be reading online, we can still confirm that unfortunately the Pokemon X and Y US Bank release date is not yet live. There are some amusing reports being spread by other media suggesting that the service is live, but Nintendo is yet to go live with Pokebank leaving everyone waiting in the process.

It goes without saying that until Nintendo or Game Freak states otherwise, the wait goes on for the official Pokebank release date in UK and US. We all want to start using the Pokebank after the December 27 delay, but Nintendo obviously has a good reason for keeping everyone waiting.

There are some lucky users out there though who have access to Pokebank from the initial Japanese launch. Servers were up for a few hours, allowing some users to download Pokebank before the global eShop servers went down – taking Pokebank offline again.

The majority though have nothing, and the lack of communication from Nintendo must be killing some of you. You have been making your thoughts clear to us in our previous Pokebank update here, with many not happy with Nintendo for releasing in Japan first.

Let’s hope that Nintendo will make everything right and also offer a free Pokemon such as the Inkay Japan event, to make up for the long delay.

Remember: Some false rumors online are saying that Pokebank is now live, but it isn’t.

In the meantime, give us your thoughts on the continued wait. Do you think it will come next week or not?

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  • matthew

    I watched a video about a guy who used the Japanese version and couldn’t upload a event shaymin because it had a name that was a smiley face ( :3 ) strict in a weird way

  • Driger

    If ruby/sapphire remake comes out, and if the 3ds xl system lowers in price, I’ll trade with myself to get my torchic into the remake, along with blazekinite, and get all 3 kalos and all 3 kanto starters that way, with their mega stones!! So, I’m really hoping there is a gen 3 remake… Because I would really love to use mega blazekin in hoenn…..

  • Tucker944

    as long as they still offer the 30 day trial i will be happy, im sorry but Nintendo has a habit of offering stuff delaying the product then the offer is withheld and u get screwed

  • FuzzehDeath

    What’s upsetting me is the fact that I won’t be able to get all of the starters. I was planning to play through enough to get a new and 1st gen starter, transfer them over, then start again until I had them all. But if this isn’t released before the 15th I can’t do that and have my Mega Blaziken too. And I’d rather have the Mega Blaziken.

    • セフィロス

      I would say find a friend that has the torchic with the megastone. There are loads of people with extras… heck you can even breed one with the same ability (possible) and even go for a shiny then save it for later.
      All you would need to do is transfer the blazikenite to a different game since the bank won’t take items. Then you just trade it over. Take this time to actually get the pokemon you want ready before the bank comes out. Just because the event will be over for the torchic doesn’t mean there aren’t other options of getting another.

    • LuisMnkykng

      You can also do a bunch of wonder trades and hope that someone sends you a starter. I’ve gotten all the starters that way (Squirtle, Charmander, Fennekin & Chespin) I started my game with Froakie, Torchic and Bulbasaur. I even ended up with a few extra starters so if you want them let me know, I’ll be happy to trade with you!

    • Tucker944

      honestly start a new game and get the torchic and trade it to a friend to hold on to or something

  • Theawesomestguestever

    I heard that they are trying to perfect their anti hacked pokemon system

    • Driger

      Well, the Japanese Pokemon players are using hacked Pokemon as we speak in Pokemon x and y
      Yupp, they bypassed the legitacy checks before nintendo perfected it, and now the 3ds Pokemon series is now messed up, to the point it can’t be undone

      • セフィロス

        So? it is not like they can use them in online battles for competition. That is where the legitimacy checks come into play.Their battling system online is getting stricter and stricter to the point that an illegal move set can be detected. Heck all of the pokemon from your B&W games can’t even participate in event battles. They need to be from the Kalos region.

        • Driger

          Good to know

    • セフィロス

      My fear is that they will go a drastic route and have over the top strictness on pokemon transfers thus eliminating the possibility to transfer a good portion of your mons.

  • bengals2008

    Nintendo owes us pokemon or more free time for pokemon bank before we have to pay and this is bull they need to fix this problem now japan screwed this for everyone not from there we should get free pokemon and no one from japan should get

    • セフィロス

      Wasn’t just Japan. It was region released. On top of that, a huge portion of the problem was the Network ID registration and the sudden surge of new devices all connecting to the servers at the same time. Don’t be surprised to see the trial period still existing when it is finally launched. I still think we need a Shiny Celebi though.

