COD: Ghosts best gun setup and class

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 29, 2013

Over the holiday period a number of our readers will be playing Call of Duty Ghosts and looking for the best gun setup and class, so today we wanted to highlight some of the best weapon setups others have success with and look at a number of configurations.

This time of year is always one that sees a lot more gamers online battling it out, especially with the Call of Duty franchise, and if you haven’t been playing since launch then you might need a helping hand to get up-to-speed. One way to failure would be with a poor configuration of weapons, accessories and attachments.

COD Ghosts best gun setup

Best COD: Ghosts gun setup and class – there’s a number of great setups that beat most others, although you will want to try a few of these and find what works best with your style of play. You might be the type of player that likes to keep a distance from all the action, so in this case you really need a sniper gun along with a class that supports your aim of taking out others from a distance. We have included two videos below this article looking at the best COD Ghosts sniper class setup.

The third video we embedded below focuses on what the video creator calls the “Best Gun Setup” in Call of Duty: Ghosts. The video has had nearly a million views along with around 21,000 likes, so you can expect this 6 minute video to be helpful for newbies at least.

Finally, we have included a fourth video uploaded to YouTube in the last few days that aims to find another COD: Ghosts best gun setup with an SMG class. This video runs for almost 8 minutes and will be very helpful to both pros and newbies, especially if you are looking at getting stuck into the SMG class for the first time.

If you want to play a little differently after getting bored with most of the best COD Ghosts gun setups, then we recommend doing what some people call the Troll Class. This setup includes a Riot Shield for the primary weapon, the Radar for Primary Attachment 1, a Magnum as the secondary weapon along with the Akimbo attachment. You then use a Throwing Knife for taking people out behind the Riot Shield and perks should include Blast Radius, Tac Resist, SitRep, Marathon and Agility.

What is your best COD: Ghosts gun setup and class? Share a comment below with the combinations you use for the best class in the latest Call of Duty game. You might also want to take a look at one of the best killstreaks seen in the game up to the end of November in a video below this article.

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  • effenmcnutty

    Only perks do that, they all cost 3 times the “squad points” as they do perk points “perk points”. It really only affects you at the very beginning. After your first level 40 or so you just end up with a ton…

  • Tazman

    Hi, Ali-A

    Thanks for the videos, I have just watched the third one and wanted to try your setup, but when I click on the options that say 3 points it tells me they cost 9 points to buy!! