GTA V 1.09 patch notes predicted before release

By Alan Ng - Jan 3, 2014

While players continue to debate over the GTA V unlimited money glitch issues that are affecting GTA Online, other users are specifically waiting for the GTA V 1.09 update to go live. One user has even gone one step further, than to offer Rockstar and every other GTA fan a heads-up on predictions for the GTA V 1.09 patch notes.

Rockstar are almost certain to bring a vast number of changes with the 1.09 update, as we see the developer do with each update. With patch 1.08, Rockstar increased the payout for some races which have multiple laps.

They also increased the payout for players on losing teams in certain multiplayer modes, but didn’t overturn their decision to remove certain custom vehicles away from the garage. With this in mind, you can’t blame players for wanting to see some pleasing changes with the next update.

Head to Rockstar’s support website here and you’ll see that one player has already provided a list of 1.09 patch notes that includes changes that he wants to see. Looking through the comments, it also seems that many other GTA players agree with the changes.

Big changes are coming..

Big changes are coming..

We see things like being able to rob any stores, the Ammu-nation shops having more weapons to buy such as molotovs, and the option for players to choose whether to join a Bad Sport lobby or current lobbies.

Perhaps more importantly, some players want 1.09 to include the option to accept money or not. By having this feature in the game, we could see a reduction in the ‘dirty’ money that is currently being handed out regardless of if a player doesn’t want it – sometimes resulting in a Rockstar ban and being placed in a Bad Sport lobby.

Have a look through these predicted 1.09 update notes and let us know if you would like to see some of the features mentioned. Alternatively, feel free to give us your own version of what the GTA V 1.09 update should include.

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  • wang thao

    20 or more car garage. Because some vehicles you just want to keep as an collectable

  • antonio moreno

    you should add manssion for whe can buy them if your rich and it shoukd have a 20 car garage

  • annoyed gta 5 player

    I feel like a mushroom left in the dark and fed sh*t just waiting if gta was released in march like supposed to be would the casino be open yet

  • Some guy

    Passive mode should be more like passive mode cuz people cant shoot u but they can run u over and its annoying

  • CODYO1997

    You should fix the cornrrow hair glitch the one that makes it look like you always have cornrrows

    • Ziggy

      i thought i was the only one who thought that should be fixed

  • Adz2

    Increase RP payouts for all missions, sick of the same missions over and over, raced most of the races and played most death match maps

    Stop making progression a chore for this game

  • Petenick

    You guys should add hunting to the game and be able to use police cars and customize;)

  • Andrea Signorato

    we robberies in multiplayer, new modifications to vehicles, and the chance to buy villas

  • Josh Franklin

    They REALLY need to address the freezing issue with the upcoming patch. I cant even get past the first 10 minutes of the game and that’s if I even make it out of the loading screen,

    • Deadassss

      Your GTA V is broken, I’m sorry.

  • brianne

    Let us share our cash with our friends only

  • brianne

    Let us by mantions and more cars

    • tom


      • T8

        Mansions* you mean…

  • jc

    You should also make a big diesel and have the options to put stacks on and actually make it smoke like real diesel trucks

  • jc

    You should definitely make bigger garages like 15 20 car maybe ….or anything bigger then 10. Or you could let us buy mor then one garge if anything

  • max blodgett

    I want to be able to by houses any richest to the poorest house im just tired of hotels

  • Slashersaurus

    If you can choose bad sport lobby whats the point of even having it

    • J.D.McFly

      Because people who aren’t bad sports can’t play with their friends who are stuck in the bad sport lobby. Duh. 😲🔫

  • Fred

    Please stop the madness. We are all going to hell!

  • reecegta5online

    Will there be any modded dns codes after 1.09 patch?

    • Tiffany Mendoza

      Why do you want DNS Codes? Hacking isn’t fun.

      • butch

        Remove money given to me from hackers