  • Maple

    Its quite unfair really, these Japs get everything from shiny genesect events to this new inkay to access to the pokebank, how is the rest of the world (I live in Canada) suppost to compete equally in rating battles when these fucks got such a wider variety to choose from.

  • Chachy223

    Nintendo should have seen it coming. This is just boarder line stupid. I live in Australia, and we miss a lot of things. Event Pokemon, release dates, and now Pokemon Bank. nintendo need to pick up their game.

  • Guest

    I’m already annoyed with the fact I still have to wait for PokeBank. Did everything I wanted to do and now it’s getting boring at the Maison without my Pokemon from Black2 I’m just as hooked on Project X Zone than I was hooked on Pokemon X.

  • Hbkk123Mon

    WHEN is the pokemon bank going to come out!!!!

  • Waggy

    Was looking forward to it on the 27th… how didn’t nintendo see it coming that there would be thousands and thousands of new users and pokemon users trying toget onto the eshop at once straight after christmas? They just had to open more servers but no… they released it in japan first.. during the busiest time of the year and dont allow access even after the first week. Sort it out fast pleeaassee

  • Pokerus=pokeaids

    Another reason nintendo might not have released it at singular date for the entire world is because they could have been in a beta period. Japan has nearly 128 million people where as the world has about 7 billion. Maybe they where just trying to test it to see its capability. Now I’m not saying this is right and I’m just as mad as all of you but I can see why they had a biased release date. Nintendo does owe some type of compensation though.

    • セフィロス

      I’m thinking the Celebi “gift” should be changed to a Shiny Celebi since no legit one exists. That would more than less be a very good compensation. But hey, it is not like we are loosing money or anything or wasting a trial period.

    • Gringo

      The dates were set in stone before any of this happened. There’s no right in this at all. They released it for Japan first and it screwed everything else up for everyone else.


    I’ve had bad problems with Nintendo:
    1) My name is Conner and every time the game asks what my name is I type in C-O-N-N-E-R and the game says it ‘contains inappropriate and cannot be used’ and I just sent a letter asking them to resolve the problem.
    Yes, I’m angry with this problem for Pokebank because I have many awesome event pkmn on White 2 and Kanto, Sinnoh, and Unova legendaries on Black so I’m hoping this issue will be resolved or Nintendo WILL end up like Capcom.

    • セフィロス

      Ah yeah, Nintendo has some unusually strict word censorship… a lot of stupid ones too.
      In Animal Crossing New Leaf you can use the name Ash as your name, but you can’t use Ashton. Heck, ravioli is considered a bad word. That as a whole is a Nintendo censorship problem that went live some time back. I too would love to see the censorship lightened especially for cases like yours. Have you tried calling in Nintendo Support?

      As I said to someone else here, Nintendo has too much riding on this particular app. They are working very fast on getting things fixed and it shouldn’t be too much longer.


        Thanks for your support! Ummm….. what is the support number?

        • XERNEAS4EVA

          And I do have Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Does anyone feel my pain?


        Whats also weird:
        I COULD type in my name in MiiMaker but after the recent update I can no longer type in my name which is odd, am I right?

    • Karate5pkid

      i kinda figured out why your name is like that
      I know this sounds stupid but the word “Con” cant be used in anything, i tried it on saves and they say its inappropriate(i put conman) so i know why

      • セフィロス

        Well, I can get con used and connor. Something with Conn with the extra n triggers it. Heh, nintendo and their stupid idiotic censorship lol. Makes me think of Cartoon Network and their over censoring of FusionFall.

  • Anonymous 21015

    I don’t think it will be released since there hasn’t been 1 word about it from the developers (except about how they were fixing it) I think it will be released when the 3ds is obsolete.

  • セフィロス

    Hm, I honestly don’t know when the service returns. Any guess as the players would have is simply speculation. Heck, Nintendo is being very tight lipped about it.

  • Zacpoper

    I think Jan. 6th, 7th or 8th.

  • alex

    but how come now i vs players with kyrems arcues celbis it getting rediclous i have 15 lv 100 whaiting one black 2 and 5 shinnies so im getting tierd of waiting

    • Iconx9

      u nd me both pal.. its stupid!

