Pokemon X and Y Inkay for Japan after Pokebank

By Alan Ng - Dec 31, 2013

While Pokemon X and Y gamers in UK and US continue to sweat over the Pokebank release date, we have new intel from Japan which may not lighten your mood. It appears that a new Pokemon X and Y event is starting, offering Japanese Pokemon X and Y players the chance to own a special version of Inkay.

You may have seen our earlier article on the Pokebank delay, which includes countless comments from users who are unhappy that the Pokebank is available in Japan and not US or UK – some even accusing Game Freak and Nintendo of being ‘biased’.

As Nintendo keeps everyone waiting still, now we have confirmation that Japanese players are getting even more good news – a special Pokemon X and Y Inkay in celebration of the New Year. To get this version of Inkay, players will have to visit Pokemon centers in Japan before January 26.

This is no ordinary version of Inkay either. This one is going to come with a unique move not seen anywhere before and unattainable anywhere else either. This ability is called Happy Time and allows the player to receive double the amount of prize money paid out at the end of each fight.

While some of our readers in the US and UK may see this as another kick in the face, it’s obviously fantastic news for everyone else in Japan – especially those that need more in-game cash to buy items.

As far as we’re aware, there are no plans to offer this version of Inkay outside of Japan. Give us your reaction to this below.

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  • georgie

    Juan Osorio i am interested in it

    Please contact me back for trade

  • Juan Osorio

    I have this inkay if anybody wants to trade I just got it in a trade totally legit with cherish ball and happy time and all my friend code is 1993-7979-7845

    • Peko

      Do you want a Baltoy and a Stantler for it? 3995-7737-3756

    • georgie

      I am interested in it

      Please contact me back for trade. I have competitive shinies!

      • Juan Osorio

        have you guys added me? i still have it

  • Blocksystem

    I can see why Japan got eBank earlier, Japan is the home of Nintendo and there are so many Americans going HAM on the eshop. But why would Japan, on top of that, get their own special new exclusive pokemon? Is this just their revenge for Sony not releasing Playstation 4 until February? Hopefully Nintendo will release Inkay later in America with the ebank, to make uo for the delay.

  • An Enemy has been slain.


  • Hanbury

    We’ll get pokebank as soon as Half Life 3 is released, also known as never.

  • Steve

    i’m not too worried, although it would be nice if Americans received the same privileges as Japanese players. if i recall there have been numerous Japan only events that give special legendaries with special moves, plus other misc. pokemon. its sad that they are biased, but hey, their HQ is in Japan. besides, according to Worlds, american players are better than japanese players, so maybe they’re just trying to feed their own people strong, unique pokemon to win at worlds. although this inkay is irrelevant, it would still be nice to get.

  • Spacy

    I want this Inkey so badly right now. Oh well, the fact that pokebank is functioning normally means that it won’t be long before it is released in the UK and in the US of course. I think they’ve attempted to fix the hacking problem.

  • Kai

    To all you people complaining about this, let me tell you something first. I live in Singapore. Yay for that. Now you’re complaining bout not getting some “exclusive” event. Fine. You feel it’s biased. Name as many events as you can that was released in Singapore. Compare it to USA or Japan. It’s peanuts. So stop complaining for petes sake and carry on with your life. You won’t die without an event poke.

    • Justin

      Sucks for you man. Move to a more popular country.

      • Kai

        Well, it teaches me to be civilized on the net unlike you. You can offend me all you want. But offending my country is a no-no.

  • Matt

    Sigh, I could care less about the events. I would just like to use the pokebank. If your not gonna include a option to trade from other pokemon versions in pokemon X and Y atleast let the rest of the Nintendo users use pokebank. A promise is a promise. I’m not letting go of this

  • Bubba

    Miracle this doesn’t start world war 3…..lol

    • Justin

      Better dig up some bunkers like in the days of the Cold War and the Cuban Missile Crisis.

  • Cherize

    Point is…..Japan likes to give all the freebies to their own people. So what? I’m just waiting on when is PokeBank coming out.

  • Aleksei

    There is a garchomp event for american players!

  • Anon

    I’m not angry about the pokebank because I really don’t expect better from nintendo but why the hell does japan get a special pokemon and the rest of the world is left with nothing.

