Marvel Avengers Alliance Playdom questioned again

By Alan Ng - Jan 2, 2014

We should be talking about Marvel’s Avengers Alliance as the best social game in the land, but unfortunately the sheer amount of bugs and ongoing issues in the game often prevents this. We have spotted one unusual business tactic from Playdom that all players should be careful about when spending real money on the game.

Mid through 2013, Playdom offered a premium weapon for sale called ‘GG Prototype’. Playdom were asking players to cough up 64 gold for it, which translates to around $15 US of real money. While the weapon itself was very useful, there was one fatal flaw with it.

It was advertised as offering ‘internal bleeding’ as its main ability, as you can see in the image we’ve provided above. The problem is that the weapon doesn’t offer internal bleeding at all – full stop. It essentially means that Playdom were asking for player’s money for a weapon that didn’t work as advertised – a risky business in the gaming industry as we all know.

Months have passed, but still we see no sign of Playdom attempting to correct this. We’ve tried to contact both Playdom and Marvel about this, but to no avail it seems.

Even worse, we see that Playdom are again up to their old tricks. On sale at the moment is another of these $15 premium weapons, called the “Insert Coin”. This weapon claims to offer internal bleeding again, but we wonder if it will actually work this time, or just end in the same result as last year when they fooled everyone with the broken GG Prototype.

Insert Coin for a feature that may not work upon purchase.

Insert Coin for a feature that may not work upon purchase.

As this is a social game, it appears that many of these major issues in the game go unnoticed. This is contrary to a situation such as if Avengers Alliance was a console game instead on PS3 or Xbox 360 – we doubt that Playdom would be able to get away with such tactics after inevitable consumer backlash.

Are you a Marvel Avengers Alliance player? If so, get in contact with us below if you have a problem with this game that needs bigger attention.

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  • Rainer

    i am thinking of a new lockbox villan and a heroe………like this vi u think the same……..villian GREEN GOBLIN…….heroe SILVER SURFER…………plz take this under consideration oooo and jubileee

    • NgTurbo

      Blade first!

      • Bruj

        You both realize this isnt asking you for ideas for the game..this is an article that is showing Playdoms horrible business practices, and are asking for anymore complaints…

  • Nick

    Mystic shroud doesn’t prevent internal bleedin for 1st round of pvp. My dr strange modern does not show as applying bane for lv1 attack nor does it give it. Tried playdom endlessly to no reply. So annoying as the game has such promise but underhand business tactics and bugs ruin it. (This said ill still be pushing for agent venom)

    • NgTurbo

      Nothing can prevent internal bleeding as far as I’m aware… which is fair enough imo.