      • ShinyGiratinaGal

        Same here *.*
        Ive gotten the event shiny giratina- and LOTS of other pokemon i want to put into my x and y…. Nintendo BETTER get moving.

        • Liam

          I’m also waiting to see my Shiny Dialga, Shiny Palkia & Shiny Giratina that are all legal from Pokemon events in the UK computer game store GAME, I wanna see them on my Pokemon Y game ASAP! Nintendo have really let us down, I want more than just a free Celebi when & IF pokemon bank gets released

      • Hbkk123Mon

        OMG same i need to get Palkia in there for my x and y

    • Carson

      I do too

  • fennekin

    I personally didn’t mind putting the bank on hold for a little while but it is starting to get ridiculous. Eshop servers are back up and there are reports of Japanese players using the bank without issues so it’s time we get what we waited for. Honestly it should have been released in November if you ask me but that’s my opinion. Also why was there even a delay between Japan and western release dates if the games were released the same day? …..Kinda getting annoying Nintendo.

    • Prometheus

      Remember that glitch where if you saved in the streets of the main city, your whole game gets corrupted? That’s prolly why they stagger releases now,

    • セフィロス

      The staggered release was done for a reason. They weren’t sure how much the servers would be able to take at a time. Look at what happened with Flipnote 3D.

      Staggered releases of a digital service is fine… especially one that is obviously going to get a lot of use on day one where ever it is released.

      The real question is why they decided to do it during the most busiest week of December.

      • Oren Moodley

        smart guy 🙂

        lets hope it does come out, if this is a Flipnote 3D rerun . . . .time to say goodbye to my pokemon white 2 mons forever

        • セフィロス

          Nah, there is too much at stake in this one. The service will definitely return. Unlike Flipnote 3D, which was not released outside of Asia (Everyone says Japan, but Korea and a few other close-by countries also see these releases as well), this one has a lot more riding on the company’s reputation if it is not released. Flipnote 3D would have become useless anyways with Nintendo also killing spotpass on that app just as they killed swapnote.

    • Clayton Toth

      I’m almost certain that pokemon bank will wind up like the phone service used for Crystal Version to get the GS ball. What is with Japan torturing us with Celebi and wireless services?

  • Driger

    Meh….. I can wait, as long as Nintendo gives decent compensation for the servers being down…..
    if they give zero compensation and if Nintendo takes 2 years for countries outside of japan, I will have had it with them!!!

  • Spence

    I really want it!!!!!

  • defensivebastiodon

    Nintendo better give a good explanation as to why it hasn’t been released yet. This is ridiculous. Why is every country but Japan the victim of delayed releases?

    • MayorSkiddo


    • ChickenMuffins

      Probably because Nintendo is a Japanese company.

    • セフィロス

      You’re wrong. All countries is suffering from this effect/delay. Japan, Korea, and a few other Asian countries that had the ability to download it also lost it as has the TBD status.

      Only people who downloaded the service prior to the download cutoff still have access to the network. Additionally, you can be anywhere in the world and still use the bank provided it is a Japanese 3DS that had pokemon bank downloaded prior to it going off line.

      Give it time and it will come back. This one clearly will not be a Flipnote 3D.

      • defensivebastiodon

        Maybe so, but those who downloaded it before it was taken down can still use the bank. The transporter was also put back on the eShop in Japan. They’ve snubbed everyone else. What’s more is that they’ve said the ones who downloaded the service get an extended free trial. What about the ones who didn’t download it or even get it for that matter? Japan got it as a TBD date and then the transporter went back up a few days later. Either way, Nintendo needs to stop being so biased and treat ALL their paying customers fairly.

        • セフィロス

          That is understandable too and you have every right to be angry. But remember this, Nintendo is located in Japan, so it is only natural that the region would get services first. Our severs are also in Japan, and 90% of Nintendo games come from Japan. Of course they will get things first.

          Sony did this a few years back during the infancy of the Playstation Store. Downloaded a game, the store crashed and they removed it, but I still had full use and access to it from the ps store when it went back up. Then also think about the great sony hack.

