Pokemon X and Y PokeBank delay making fans angry

By Alan Ng - Dec 29, 2013

We were hoping to bring you a quick update on the status of the missing Pokemon X and Y Bank US and UK release date, but unfortunately Nintendo isn’t ready to offer this information just yet.

The highly anticipated service was just to arrive on December 27, but as we told you here – it has been delayed until further notice. Nintendo were even unable to offer gamers a new release timeline, and it appears the lack of a new release date has made a lot of Pokemon fans unhappy.

Not only because Nintendo hasn’t given a new release date for fans to look forward to, but largely due to the fact that the Poke Bank and Poke Transporter were released in Japan and Korea first, with some calling Nintendo ‘biased’ which is a little bit harsh in our opinion.

The good news is that the problems with the eShop servers that Nintendo initially highlighted are fixed, which should mean in-turn that we’ll all get to play around with the Poke Bank very soon.

As we await fresh details from Nintendo and Game Freak, let us know how you are dealing with the delay. Are you happy for Nintendo to take as long as they need?

We’ve included some Pokemon X and Y Bank gameplay below for those that are interested in seeing what it will look like.

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    haha i remember this

  • Skyclan

    I was so happy when it finally got released today. Then Nintendo ruined it. F***ing hack check. Hacked pokemon got in, some legit didn’t, and my Shaymin is now stuck in Gen 5. Sure, I used Action Replay for it, but only because it was my favorite pokemon and I missed all the events. But not all people want to battle to up their ranking. I suck at battling. I don’t hack pokemon for fun. So Nintendo, you got my hopes up for a month, made me angry with the delay, which was your fault entirely, and now you’ve pissed me off with this crap right here. Way to good. I’m sure you’ve made many of your fans very happy (or very mad).

  • Hideo Kojima of Konami

    Nintendo, you’ve been there my whole life and I love you, but this is just sad and demeaning. You let one little app crash your servers because you didn’t anticipate that people would be signing up for Miiverse? If you had just added Miiverse to the 3DS at the handheld’s launch, you wouldn’t be having this issue. I play all consoles equally, but this is where Sony has you beaten. They implemented PlayStation Network as early as the PSP, and it’s been used ever since on PS3, Vita, and PS4. Even Microsoft introduced Xbox Live on the ORIGINAL Xbox. I’m sorry, but letting a little app crash your servers is truly pathetic. Microsoft and Sony both dealt with heavy traffic when the PS4 and Xbone launched, yet they managed to get things up and running in a few days. Even Grand Theft Auto Online was fixed within a week. Sure, it was still glitchy, but at least it was available. I know people who cheated and used a Japanese 3DS to get Pokemon Bank and it works just fine, no issues whatsoever. This delay is ridiculous, and IF it ever releases before 2015, they better extend the free trial. Ok, rant over and since I’m an anonymous user, you guys might as well not even bother to reply to me since I won’t know if you do.

  • Ricky

    We should all boycott all new purchases of Nintendo products until bank is released. We need to make it hurt financially to make them listen

  • Gamer351

    And meanwhile Flipnote 3D is still down…I’m 99% sure this will be Flipnoye 3D all over again (Delaying it, fixing it in japan, still not out anywhere else)

  • mapijs

    what do you expect to see under the christmas tree son, poke bank daddy!, well too bad! nintendo fked it up, but not for the people in japan of course, they are now laughing their asses of because of us, EU and USA gamers

    • Trollzor

      Of course. EU and USA gamers, because that’s the rest of the world.

    • Ed Boon of NetherRealm Studios

      As if people in Japan celebrate Christmas..lol, you know they’re all like Buddhist and Shinto or some weird religion like that

      • Liger274

        Actually if you read manga they DO celebrate Christmas

  • mapijs

    another great thing to nag about, miiverse, i had a fkng 2 week ban cause of posting my FC, i mean hello! one of the few reasons everyone was so exicted about miiverse was because it would make exchanging friend codes so much easier!!!!!!!!

  • mapijs

    i think they should have been better prepared for the release, i mean it’s back online in japan but not in EU and USA? i have zero idea what they have to do to make sure it is working again so can’t say much about that. i do find it fked up that they can’t release a date or even a speculation of when it might work again

  • chivalry

    im fine with it being delayed just a little upset about not being able to get metagross

    • Lawlmer

      You don’t need to have Pokebank to get Metagross -.-

      • sebastian

        maybe is a perfect IV’s metagross

  • MewTwo

    Why is everyone so angry. Seriously you all need to get a life. Think of how little this would matter if something real happened in your life today. More important things in life than a game.

    • Ari

      I’m not angry because of the delay or the fact that it was released in Japan/Korea first. What annoys me is that Nintendo just shut up and doesn’t even give us the reason as to why PokeBank is still being delayed. I was actually planning on paying the year subscription for the app but now I’ll just use the free trial to get the pokemon I have on my White 2 to X. I mean, why should I give money to them if they’ll just be quiet and give no news or info when stuff like this happens?