  • Mike

    No. I am upset because there is a bias. I really don’t care if pokemon is based in Japan or not. Fans are fans. We pay money just like everyone else, and we should receive the same attention like everyone else. I generally do not complain, but I thought it was pretty stupid that Nintendo did not predict servers to crash on Christmas when 3DSs and WiiUs are being purchased left-and-right on top of all the other people who wanted to casually peruse the e-shop AND on top of those who got e-shop redeemable gift cards. It was obvious that something would go wrong. I’m fine with pokebank being released earlier by two days, but we waited longer than Japan, and if anything, we should be the ones to get a reward for it. Whether we do get this event later in time or not, months later or days later, we should not have to continue waiting for more stuff. I am happy with the game, and I am happy with Nintendo, but in this case, I was extremely upset when Nintendo neglected to update us on pokebank when the servers were fully fixed on all systems two days ago. I can generally deal with a little bias, but now I just think they are leaving us to dangle by our fingers.

  • LuxbeyTheMechromancer

    really don’t care much for inkay (though i do love my malimar). so, this doesn’t really bother me either. it does sort of bother me that Japan gets an event for the new year and the US (and UK) don’t. but personally, i can do without it either way. if we get an event, great, if not, i don’t care.

  • Weirude21

    looks all right

  • Hanbury

    Way to punch us in the face, nintendo.

    • Endercreepa345


  • Eddy

    My reasoning on this is if Nintendo said there would be a worldwide release of pokebank on the 27th, but get it delayed because Japan got it first and crashed the network, the other countries should at least get the Inkay first as an apology to the other regions for postponing the bank. Japan doesn’t need anything they got there chance at pokebank, transferred most of there pokes and some hacked ones, we deserve this Inkay since we were denied pokebank because of there mistakes underestimating the high traffic.

    • Szadek

      Pokebank didn’t crash the network….the fact that the WII U actually sold and that so many more people got 3DS’s for christmas crashed the network, plus it was that new thing they set up that I can’t remember…and you will get a free celebi for trying it, so why would they owe you a pokemon that they announced 2 months ago as an event?

  • jmc

    Y dont they just give a date when the pokemon bank is going to be release

  • zerk

    IM SO DONE with nintendo are they racist or something?

    • Chris

      Thats called patriotism, not racism, kid.

  • ClassyGrowlithe

    I already got a happy hour smeargle so not much of a difference since it will go around with people having many communications it will get around on facebook etc like this 5iv spain ditto missing sp.attck

  • Szadek

    All of you need to stop crying about the event inkay…japan gets events like this all the time because nintendo is bassed there…and are you going to even use an inkay with a move that is basically amulet coin? And you all act like nintendo gave pokebank to japan and said screw the world…which makes no sense fro a business standpoint…if they want $5 a year for it, they want it from everyone

    And shame on this article for trying to stir the nest with the wording…this event was announced a while ago, and it’s written in a way to make the non-informed mad rather than learning something…bravo to that you jerks

    • Lex Ryan

      Well, Happy Time is better than you might think, it actually stacks with Amulet Coin (unlike Luck Incense), as well as Prize Money O-Power level 3… so basically, assuming you have max style and use all 3 money doublers (including Happy Time, you can get into LeWow for 90,000, beat the first guy for 120,000, then the next guy for 120,000, then the last 3 for 48,000 each, then sell the balm mushrooms you get for roughly 100,000 for a total profit of about 400,000 (after removing the 90,000 to get in) all in just a few minutes, without Happy Time you can get only half as much.

      • Szadek

        Yeah, but considering how much one would beat the elite four or the restaurants to level a pokemon the money gain is kind of moot…and there are people that will get a lot extra of these to trade as with most events, so it’s not that big a deal…

        • Lex Ryan

          Yeah, you’re right, I was thinking about it more since my original thought above, and realized I’m already a multi-millionaire anyway, hahaha.

    • Jonnnnytsunami

      Thank you

  • Pokefan111

    As a pokemon since the original blue version (yes blue not red) I’ve managed to always remain loyal to Nintendo despite some very disappointing moments throughout its history. It was a already a slap in the face that they had years to prepare the bank to be ready with the release of x only to be further disappointed that I had to wait 2 months longer to transfer my team. Now this is just plain insult and i can honestly say for many fans pokemon is all Nintendo has going for it. Please Microsoft or Disney just buy pokemon rights already so we can let Nintendo die once and for all

    • poop

      Oh gosh, don’t EVER let Disney buy Pokemon. People there are a bunch of cash cows. As soon as Pokemon starts to slow down in popularity, Disney will trash it. Ugh.. just no Disney lol

    • Snake

      Eat poop and die blasphemer!