          Yes, it is not fair that we are not getting the bank yet, but it is equally not fair for those in that region 3ds (Because a lot of Americans/out of region people with Japanese 3DSes downloaded it as well) that were unable to get it. Also remember, Japan is not the only country that saw the release of this service. The release was region based, so Japan, Korea and China all saw the release and lost it. This is something a lot of people keep overlooking.

          The transporter download is understandable as well. It is a package deal with bank and those that were lucky enough to get the bank should at least have the transporter. It doesn’t place a strain on the network like bank downloads and network id setups would through the bank and it is understandable why Nintendo would do that.

          As for the free trial… you can almost expect the trial to be extended and or pushed back until pokebank’s release.

          Keep in mind, we are still using Nintendo’s online services and servers for absolutely nothing. I mean come on! They are still in their new Nintendo Network’s infancy. The inclusion of the 3DS placed a huge strain on it. The fact that they managed to get the eshop back up in a matter of 2 days is a shock when you look at the several week long blackout Sony had or the periodically long ones for Microsoft. Nintendo is handling it quite better.

  • rawr22330

    February 12th release is what I see at this point

    • ahsivenia

      my god i hope not, because if they do, then the free trial will be over

  • AlexFirth91

    I can’t believe they still didn’t launch. I been waiting anxiously and now I’m just annoyed. Nintendo is making themselves look bad with this failed promise. But I still throughly enjoy the game.

    • Rawr22330

      still enjoy the game, but when I have a roster to xfer from pokemon black2, that I can not catch on here, and then wind up battling people online who have the unobtainable…. its very annoying.

  • Bunny

    I was afraid something like this might happen with a world-wide release. I think Nintendo jumped the gun on this one and didn’t plan for any problems.

    As for the free Inkay event, I’m not surprised since there have been several Japan-only events since generation one.

    I don’t know when the release date will happen, but let’s just hope they find a way to fix these problems soon. All the previous generations had methods of transferring your old Pokemon over to your new games…with or without internet.


      well i used pokegen for the japan events…..i got a japanese team rocket’s meowth in pkmn white 2

  • headwing45

    “but Nintendo obviously has a good reason for keeping everyone waiting.”

    They have no good reason, the fact that people are currently using it without problems and the fact that it’s after the holidays and the servers are working shows how little they care about there consumers. Nintendo doesn’t even have the courtesy to give us a proper reason for the pull or release date on a product that’s been finished. People talk about how Sony and Microsoft are bad, but at least Sony had the decency to give every user free Playstation Plus and a video apology from Kaz Hirai after there servers were down for a month, even Microsoft showed that they listened to there consumers by removing DRM from there Xbox One (not for the consumer benefit, but still). Nintendo, get your head out of your asses or you WILL end up like Capcom.

    • shinji

      Servers were taken down in Japan too. They have the app but it is useless without the supporting servers.

      “There are some lucky users out there though who have access to Pokebank
      from the initial Japanese launch. Servers were up for a few hours,
      allowing some users to download Pokebank before the global eShop servers
      went down – taking Pokebank offline again.”

      From above. So Japan is just as out as we are for now.

      • Guest

        Actually Japan’s Pokémon Bank is working fine at the moment and PokéTransporter is available for download again through Pokémon Bank in Japan. Japan always gets special treatment, I guess it’s just another biased company.

        • Anony

          Japan always gets the special treatment from Nintendo and it’s freaking annoying x and y was released the same day to all of the world why wasn’t pokemon bank the same??? Hmmm Nintendo ?

  • Andres Suarez Brito

    It is highly likely a release by the next week but closer thoughts demonstrate that, for the next days, people will be still on holidays, so if the main problem is people with free time connecting to eshop why would be certain a near-future release?

    • Hbkk123Mon

      I hope so because I NEED the pokemon bank I have a Palkia wating to go in…..

  • Guest

    It is highly likely a release by the next week but closer thoughts demonstrates that for the next days, people will be still on holidays, so if the main problem is people with free time connecting to eshop why would be certain a near-future release?

    • Anon

      Even so…..people may be losing faith with Nintendo if they do not get their act together and soon.

      • ahsivenia

        good point. ill send a letter to nintendo if this doesnt fixed soon.