FIFA 14 fixes for known user issues

By Alan Ng - Dec 30, 2013

While many FIFA fans are looking forward to the big FIFA 14 January update, many other players are hoping that the new year will also bring about some much needed FIFA 14 problem fixes. It’s no secret that gameplay is still not perfect for many players, so hopefully EA are on the case as we speak and FIFA 14 will be a much better game after the next major update.

As far as we’re aware, there are niggling issues that are affecting all versions of the game. That includes the previous-gen Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, but also the Xbox One and PS4 builds of the game as well.

We’ve heard various issues about the game that are ongoing as we speak, including one recurring complaint from users that the online portion of the game is ‘too slow’, compared to when playing the game offline.

That is just the start though. Head here to EA’s support website and you’ll see that players haven’t been receiving their Gold packs through the Limited Edition version of the game which is supposed to give you 24 free gold packs.

There’s also some issues specifically related to the Xbox One version of FIFA 14. For example, some of you may have been experiencing a problem trying to save two setting loadouts when using two controllers – ie, classic and custom settings.

Another problem involves the game hanging when installing the Xbox One version to the hardrive, stuck on a forever ending loading loop.

The good thing about this though, is that EA are usually on the ball (excuse the pun), when it comes to ironing out FIFA bugs.

Let us know what your problem is below and what version of the game you are playing.

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  • Samantha

    My sons having trouble installing fifa 14 on his xbox one it’s been bought for 4 days now and won’t install it’s stops after a bit and has given a code that’s not recognised when put into the website the message has given us.
    Any advice would be appreciated.
    Thanks Sam Birtle

  • Shaahid Seedat

    PS4- Fifa 14- Online friendlies. Opponent accepts. we choose teams, and before the game starts , portion where its player vs keeper, game freezes. Any solutions?

  • Akshay

    My career mode, both player and manager crashes quite frequently as soon as I click on play game. Once it crashes before a particular match it crashes again at the same point even when I try again. In manager mode it is possible to simulate the particular game but not in the player career mode. I have the PC version.

  • Bob

    So I will play a game I save after every game and when I am done I exit and save and the next day I’m at the same match that I’ve played like four times I have the xbox 360 version

    • Ankit

      Found the fix! Try “load career” in the customise section. Look for it. Don’t use “continue manager career”.

  • Daniel Okwuosa

    At the end of every match I am disconnected from ultimate team and I don’t receive any coins whether I win or lose! It’s happened 10 times in a row now and I am really considering selling this game

  • Callum Towers

    When i join a game on ultimate team it is fine i can play the game as normal, but when i finish the game and advance i get returned to the xbox home screen and i have to restart the game, please help!!!!

  • samsul arefin

    if you are help me i am thank fully him

  • samsul arefin

    my fifa has problem with career mode are you tell me how to fix it

  • gmb2000

    There’s also some issues specifically related to the Xbox One version of FIFA 14. For example, some of you may have been experiencing a problem trying to save two setting loadouts when using two controllers – ie, classic and custom settings. … i have the same problem…. the new patch from 22.01.2014 doesent solve this problem….why ??? cant play with this bug !!!

  • james Carchrie

    i am playing fifa 14 xbox one,
    when i go to play an online match on ultimate team i can never find a game i always lose connection can anyone help much appreciated. thank you

  • Stephen Crabtree

    I find an opponent 100% of the time, then it says connection with your opponent has been lost please search again etc…haven’t played one game online in fifa 14 since I got xbox one day one. (All other games work seemingly perfect..)

    • james Carchrie

      same prob with me how do i fix it i can ply play single player

  • Charlie Worby

    Xbox one fifa 24 crashes after playing a game and trying to advance both on fut and career it just kicks me out of the game everytime!cant really play thr game becasue of it!extremely frustrating!

    • Jcap58

      I’m having the same problem, I downloaded FIFA off the marketplace so I don’t have a hard copy, but never the less after every match I play I am kicked out of the game and sent back to the dashboard

      • Charlie Worby

        Mine is also a downloaded version and I’ve tried reinstalling and deleting my ptofile etc but nothing makes any difference

    • Jason SilverFox Hill

      i have the same problem (download version)
      every time i play in career mode, i finish a game and click advance. I then get booted off the game straight back to the console home screen.
      the only way i have avoided this was to simulate a game but this isnt what i bought the game for!!!

  • Jay toffee

    How about giving us ps4 users the full game with tournement mode

  • Nick

    Freezing freezing freezing for the xbox 360 PLEASE FIX! !!!!!!!

  • Matty

    Playing offline against my son I play alternate and he plays classic but we can’t use both control settings as it keeps switching us on to the sane setting !

  • Shane

    Trying to Play Ultimate team and get through 60+ minutes then it just disconnects me and takes me back to the main page where it signs me back into EA .. Yet it works fine for all my other games .. Console – Xbox One Fifa14

  • gavin

    hope they fix the gameplay issues on ps3 , its ridiculous the bad passing, the overpowered through balls, the marking system is woefull and I don’t see what the point of spending coins to buy good players when the computer controlled yard dog defender with 50 points for pace can keep up with Ronaldo its utterly flawed as it is and hope they fix a lot of the issues that people are complaining about all over the forums.

    • cripper

      bang on gavin. My imform cuadrado with a gold all stat training boost and the triple pace boost chemistry is unable to out pace fat john terry when running for a 50/50 ball!!

  • Saebjorn

    playing w/ ps3 in manager career mode. Every third game or so, I encounter a bug where substitutes disappear from my bench. Always happens after I make the first substitution, but sometimes not until I’m ready to make my third.

  • cripper

    there is a really annoying and subtle glitch to putting items up for auction on FUT. if you have 2 or more pages of an item (e.g. chemistry styles) and you are looking to post an item on the second page, when you go to ‘compare prices’ to see what the going rate is, and then go back to the screen where you set the price, the card magically changes to the item in the same slot on the first page. This has proved to be a costly error for me, where I put a bid price of 150 and buy now price of 200 on an item worth almost 2000. because it magically switched.
    Other annying FUT bugs are:
    constant store unavailable messages.
    constant check price of player on the transfer market yielding no results on some screens, but when you go to the transfer market screen and do a search there are actually hundreds of players on the list.
    regular hangs where you have to quit a game.
    The open player pack when your transfer roster is full and you get an expensive duplicate (e.g. it happened me with 2 yaya toure’s) and you have to wait and hope that a slot expires rather than sells so you can send it to club rather than simpy clear sold items.
    Ingame there are several games i join where i would describe the gameplay as unplayably choppy and stuttery.
    3 times ingame the connection has cut / the other player went linkdead and i get a match coin nerf for ‘unsportsmanly conduct’ having done nothing wrong.

  • John

    Can see but don’t know how to accept online friendly invite from a friend?

    • cripper

      it will appear on your message box inbox on your console dashboard, you can join a game from there (there is a way to do it ingame, but cant remember it and am not close to my console)

  • Bryan

    My version of Fifa14 on Xbox one played fine for a week then suddenly would not load. When i selected the Fifa icon it would start loading in the fifa screen than bring me right back to xbox home menu. other games were still working. i had to unplug mt power supply and that somehow resolved the issue.

    • Jack

      That’s what is happening to me, is that all u have to do.