PS4 CE-34861-2 error code causing problems

By Alan Ng - Dec 29, 2013

While PS4 owners look forward to a lovely 2014 with their brand new consoles, it appears that one or two users are still having some teething problems when it comes to using the PS4 PlayStation Network with consistency.

We’re getting one or two complaints that a PS4 error code CE-34861-2 is causing some bother, affecting a variety of games which involve inviting friends into a game using the main PS4 friends system.

Specifically, this issue could be affecting those with a EU PS4 only which is particularly worrying if region specific problems are present.

Evidence of the problem has appeared on Sony’s official EU boards here, while we’ve included a few Tweets from those users who have been getting the PS4 CE-34861-2 error below as well.

The question is: Have you seen this error code on your own PS4 console? If so, tell us when you saw the message pop up and which region your console is from.

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  • Brian Rie

    Fix it dammit same as last year

  • Rebecka

    Yeah, got the same problem… Happens every time I try to sign in on PSN or go online at all.

  • spidey

    I have tho problem too ,, my console is from Saudi Arabia

  • martyn

    I’m getting this problem! Every time I try and sign in to psn (CE-34861-2) keeps popping up! What now???

    • TOXIC -E7

      Like martyn said…. What now… I keep on getting the same problem as u martyn, Sony fix ur bloody system

  • brandon

    i get same ce-34861-2 on my system as soon as i click on sign into psn it says that wont even allow me to input a username or password any fixes????

  • Dtrent

    Not just on the EU side just took mine out of the box and I am getting the same problem while trying to login to PSN

  • Greg

    If anyone finds a fix PLZ post so we all can get ours fixed thanks

    • David

      Hi guys I got same problem …. code ce-34861-2 How can I fix it ; $$

  • Greg

    PLZ fix this is crazy got 2 new games and can’t play online and we live in tampa fl

  • Joshua lutz in nyc

    Christmas Day- unable to use mine either cause of this code. Sony ruined my christmas

  • Paulio

    Stupid thing wont let me sign into PSN saying server terminated CE-34861-2

  • chris

    My ps4 has got to go back its completely broke its asking for reinstallation update 1.52 but will not accept the update phoned Sony and are sending a new console out this Thursday fair play to them
    From Manchester UK

    • cripper

      Ouch, least they are sending you out a new one!!