    • Umair Shabir


    • as9422

      red >> blue

    • Jonnnnytsunami

      You realize Nintendo wouldn’t die from losing pokemon…they have many other series

    • Yoyo

      Check there stock over the last five years I highly doubt they could survive losing one of their biggest titles

    • DragonCurse4

      Wait, you’ve been a Pokemon since the original Blue Version!? O.o

      • Curser/Woopsie Guy


    • o.e

      Nah we don’t want Microsoft anywhere near pokemon…. Seriously… they’d make us PAY for every little thing they could…

  • Prometheus

    I was in Japan on the newyear, and one of the most popular treats is grilled squid. They will also give coins to children to celebrate the new year- This is a cultural difference, and with the XandY breeding mechanics we will get a trickledown of special inkays too.

  • Trever Walker

    i live in japan but have a US ds how do i get that

    • AnonGirl2

      I think you can’t if your DS is from the US

  • Catstew

    It’s like Flipnote Studio 3D all over again.

    • Kuda

      Yes, but Pokémon is a much bigger franchise than Flipnote… They can’t just boot it off like they did with Flipnote 3D.

  • Nicodemos Lucio Longo

    For one, i can see Japan getting the pokebank first as a testing stage, so i’m not totally mad. Two, i’m fine that they’re still working on releasing pokebank for the rest of us soon as they can. As for three, on top of a free Celebi, Japan is able to get a special Inkay? Okay, that’s bull.

    But hey, there are things we get out sooner than others do – so there is that argument. Lastly though, i’d wish certain events weren’t region locked.

  • Olaf

    In the beginning of Pokemon X and Y, Nintendo wanted this to be a world wide phenomenon. I believe if they were going with that, it’d be fair to discontinue Japan’s treats until it is released officially WORLD WIDE for everyone else. I beat the game, I’ve done the extras; I like to battle online and I can’t do that as well because I don’t have my other Pokemon to compete with Japan’s rosters… It’s really unfair and as a consumer, I am actually getting impatience.

  • Jay

    I don’t really care about pokebank delay cause eventually we will get but all the events japan get over us is very unfair they seem to have the advantage on the game as earlier stated its impossible to get gene sect in uk still without DNS codes yet jap got free shiny gene sect with rare abilities

  • ThomasDerp

    Well, if there gonna give it to japn, but not worldwide (pokebank, most evnts) yeah nintendo IS BIASED

    • BlazeMasterMVP

      I seen people from Canada Brazil so how is that biased?

      • BlazeMasterMVP

        It’s a 35% chance that when the servers was overloaded they did not close out the eshop that’s how they was able to obtain it

      • Jay

        U seen people from different country with all japan event Pokemon like shiny gene sect ?

    • BlazeMasterMVP

      Let me logically say it this way it was not handed to them people overloaded it by staying logged in the E-Shop plain & simple then downloading it at the same exact time don’t seem biased

  • BlazeMasterMVP

    You gotta look at this way why do we buy products we are royal consumers then we want from them to see them grow & improve over time I don’t see growing when they throw delay @ you for weeks while some people have it anyway

  • BlazeMasterMVP

    If I was a judge I would get them to move this process because they had all this time to prepare for this event so I don’t wanna hear servers cause you don’t get people to buy your product then let all of us down and downfall The Greatest Legendary Pokemon Master Among from breeding to raising lv ivs plus the money they have from us to throw that in

  • GJ

    Edit to my previous comment:

    This is technically a “newly” announced event, but there was already a Happy Hour Inkay event. This particular Inkay just has a different start/end date for distribution, and is being given to players in more locations. The two Inkay events are the same. My point is probably made even more now though, since they’re giving Japan TWO added events, bringing their Gen 6 event total up to like…15 or so. Given that America only has 4 (Torchic, Walmart Garchomp/Scizor, and Pokebank Celebi, VS 10 birthday event Pokemon including Eevee, Pikachu, and the Eeveelutions, Coro Coro Garchomp, two event Inkays, as well as the same Pokebank Celebi and Torchic we get), I’d say the scales are a bit unbalanced.

