GTA V Online Jobs lowers Heists demand

By Alan Ng - Dec 30, 2013

Some GTA V players may be so busy with the amount of new content to play, to forget that there is still the missing GTA V Heists release date that was once the hottest prospect in the game a few weeks ago.

Now though, it appears that custom created GTA V Online Jobs are keeping players very busy, a tactic that should buy Rockstar the time they need to finally deliver a pleasing Heists update in 2014.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know when GTA V Heists for PS3 and Xbox 360 will release. Rockstar has been a bit sneaky as to not give a release schedule for the delayed content, but players shouldn’t be too angry about this any more with the sheer amount of new jobs to play through.

While the anger over the 1.08 update lingers on in a separate debate about being gifted ‘free money’, Rockstar has cleverly placed emphasis on the custom creator aspect of the game, in relation to Online Jobs.

Better yet, the developer has even cherry picked a handful of online jobs that they think deserves attention from you. Now, if you head to Rockstar’s website, you’ll be able to see a selection of GTA V Online Jobs that have now been officially certified by Rockstar.

For example, one new custom job that has been picked by Rockstar, is the Saving Ryan’s Privates mission. This is a Deathmatch type of job which requires players to use ‘military training’ and hardware to come out victorious.

While we agree that these new custom jobs have added a new sense of longevity to the game, would you rather still have new Heists to play above anything else?

Let’s hope that Rockstar has some good news to share when the GTA V 1.09 update goes live. Are you having fun with the GTA V content creator or not?

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