      Also, telling people to “get a life” because of this only makes you look like a douche. Many people have pokemon they spent many hours breeding/training competitively that can only be transferred to X/Y through the PokeBank, and now they’re either stuck or have to breed similar pokemon all over again. I bet you woulnd’t feel too happy about that either.

    • Masahiro Sakurai of Sora

      Are you freaking retarded? If someone is alive, they have a freaking life, idiot. You need to get punched in the balls by a rocket-propelled, spiked, metal, heavy duty gauntlet.

    • LoL

      Ha this guy/gal is anonymous there never going to see the messages which is sad, and pathetic shove your gay opinion down peoples throats then run and hide Mr Fag Mewtwo I hope you find something you really want and never revive it, then you will know how it feels, then I hope someone tells you to get a life. XD. stupid idiots like you shouldn’t be allowed access to a computer. Mewtwo fag boy gained the Gayest commenting hit and run douche award! LOL

  • lol

    i’m very happy to let them take their time. i’d much rather have a fully functioning risk free service that took ages to arrive than a broken service that could loose me all my pokemon but came quickly.

    • Reggie Fils-Aime

      The thing is that the service works perfectly. I know a few people who have a Japanese 3DS and downloaded it without trouble, and both PokeBank and PokeMover work as intended. Nintendo just needs to release it to the rest of the world already. My body is ready!

  • Shane

    Well, some people are getting a little too angry about this; and others are just reacting way too immaturely. Listen, Nintendo can’t entirely be held responsible for this. As much as they should have predicted the magnitude of traffic running down their servers at the time of release, they obviously didn’t anticipate it to be as bad as it was. It’s been a little over a week since Pokebank was supposed to hit the US and, well, is it really all bad? I want my old teams on X as much as the last person but, we DO have new Pokemon, attacks, abilities, etc. to mess around with in the mean time. As a competitive battler, I feel that it’s pretty safe to say that no one has fully delved into the newly incorporated strategic possibilities. My point is, take this time to actually get to know the game. Raise up some new pokemon, master the new breeding mechanics, even catch em all if you’d like. There’s no point in getting so angry when we have a game that hasn’t even been fully explored yet right in front of us.

    • Ross

      I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m personally less frustrated about it getting delayed and more frustrated about the lack of information about its rerelease, and that the Pokemon games that came out worldwide simultaneously now have a feature that can only be used by the Japanese and Koreans until when Pokebank is finally released everywhere else. And whilst it is true that no-one has delved into the new possibilities for strategy available with the Gen VI mechanics, the problem is that a not-insignificant amount of those strategies are either impossible or inferior without all of the tutors and pokemon present in the previous generations, which we won’t be able to access without Pokebank.

  • Wouter

    Because of the fact that the bank is late in Europe, it made the legendaries of previous generations far more valuable. I have traded some Xerneas/Yveltals for some Terrakions, Groudons etc, which, at the moment, gave me 18 shiny pokemon (yes, legit from gen 6). So for now i’m actually pretty happy with my black Greninja and my blue Tyrantrum.

  • Jojo

    This is very disappointing, Nintendo. It’s about time you step up and start updating us. There hasn’t been even one update concerning Pokebank for the western parts of the world. And no, giving us news of future news is not an update. I’m not angry about the time that it is taking to fix things, I just wish Nintendo would tell us more. Will the free trial be extended? We have some unanswered questions here.

  • disappointed die hard fan

    I love Pokemon, it has been a part of my life since the introduction of the games when I was a child. All I want is to send the Pokemon I worked tirelessly to breed and raise through all 5 previous generations to my game. The free celebi is cool, but I feel like this has let all of us die hard fans down. Nintendo needs to make this right for those of us who have helped to make their fortune. Also, my fee trial better still be there, it’s bad enough I have to pay for the bank in the first place, but now it seems even more ridiculous that the company can’t even deliver on time. What a joke. I’m highly upset with Nintendo, as should everyone else be.

  • unsatisfied nintendo customer

    You had one job, nintendo, and that was to release it on-time.

    Good job. (Sarcasm)

  • Seth

    Everyone calm down. Everyone is pretty mad, yes disgusting and I am pretty mad that it only got released in Japan. It should’ve got out on Christmas and why did they make Miiverse? Nintendo Network… Hate it

  • Guest

    Yeah, making fans angry.

  • David

    This should have been released along with the game but we have to wait till Christmas and even then only their home continent gets it. Disgusting.

    • sebastian

      at least they release it on USA at some time (maybe just one or two days), it never reached mexico

      and i miss my old team :/

  • Carson

    I am super mad that the release got postponed but the good thing is that the eshop is back up

  • Seth

    I Agree, you are totally correct. I am not judging you. I am not just saying this. You are so right.

