GTA V DNS, money glitches patched except one

If you are looking for a GTA V unlimited money glitch, it looks like Rockstar has now made this impossible to find on the current 1.08 update. Players had again managed to circumvent this by using a method involving GTA DNS lobbies, but again Rockstar has taken action by banning anyone on sight who they catch using these exploits.

After so much positive hype for the game prior to release, it seems like playing GTA V online has become a bit of a chore for many players. We get hundreds of comments on a weekly basis, telling us how Rockstar has taken the fun away from GTA V online with the constant changes and new updates which take away methods of earning money.

This week, it looks like some players have found a new type of glitch. This one doesn’t offer free GTA V money, but it does apparently offer unlimited GTA V RP for those that simply don’t want to grind. Unlike some of the extreme DNS methods though, this one seems fairly legit – although Rockstar may still have plans to remove this before the inevitable GTA V 1.09 update lands.

Watch the video below and you’ll see how players can earn unlimited RP by heading to a location point in an collection type mission. However, collecting and dropping off this mission whilst in a helicopter appears to have created a glitch in the game, allowing you to hover over the point and just keep collecting RP as you please.

As far as we’re aware, this little trick will work on any mission which has a similar collection and drop off type. Let us know if you have used this and whether you think it is something that will be fixed in the GTA V 1.09 update.

Also: In a few words, tell us what you think of the state of GTA V Online at the moment.



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