    • Dilweedle

      True, but Nintendo is a Japanese company so it makes sense. I think they release more events in Japan because they’re easier for them to promote, distribute, and maintain so close to home. I also think one of the main reasons for the events is to get people into the Pokecenter stores, where they might buy more merchandise. But other countries don’t have widely distributed Pokecenters like Japan does, so they have to go through a third party seller (like GameStop). Attracting customers to a store that isn’t owned by them to download something for free isn’t going to earn the Pokemon Company any money, aside from what the store might pay them, so it’s probably easier and more profitable to distribute it themselves and cut the third party out completely. I could be wrong, that’s just what I think the reasoning behind the bias in events is. As for Pokebank I don’t know the technical details behind it so I can’t discern why they’re taking so long to release it.

      • drkztan

        I doubt a lot that gamfreak looses any amount of money if they did events as internet distributions instead of ad-hoc distributions in europe, just like torchic.

  • GJ

    This event already exists, it’s called the Happy Hour Inkay event (Happy Hour being the name of the move, not Happy Time) and knowledge of the event has been fairly well circulated in at least the last month, if not longer. Your source of confirmation is a bit behind on the ballgame. 😛

    This also isn’t the first Japan-exclusive event, they do stuff like this all the time and leave everyone else out of it. Events like Shiny Extremespeed Genesect (from the new movie), Birthday Pokemon (includes all of the Eeveelutions plus Pikachu I believe), other Pokemon Center Pokemon (events where you have to go to PC’s in Japan to get the event in question, like PC Tohoku Victini)…the list goes on. Their recent behavior has been a bit far from professional in my opinion. While Pokebank/Poketransfer isn’t available to ALL Japanese (it was pulled from the eShop there too, after all), anyone who managed to download it can run Pokebank/transfer just fine. Every once in a while people will show up on the forums offering their transferring services since they’re among the few who have access to the program. Nintendo still remains quiet about the situation, only making customers more frustrated by the day (the other comments here are a clear indicator of that), while a few people with Japanese 3DS’s get exclusive access. Topping all of that with the fact that their launch for Pokebank was horribly executed, given that they failed miserably to predict server loads and should’ve had the service out with the game’s release (as opposed to two months later), I feel like they really deserve the backlash they’re getting for this

    • BlazeMasterMVP

      Cause they knew about this now if someone pushed a class action towards them for letting us down then they would release it in a heart beat cause even a judge would rule in our favor due to the lack of information from the pokemon company & nintendo both

  • BlazeMasterMVP

    It does get annoying that they still delay it just release it nintendo the servers are stable now so wtf is this bs hold up that’s been 4 days I think it’s not right for us the consumers in all countries us uk quit beating around the bush then tbding people 👎😐

  • Mick

    This is just a big middle finger from nintendo.

  • rock85cool

    I live in Japan and still don’t have access to Poke’bank or Mover(Transporter) on my Japanese DS. As far as I know we only got service for a day and it was barely useable.

    • G

      other Japanese 3DS owners still have access to it, some kind souls occasionally offer to transfer the Pokemon of other users, but can’t keep the service up for long because they post on the forums and get swarmed by requests.

  • Jay

    Maybe we should tell gamefreak Japanese people also live in other country’s May get equal content

  • PokeMaster07

    Great! So first they get PokeBank, then delay it for us, just leaving Japan with it, and now they get a SPECIAL INKAY. Can’t us outside of Japan get an event Pokemon like Inkay? It’s just not fair at all!

    • AnonGirl2

      Pokebank was taken down in Japan

      • drkztan

        If you downloaded the bank you can still use it. I have a jap 3ds and can still use my pokebank. You just can’t purchase it if you didn’t the day it was available.

  • Jay

    Pokemon has alway been biased to japan check 90 percent of events it’s unfair really we pay same money and in uk Pokemon has a huge fan base I’m sure it same in USA

    • PokeMaster07

      Exactly! They get the cool event pokemon like shinies!

    • drkztan

      Actually, EU pays the 2nd highest price for the games, 1st one being austraila. It’s just ridiculous.

  • Hizzle

    I dreamt it was out, and then I woke up. :/

    • NgTurbo

      Haha.. I’m sure it will be coming soon! Happy 2014 🙂

  • teop

    wtf how hard is it just to let us have pokebank