  • Apatheist

    I hope they get up pokebank soon because I need to transfer all of my hacked pokemon they said could not get through

  • Sakina721

    I am kinda p’od with nintendo’s obvious lack of pre-planning just like everyone else but while I sit here pondering over such questions that will never be answered, I do in fact have another question that I hope someone might know the answer to here. Now this may be dumb to ask but when pokebank actually does come out, will you be able to use it to transfer your pokemon from one version of the game to another. Like say you wanted to move your pokemon from yourY to yourX, can you just deposit the ones from Y into the bank then put your X game in and pull them out onto it? Like I said might be a stupid question and I know most wouldn’t be able to answer it from actual experience but thought I would give it a go as I would love the prospect of eliminating the requirement of needing a 2nd DS to move my pokemon.

    • JDBouscal

      Judging from what it says on the Pokemon website, i would assume that is correct. You should be able to transfer from x to y using one DS. They mention in the description of recieving you Celebi that even if you have multiple games, you only get one which you have acvess to from either game. Im assuming the ap is saved to the console, and has no filter as to which copy of which x or y habe acvess to the pokemon. I could be way off, but that is how I read it anyway.

    • I Killed the Bacon

      Yes, but you would still need a second DS if you wanted to transfer items like version exclusive Mega Stones. Once a Pokemon is deposited into the Bank, it’s held item is automatically bagged, so if you want Mega Charizard X in your Pokemon Y, you’re gonna need another 3DS.

      • im a dot

        sorry to ask but do you have a charizard x?

  • TheConfusedGamer

    I’m extremely disappointed due to the fact that they should have thought of this occurring ahead of time IMO they messed up immensely I mean how would they not think of this happening it’s like making a 40% tax revenue increase and not expecting people to riot it just hits Nintendo even harder and makes the gamers that fell in love with Nintendo so long ago saddened that they were let down and btw it is bias to have earlier release dates in other countries it’s not fair to everyone and it causes racial slurs against other countries and even more hate for each other

    • Inkling

      Right. Because a company released a program to a different country first that means we’re all of a sudden going to be throwing racial slurs.

      • I Floop the Pig

        Racial slurs? Is that when NASCAR drivers race drunk? LOLOLOLOLOL

  • flamin mad

    i am so angry right now, that i may never use nintendo again. everything is up and fine now, but they still wont release pokebank. its already late, why cant we get it now, since we were already supposed to get it last week

    • Inkling

      Have a little common sense. If everything was “up and fine” then don’t you think they’d release it by now to placate their customers? They dropped the ball on the holidays, that’s a mistake. Humans make mistakes. Like you, I was also disappointed that I couldn’t transfer my pokemon, but I realize I’d rather have them take the time they need to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Can you imagine if they released PokeBank and the same thing happened to their servers? Cut them some slack, I’m sure you’d want the same if you made a mistake.

      • Matt Hebert

        I guarrantee it’s going to happen again whether they wait or not. The moment it’s released EVERYONE is going to try to use it at the exact same time. Which is what caused the server problems in the first place.

  • Seth

    I cannot wait. People are so mad and annoyed and so am I but making a rebellion won’r help at all. Also, yes, a very nice way to ruin the holidays for all the people who wanted it. We must wait and see when it comes out and hope you best wishes in Pokemon X and Y.

  • Lisa

    I am a little dissapointed. I knew over the christmas break I will be able to transfer all of my beloved gen 1-5 pokemon but sadly I couldn’t. Way to ruin the holidays -.-

    • Dissapointed in Humanity

      This is to everyone who said the same line as you. “Way to ruin the holidays” if your holiday was ruined because an update for a kids game was late then I feel extremely bad for you. Yes millions of people were looking forward to this. Whoopty do it’s late. Would you rather have it so it’s up but you can’t download it becuase of clogged servers.. And when you finally do you find out everyone has hacked pokemon because nintendo rushed and didn’t get everything checked out. Get a life. Enjoy the holidays for the multitudes of other reasons then pokemon -_- . I want to tranfer pokemon.. Guess what. I’ll want to in a week. In 6 months. Doesn’t make a diffrence.

      • disappointed die hard fan

        You’re right, except that I PAID for the game, they gave me a release date, and I still can’t transfer my Pokemon.

  • Anon

    Asking the question “are you happy for Nintendo to take as long as they need?” is ridiculous. It’s like asking if someone is happy to do something that they have no choice about – saying “no, I’m not happy” just makes someone sound like an idiot.

    It’s stupid for someone to be unhappy at a customer service agent trying to fix the problems caused by other less helpful staff. It’s stupid trying to rush a mechanic who is fixing the damage previous less skilled mechanics have done to your car because you want the resulting driving delay to end asap, even if that means the car will just blow up again.

    What people are unhappy about is that Nintendo has needed to take this long in the first place. They shouldn’t have needed this much time. They wouldn’t have needed this much time if they had planned things better and not made so many poor decisions.

    People aren’t unhappy about waiting just a little bit longer. They’re unhappy about the affair as a whole – Pokemon X/Y should have included an offline transfer tool, the same as every other previous Pokemon game, on Day 1. The function should (as always) be locked until after the player has completed the regular game story, but after that point it should have been available immediately.

    Saying the online requirement is due to system differences is stupid. Nintendo should have seen the issue coming about a year or more ago and planned accordingly. Why didn’t they develop and release PokeTransfer back in June during the run-up to X & Y, to promote the new games arriving? Players could have gotten ready over a longer period of time, putting saving their favourites into the transfer tool ready to be moved over to X & Y as soon as the games were released and played through one time.

    I would rather X & Y had been delayed until the transferring was possible, to save on all the anger and disappointment.

    • disappointed die hard fan


  • Anony

    Could it be that Nintendo is so cynical that they are using these delays to deliberately confuse understanding of the free trial period in the hope that it will cause some players to forget about PokeTransfer until payment is required to use it?

    Yes, the trial month may be reset when the transfer system finally goes live in the USA and Europe, but will everyone be ready for the unannounced arbitrary first day, after all the messing around?

    One good thing that will hopefully come out of this nonsense – Nintendo will hopefully never again lock out normal transfers and force people to use an online system. The number one negative comment about Pokemon X & Y should and will be this ridiculous transfer mechanic, so when development of the next game begins lesson #1 should be “go back to an offline transfer system”.

    99% of players only care about one thing at this point – getting the favourite Pokemon they have used since G1 transferred from Pokemon Black/White to Pokemon X/Y. Every barrier to making this happen is hurting Nintendo, so it’s in their interest to hurry up and help people do what they should have been able to do without difficulty back in October.

    • H

      What is up with all you ignorant people complaining about using cloud storage to move Pokemon? Listen, *it’s not magic*. Just like they couldn’t get a gen 1 or 2 game to communicate with a gen 3 game, they can’t get the gen 5 games to communicate with the gen 6 games. If they didn’t come up with this cloud storage idea, you would have to worry about each new generation, about whether or not you’ll be able to transfer. I guess just you’ll be upset when this cloud storage as the only method of transferring Pokemon between generations stay.

      • Smarterthanyou

        Couldnt get gen 1 and 2 to communicate with 3? Youre an idiot. They completely reset on the making of 3 which is also why they said hoenn remake never coming. Research what you speak, especially when trying to use it for an arguements sake.

      • disappointed die hard fan

        You’re right, it’s not magic. But that’s why they make make ridiculously more money than I do. To do their job and give me my product when they say they will. I don’t care about the online crap, I just want what I was promised.

    • lol

      they have said a lot of times the free trial will be reset you ignorant moron and your theory has litterally made me laugh for hours you idiot it’s absurd.

  • Jeremy20

    So what is going to happen with the free Celebi?

  • po’ed

    I’m really annoyed. I’ve got two weeks off work for the holidays and bought a copy of x to go with my y so i could restart the story with any of the pokemon from before. i was really looking forward to replaying the game with some pokmon i’ve never explored over the holidays. So much for that. way to screw over the non japanese fans, Nintendo.

    • Ant

      cry. seriously. it’s a pain but get over it. Nintendo is Japanese so you should expect them to release it there first. Like how US companies do the SAME EXACT THING FOR EVERYTHING EVER.

      • disappointed die hard fan

        Getting it a day later, not a big deal. Getting it a week, a month later? Yeah that’s going to enrage a lot of people. I mean, you paid for the game, right? I know I did, with my hard earned money, which is whatever if you’re underaged and mommy and daddy still buy you stuff… But for those of us who pay for our own stuff, it’s stupid.

        • lol

          i pay for my stuff and i’m not crying like a two year old about a unavoidable delay.

    • i agree

      i know man, i know…

  • Spacy

    Truth be told, while I am constantly checking google for the latest news (any recent news) about whether or not Nintendo has made a new release date or have just released it as soon as it was fixed, I don’t really mind. It gave me some time to work on my competitive Kangaskhan considering the extent of its power in mega form. I really hope that they fix the hacked detection system, it will be nice to know people have to play on the same level as me for a change. By the way, I think I’ll give all the other hatched kangaskhans to wonder trade for the lolz.

    • Michael Gossett

      Nothing to get ready since Mega Kangaskhan has been banned from play per Smogun.

      • Michael Ngo

        Too bad they will NEVER get the final saying; kangaskhan is still legal

        • Michael Gossett

          In everything accept IRL tournament play since Smogun’s rules are absolute in real life tournaments (not in-game)

        • Michael Ngo

          Nobody uses it unless they have absolutely no skills and rely on handicaps to win. Nothing can top their failed attempt at making “tiers”

        • Michael Gossett

          Don’t say “NO ONE” because that’s not true. But I agree with you 😀

        • Spacy

          I wonder just where you get this information from, maybe you run smogon rules but the VGC rules allow Mega Kangaskhan. If you have a legit source about how the VGC tournaments are abiding by smogon then please show me.

