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Pokemon X and Y Pokebank release date still MIA

As we approach the start of another week to kick off 2014, Pokemon X and Y owners are praying that Nintendo will finally offer some information on the missing Pokebank release date in the US and UK.

Unfortunately, we can confirm that both the Pokebank, as well as the Poke Transporter are unavailable for download in western regions, with Nintendo not yet ready to offer up an update on when players can start using both services.

We can however confirm that the Poke Transporter app can be downloaded in Japan now. Having said that, it basically needs the Pokebank to be functional, but that is still unavailable from the eShop in the country too.

The good news to come out of this, is that Nintendo are trying to solve the problem as we speak. By releasing the Poke Transporter first, they will alleviate some of the pressures on their server so that players won’t need to download both the Poke Transporter and Pokebank at the same time.

We have a feeling that similar tactics may be deployed for the UK and US releases of the missing apps, so stay tuned to see what happens later this week.

Are you shocked that Nintendo did not make better plans to be able to cope with the incoming Pokebank traffic on December 27?

There appears to be all sorts of conspiracy theories going around, but we’re sure Nintendo will make everything right in due course.



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