Xbox One 2014 update could be amazing

By Alan Ng - Dec 31, 2013

While many fans are content with the current state of the Xbox One OS interface, it looks like some exciting features are on the way with the next Xbox One 2014 update. Rumors are emerging, suggesting that the update is just weeks away and should mean ‘great things’ for users.

We know that Microsoft are working behind the scenes to improve the Xbox One interface further for users, but now these plans have seemingly been made public by one insider who apparently knows what is happening internally.

That person is regular Neogaf poster ‘thuway’ and he has been revealing a few pieces of information via Twitter about Microsoft’s forthcoming update. According to him, he says the next Xbox One update ‘should mean great things’ and that it will be releasing in the next few weeks.

He adds that Microsoft’s team at Redmond who are specifically working on the Xbox One OS, are the ‘best programmers in the world’.

That last claim may be disputed somewhat though, especially from those who continue to have problems with the Xbox One friends and party system.

Obviously the Tweets above are just from one insider, so we can’t treat them as fact just yet until we gather more evidence.

Are you confident that Microsoft can improve the Xbox One interface tenfold in 2014? If you have the luxury of owning both the Xbox One and PS4, let us know which user interface you prefer between the two.

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  • Jacob S

    @product reviews – Why is your Xbox1 UI photo so out dated?

  • Jim Davis

    I have both. The PS version is kind of generic but easy. The Xbox is nicer and just feels more impressive, but I am annoyed at the lack of a better guide button. Overall, I like the Xbox OS better it just feels more grown up; an adults system for the living room where the PS feels more like it belongs in a teenagers bedroom. Overall, I find myself playing the XboxOne a lot more than the PS4- but I also preferred my 360 over the PS3.

  • Daniel Fries

    It’s a fact that with onboard storage and Internet connectivity home consoles have become ever evolving platforms now. These console manufacturers can make use of better programming and services the future has to offer!!! So yes both XB1 and PS4 will improve 10 fold in the year to come!

  • Kp

    I bought the X1 just before Christmas and my roommate got the PS4 for Christmas. I was a big 360 fan mainly because of the chat system. It was great to be able to talk to a group of ur friends with a few button presses no matter what games they were playing. Now with the X1 MS seem to have completely gone the other way with the party chat. It’s as if MS seen the PS3 system and thought ‘that looks better’. PS4 on the other hand has nailed it. Massive improvement over the PS3. Navigating around the menus also takes a lot of getting used to on the X1. If not for voice support it would b so much worse. And when voice commands don’t work it is frustrating. PS4 on the other hand is more like the PS3 in terms of its layout. It’s not perfect but if you’ve come from PS3 it’s a simple transition.
    I hope the new X1 update fixes the features that everyone expected would be as good as they were on the 360 coz at the moment it’s PS4 which has the most user friendly UI