      • Spacy

        Except, I don’t play by Smogon standards, I play by the VGC standards set up by Nintendo and Gamefreak. Smogon just isn’t for me, instead of unbanning and undoing the clauses that would allow to counter certain megas they are just like “Lets just ban those too.”

      • Spacy

        Not in VGC. Mega Kangaskhan is still allowed.

  • Ashley

    I am pretty angry and upset with this too. My eshop was not working for several days. Then when it was supposed to be released on the 27th my eshop actually crashed and my system froze which is very unusual. I had to update my 3DS XL 3 times. Which was even more rididculous. My eshop is working fine now finally but I’m still upset that they have yet to release a day when it is coming out that way we can send all of our pokemon over. 🙁 It’s unfair to not let us know what is going on and to keep us updated.

  • Prometheus

    I hope the illegal pokemon issue is not being repaired in the downtime. I have two pokemon that were given to me as a birthday gift, but I’m not sure if they were hacked or not.. A shiny venusaur and an Arceus. I don’t plan on ever using the latter in online stuff, and the former is basically like any other venusaur but shiny. It even has bad stats overall. I just want to have them over there.

    • AnonGirl2

      If the Arceus is shiny its probably hacked.

    • Stupidchildrensuck

      It really shouldnt be an issue to begin with. Most pokemon arent overhacked to the point where they ohko everything, but to merely obtain the desired team, moves, ability, and nature of the pokemon. What doesn’t hurt kids shouldnt matter. But there is too many butthurt people out there that think if you dont play like they do its wrong. Simple minded fools.

      • Snickerdoodle

        If most people have to EV train their Pokemon (which is EZ now) then I say it’s definitely unfair if others can just hack in a team in a few minutes with perfect nature without breeding, possibly perfect IV’s again without breeding. The point is to have a good or even great Pokemon team, hours and hours should be invested possibly in EACH Pokemon, hacking in Pokemon is only for those that are what they use, hacks.

      • Skyclan

        I hacked for a Shaymin, not for a nature, not for good IVs, just because i really wanted one. Oh, and it didn’t get through the hack check. I don’t understand why all these illegal pokemon are getting through and pokemon barely hacked or some legit ones aren’t.

  • P0W4RW4FF13

    I’m not as mad about the delay as much as I’m just pissed that they couldn’t just add a migration system like they had since diamond and pearl. I’m just saying if it’s not broken don’t fix it

    • Alistair

      At least with this system we can get a Celebi. That’s always an improvement

    • Hatsuoki

      Except it is broken. They stated that there was no way to make a 3DS game communicate with a DS game but because both can connect to the internet, the obvious solution is to use cloud storage. This way, they would be able to easily transfer from the cloud storage from now on, no matter how incompatible the game/device is with a newly released one.

  • emma

    Hurry up with this Pokemon Bank i’m so bored. . . and I want my Pokemon on Pokemon x so badly 🙁 I hate waiting and I wasn’t Happy on the 27/12/2013 because They Lied and the bloody e shop wasn’t working again. . . stupid Nintendo should of made sure it was always working fine before Christmas and the 27th of December Didn’t they know a lot of people would get a ds for Christmas I mean really they should because I got a 3dsxl for Christmas and the E shop wasn’t working that day either for me I think Nintendo should check everything before Christmas because really they are making a lot of Pokemon fans upset or angry out there and if they don’t do something people won’t buy Games from e shop anymore because of this delay so they should do something seriously about this because no one likes waiting and no one likes delays.

    • Nicodemos Lucio Longo

      Nintendo wasn’t lying to us, they were going to bring it out on the 27th, but despite the issues with the holiday rush, they didn’t expect such a high volume of those using the eshop on both the WiiU & 3DS that it caused huge traffic on the servers. Should have Nintendo expected such a thing? Very much so.

      But honestly, the Eshop is running again, and it’s to be expected the pokebank to release anytime soon.

      • dragnmastr99

        and 2 ds………. dont forget the 2ds

    • Koyan

      Man……. Longest run-on sentence ever. o.o

      • Smdgrammarnazi

        Biggest caring grammar nazi ever o___o

      • Lol

        Made my day. Thank you

  • PokeFan13

    Though Pokemon X & Y were released worldwide, they shouldn’t have released Bank just yet in just Japan and Korea. But what can you expect? Anyway, I’m a bit disappointed to wait longer for the release but this delay will help me catch up in my in-game training. Hopefully by Thursday we’ll get a release date. Until then, we just have to wait. Getting angry with Nintendo for their so-called “incompetence” will not fix anything.

