Pokemon X and Y Pokebank release date still MIA

By Alan Ng - Jan 1, 2014

As we approach the start of another week to kick off 2014, Pokemon X and Y owners are praying that Nintendo will finally offer some information on the missing Pokebank release date in the US and UK.

Unfortunately, we can confirm that both the Pokebank, as well as the Poke Transporter are unavailable for download in western regions, with Nintendo not yet ready to offer up an update on when players can start using both services.

We can however confirm that the Poke Transporter app can be downloaded in Japan now. Having said that, it basically needs the Pokebank to be functional, but that is still unavailable from the eShop in the country too.

The good news to come out of this, is that Nintendo are trying to solve the problem as we speak. By releasing the Poke Transporter first, they will alleviate some of the pressures on their server so that players won’t need to download both the Poke Transporter and Pokebank at the same time.

We have a feeling that similar tactics may be deployed for the UK and US releases of the missing apps, so stay tuned to see what happens later this week.

Are you shocked that Nintendo did not make better plans to be able to cope with the incoming Pokebank traffic on December 27?

There appears to be all sorts of conspiracy theories going around, but we’re sure Nintendo will make everything right in due course.

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  • Nate Frein

    Honestly I don’t see any reason for conspiracy theories.

    How many kids (and not-kids) do you think got a new 3DS/2DS this christmas, especially with the $99 2DS sales on Black Friday?

    Do you think any of those units had the December system update?

    So you have tons of new units telling their new owners they need an update, and that all those new owners need to set up nintendo IDs. And lots of these new owners (and veteran owners looking to spend christmas cash) are going to want to buy apps and games on the eShop, which Nintendo has been promoting heavily. So you’ve already got a metric butt-ton of network traffic from that.

    Add to that the massively hyped and anticipated release of an app designed to add functionality to a very popular game that the game should have shipped with in the first place.

    The whole system went down for two days. If the problem was with simply with hacked poke’s getting through the app probably could have been yanked with minimal downtime. The best explanation is downright stupid timing for both the system update and the pokebank app release. Both should have waited till after the dust from Christmas settled down and should have been spaced apart from each other.

  • Lex Ryan

    Worst part is I work a lot, but get a week off at the end of the year, it happened to perfectly align with pokebank, and I have everything else in the game done, so I NEED pokebank and was going to play much of the week… as it turned out, the week is a waist… my ‘to-do list’ just keeps growing, like “I’d love to breed a perfect IV electivire, but breeding for ice punch and cross-chop will be a pain, though I have an electivire with those moves already perfect for breeding… in GEN 5!” etc…

    • Adam Tani

      i can give u an elekid with them moves??

      • Lex Ryan

        Oh, uh, sure I suppose, kind of beside the point, but I’d appreciate having something to do and checking at least one thing off my list!
        Anything in particular you’re looking for in return?

  • Ollie

    Just give them some time, guys c: Things won’t get better if you keep complaining.


      We can complain all we want, we know it wont affect anything but we can hope it will.

      • alex


    • J_S_Mastropiero

      all i want is an update on the subject

  • alex

    what about australia we do not have it yet

    • Malte

      Australia counts to the european Region. So just wait for an Europe release.

  • laxus

    i recently faced someone from japan that used reshiram, zekrom, victini and kyruem
    unbelievable that i won

    • Meiyou

      … You know what sucks, since they didn’t make that ‘fusion’ item, the ‘dna splicer’ a part of x/y no one will be able to enjoy all the benefits of having both a Kyruem & a Reshiram and/or Zekrom… And no surprise to me, as a legendary poke’mon isn’t a god of any kind and can be beat like any poke’mon. Your skills/ team was just superior it seems.

      • J_S_Mastropiero

        there`s a punk girl that fuse them

    • Meiyou

      But.. Regardless the legendary poke’mon DO tip the scales some… Can be sure everyone in Japan are raking up some easy battle wins…. Why they didn’t just open it to all countries or none at all, I don’t know. Not right to let so many get teased with older poke’mon from other games that we haven’t been given a method of getting our selves yet…

  • Matt

    this is pathetic :/ I m versing people competitively with Pokemon like Cresselia and Terrakion from Japan that have complete advantage over allot of teams without previous gen Pokemon

    • Matt

      Oh and how could I forget, the over powered groudon that is hit from a hydro pump and takes 1/4 of its health off.

  • KingNappy

    Like i dont understand why they are keeping us in the dark for so long.. There just focusing on Japan now mostly because thats where the majority of Pokemon players are

  • Jax

    I’m pretty sure this isn’t a server issue anymore. The store has been running fine since late on the 27th. To me, it seems like they realised how flawed their security was with the JP release, given that quite a few illegal (not just illegitimate, but straight up Pokemon that are impossible to get) pokes managed to make it through to X and Y – for example, an Emboar that had the Thick Fat ability (to this point you can’t get an Emboar with Thick Fat, its hidden ability), or a level 1 Gengar (there are no games from gen 3 onwards that allow you to get a Haunter or Gengar at level 1).

    However, given that any JP gamers that managed to get Pokemon Bank still have access to it, I feel like they should just release it worldwide – after all, they still have an unsecure version. They should then start working on a patch post-haste, for both the bank and transporter (to stop the pokes getting uploaded in the first place), and Pokemon X and Y (to sweep games clean of illegal Pokemon).

    • jnap

      Actually, you could obtain a level 1 Haunter from an in-game trade in the fourth generation games. You have to hack a level 1 Medicham into the game, however.

      • Jax

        By the generally accepted terms of illegal/legal/legitimate in the Pokemon community, it’d still be illegal because you couldn’t obtain it simply with Game Freak endorsed methods (playing the game + events and similar). But as you’ve pointed out I was wrong in that there is that method of getting a lv 1 Haunter. ^^

  • Bobby

    With this long of a wait gamefreak better give us more than just the pokebank like with Japan and the Inkay they got and the US and other regions around the world are still waiting for the pokebank yes I know we get a celebi and all which is awesome dont get me wrong I can’t wait for them to put the Pokebank into action and get all of my favorite pokemon. All I am trying to say is that they can do better its been a decent amount of time since they released it ad now look were we are in the new year still waiting for pokebank.

    • Braixen

      They were expecting an Inkay way before they got Pokebank… Their just lucky :p

      • Jax

        Well, at one of the Pokemon Centers they were planning on giving it away. They then extended this to multiple locations all over Japan – though it’s hard to say if it’s because of Pokemon Bank or just a New Year’s gesture.