    • emma

      I’m angry with Nintendo too I hope they do tell us by Thursday I really wanna know the release date and I have Pokemon bank in my watch list in the e shop waiting for it. why did this have too happen to us I mean really I’m so disappointed with everything that happened like the e shop error and now the delay of Pokemon bank’s release I mean really people who have Pokemon bank are just plain dumb Lucky I hope they feel something for us because we are having to wait for it much longer then they had too wait for it omg. . 🙁

  • u_uFishdu_u

    I personally think this is going to be the downfall of Nintendo, if they keep letting these incidents occur. I think they’re gonna keep letting them happen with 20/200 foresight (What’s Legally Blind), and fans will give up and move on to Microsoft and Sony systems.

    • William Jeremiah Bumgarner

      This is only the second thing like this that’s happened to Nintendo as a whole. Microsoft and Sony have had enough problems with their online services that it ceases to be news.

      • Stupidlogic

        Microsoft is great on their support and hardly have problems. Sony however, pretty easily obtained personal information.

  • A guest Nintendo fan

    I too am upset. I mean, when the shop got fixed, they should have released it right away. What’s the point with a delay? Then I realized maybe they were spending so much time trying to fix the eshop, they didn’t have time to fix some bugs or programming In the other versions. Or maybe they still need to translate all the languages. Whatever the reason, we should stop giving Nintendo such a hard time.

  • Jerry Wilson

    Biased yes neglect yes. Nintendo should have seen this coming far in advance. I’m pissed because now all these players are trying to trade the shinys that I have worked very hard to collect for basic new starter pokemon that they have managed to get their hands on. I feel as if Nintendo needs to compensate me and everyone else that got ripped off by a new game download or something to make up for the loss and time for pokebank to be released. Mean while I can’t even go to gts without shaking my head in disgust at pokemon I can even get because I can’t transfer my Lugia over yet. Good going Nintendo for ripping me off and ruining my Christmas and the two months I have been waiting for poke bank to be released

    • Kieran Giles

      >ruined Christmas
      >waiting for 2 months

      I’ve never laughed so hard at a comment. We’re all waiting mate, you’re so dramatic. This is the first time that they’ve tried to give us all 718 pokemon on one game. I’m just happy that they’re working hard to do it!

      I’m sure it won’t take them too long with their infinite money supply.

      • morpheas m

        what are you talking about all the Pokemon games could have all the pokemon this is not the first time. my pokemon black 2 has nearly all of them from fire red, ruby, leaf green, emerald diamond Pokemon stadium. and every other game. thats why i cant wait for the pokemon bank to come out i want my nearly finished dex on my Y

  • swal hal

    They didn’t set a new release date. It would’ve been fine only if they put it on the eshop say like 1-2 days after the 27th. But for as much delay as is right now they should’ve announced immediately that new release was coming on January the 2nd, the 7th or whatever. That’s what’s frustrating…

  • Aiden

    Am I happy for Nintendo to take their time? No, if you’re going to delay a product to TBD do it well before the release date, not after it’s started rolling out. They chose a high traffic time of year to release their product and should have planned far in advance. It’s not like this is unprecedented in other software releases, a company like Nintendo should’ve been prepared. All that said, what’s done is done and my opinion won’t speed anything along. To the angry Americans about getting it late, nice getting the short end of the stick like us Aussies get with your releases all the time. I’m surprised though we had the latest continental release, being the next closest to Japan but those are the digs.

    • Eleo

      As an American gamer, I have no control over when you get “our”
      releases. There’s no reason to spitefully rub this delay
      in anyone’s face due to your past frustrations. Take your complaints to the developers/publishers. I’m just a consumer, and I take offense to you throwing indiscriminate blame at both groups simultaneously just because they might happen to be from the same country.

      • Hamyid Double-g Higgins

        It didn’t seem like he was throwing blame, just telling all the dramatic people mad about the delay to get over it.

    • Stupidaussies

      Why dont you aussies just finally make something worthy of the world seeing it then? Instead of crying online like it will make a difference.

  • kcortes

    Why couldn’t they have just used the same transfering technique for Generation V to Generation VI as they used to transfer Pokemon from Generation IV to Generation V.

    • AnonGirl2

      because its two different systems this generation

      • negro sama

        They did it with gen 3 to gen 4 and they were different systems

        • AnonGirl2

          because the ds lite had a gameboy advance slot

  • Ai

    If there is any place that suffered it would be Europe. America you’re going to get this first when it’s realised. I have not seen people moan half as bad as you people from America has. Grow up -.-

    • EDeathAngel

      so true!!! America a 1ste rate land. but when they dont get something they b**ch about it. tipical

      • u_uFishdu_u

        While I do live in America, I personally think that this is true for most, however stereotypical. I feel that my above comment is fair, however, as I was simply stating my prediction of Nintendo’s fate, not ranting and raving.

      • thisistypical

        learn to spell and maybe people will take your comment seriously…

    • umwtf

      Oh poor you..yet here you are whining just like everyone else…

  • Cebz

    I’m a bit disappointed at their inability to plan accordingly though not surprised. It’s not the first Christmas nintendo has operated with online traffic, they should have planned accordingly for the increase of costumers. On the same note, they should have not announced a software release during the holidays, it goes back to planning accordingly for such dates and the fact that there would be increased traffic.
    Also, I wish they released the new release date so that everyone wouldn’t be left in the dark. And lastly, one of the things that bother me the most is that some other players were able to transfer some of their pokemon, this difference of release dates for different countries is what has me the most disappointed. It was already downloadable content and the game itself was released worldwide, so why couldn’t this software have been released worldwide the same way… shame on nintendo’s elitism and lack of responsible planing.
    I will use the free trial service and transfer my older pokemon, but after this demonstration of incompetence to maintain a promise made months ago (and the fact that this service will rely on their servers), there is no way I will subscribe to their full paid service that I have seen fail before it was even delivered to me.

    • i agree

      yes yes yes couldnt agree more!

  • bert

    I’m dealing with this by being angry and sulking while I continue my business as usual on X, just breeding and leveling up Pokemon for battling. It really is unbelievable how utterly incompetent Nintendo is handling this. It would be one thing if they, for instance, anticipated that the influx of players from Christmas gifts would slow down servers and they planned ahead then by pushing the bank’s release date back a little bit, but this is something else entirely. I’ve been counting the days since I heard about this app, and I went out an bought a new copy of White/W2 so I could get ready to transfer some Pokemon over. But no, now I can’t, because of Nintendo’s incompetence. I’m really, really angry about this. I also heard that their hack checking system was ridiculously lax and that’s another reason they’re keeping the Pokebank at bay for a bit, which is just another blow to honest players who have no ill intent. I think there should be at least some sort of compensation for screwing their customers over.

  • Emanon

    How is it biased?
    As far as I’m aware North American companies are generally biased and the USA tend to get games (and much more) way before most other places.

  • Gringo

    It’s not biased. It’s true. Japan always gets the stuff first and they always seem to get more of it whether it’s event pokemon or Downloads. Just based on the fact that Pokemon Is produced from Japan.

    • Hamyid Double-g Higgins

      Just? lol thats the only reason they need to get most things first and to have some exclusive.

  • Anonymouse

    People don’t realize that Nintendo made a whole new game and transferred all 700 Pokemon into 3D. It isn’t their fault for having issues with servers when trying to get it to the US and UK. The trial also ends more than a month later after the release. No your trial isn’t ticking away when you don’t even have the trial or the program. Don’t complain about Nintendo trying to release it for us at all. They did an amazing job releasing X and Y World-Wide at the same time. Give them a break they are no where near us and they can’t help that all of us are impatient. Guys I hope you understand it isn’t their fault. It is our fault that we caused so high traffic on the E-Shop that it got screwed up.

    • Guest

      The trial restart after the Bank re-release.

    • Dewey

      Technically it’s Japan and Korea’s fault for the crash. At least they should’ve let America and UK get a chance to download on the same day.

      • Sean ‘Geg’ Reddie

        The crash was caused by an excessive amount of 3DS’ connecting to the eShop to sign up for a Nintendo Network account, it had nothing to do with PokeBank… (although it contributed, its not just the ‘Japan and Korea’s fault’)

    • Seth

      718 to be exact. Sorry, just a little thing I should say.

  • George

    This whole thing is pissing me off, firstly i dnt need some cloud storage that holds 3000 pokemon its pointless, secondly we’ve waited too long as it is to be kept in the dark about the whole situation right now, the servers are working again so whats the problem.

    • Igneous

      Other people might need it, such as breeder who tend to breed the perfect Pokemon that require more space. It’s just style of play. It’s not just about you, it’s about the whole community. If they haven’t say anything, there is obviously a problem.

      • George

        I am one of those breeders and i competitive fairly, the method of transfer from the old games would have been just fine, in case you havn’t noticed no-one was asking for or needs this type of service

        • Igneous

          But you can’t speak for the whole community by yourself. If you don’t want to use the bank, just use the transporter alone. With the 30 days trial, you can easily transfer all of your Pokemon. My point was that $5 YEARLY for cloud storage hosting cost is not a rip-off, that’s all.

        • George

          I know I can’t speak for everyone but i think most people would agree and i agree that $5 yearly isn’t much to ask for, im not complaining about that its just that the delay is due to the bank relying on these servers

        • Noel M.

          Then why are you complaining about a service you claimed you don’t even need? 🙂

        • George

          I said I don’t need this TYPE of service i mentioned the old method of transferring would have been just fine but since this is the only way then obv course we all need it.

        • John Doe

          He has a point $5 a year is about 2 cents a day. I find 2 cents a day on the ground while walking to work

        • Oren

          Agree 100% with you. 5$ is dirt cheap I spend more on my breakfast everyday

        • AnonGirl2

          The method last generation COULD NOT WORK because its two different systems

        • Hamyid Double-g Higgins

          lol i swear your like the 20th person to have to state this people really need to do their research before complaining

    • Hamyid Double-g Higgins

      whats wrong with extra space?

  • DiabloStorm

    “Are you happy for Nintendo to take as long as they need?”
    No, because the time limit on that free trial is ticking away as we speak and I don’t feel like paying for this ripoff service.

    • Hey Guy

      They said the trial will restart when the app is released in NA, EU & UK.

      • DiabloStorm

        Okay. Source link?

      • DiabloStorm

        Okay. Source link? Because you’re full of it.

        • Brandon Cassata

          Just because you’re too lazy to look it up yourself doesn’t mean he’s full of it. It’s true, they aren’t going to make us waste away our trial when we haven’t even had a chance to start it.

          Funny thing about how trials work… they start when you start them, not at a specific date. ⌐.⌐

        • DiabloStorm

          Oh look, another person that has something to say unrelated to any source and thus no value at all.

        • Noel M.

          The fact that you edited your original comment from “Okay. Source link?” to “Okay. Source link? Because you’re full of it.” is already proof enough that you’re wanting to get a rise out of a few folks.

          Anywho, here’s your precious source link(s).

          The source links contained there are useful too. Translate the second, of course.

        • DiabloStorm

          Oh no you caught me!
          I like bulbapedia but the sources they link to say nothing about what they wrote. Try again.

        • AnonGirl2

          Well since Pokemon bank hasn’t been released here but only in Japan and Korea the trial would only reset there and our trial would start when it released

        • 3dtom

          Japan and Korea?? that IS biased.I mean i know pokemon came from there but we north americans,americans and others are people too.What the h3ll

        • Noel M.

          You know you have an entire month to deal with this right? If (somehow) we’re unable to have this for an entire month (which I highly doubt), they would run into a wall. Where would the trial come from? The so called ass you claim they’re talking out of. Bulbapedia, among other sources, have been pretty accurate. I wouldn’t see why they’d want to cross someone like yourself. I don’t need to try again because I know I’m right, silly billy.

          Thanks for the edit “DiabloStorm” or whatever you call yourself, but I really pity you and your behavior. I wonder what your parents did wrong.

        • DiabloStorm

          Aww, and here you are, struggling to insult me on a personal level. Next time link actual sources and spare me your excessive babble.

        • Tabitha

          Except this trial is for the first 30 days of release, not YOUR first 30 days. I can only assume they’ll put the start date of the trial back to whenever it’s released, but this trial is a specific date.

        • Brandon Cassata

          Yeah, I did read that up after I posted my original comment. Fortunately though, it doesn’t change the initial point here which is that this guy has nothing to worry about. He is however, merely trying to get a rise out of people which is why I said the last thing I was going to say to him and I’m done.

    • Igneous

      Considering all that intensive cloud server care for hosting it, $5 YEARLY is very cheap. Also, you can do all the transfer with the 30 day free trial. So why are you angry at the cost?

  • Weaver

    I’d rather they took a month or two and got it fixed right(ie with no issues on day of release) and then still allow a 30 day trial period. Issues happen and I’m sorry but Nintendo has always shown bias when it comes to Japan. They get games earlier, some games we’ll never even see over here, and even they get different custom hardware(The custom variants for consoles/handhelds is a good example). Does this bother me as a consumer? No, I expect them to show some bias towards the country where their company is based out of.

  • Not Happy Nintendo

    I’ve been waiting for poketransporter since X and Y first arrived! It escapes me why they didnt just include it in the main release.

    • Nintendo Please Hurry

      Agreed. Why couldn’t they just have the Pokebank and transporter built ingame instead? Smfh

  • somedude

    I cant beleive Nintendo released it in Japan and Korea first. I mean its not fair really that fair to the other fans. And worse enough, the trial period for us will be shortened. So, its not really fair is it?

    • Miguel Landa

      the trial will be restarted when its re-released

      • 3dtom

        I sure hope so. Because if not, i will quit using nintendo and use microsoft which is where my dad used to work anyways

        • Miguel Landa

          but XBOX One is garbage (not because i’m nintendo and Sony fan, its really garbage)

        • Hamyid Double-g Higgins

          i wouldn’t go so far as to call it garbage i mean the restrictions they tried to push on everyone was ridiculous but its still a decent machine but i’d have to agree i think sony a nintendo are better

        • Hamyid Double-g Higgins

          lol so this one issue is enough to just quite on Nintendo….with that short temperament I dont see how you could use any gaming system on account of all at one point have had there issues including microsoft

      • AnonGirl2

        LISTEN, the trial hasn’t even started here.

    • Emanon

      Because North America definitely doesn’t get most things in the world first.

    • AnonGirl2

      Our trial period isn’t shortened because it hasn’t started.

    • Hamyid Double-g Higgins

      why isn’t it fair, Nintendo is a Japanese company so japan getting Nintendo content first just makes sense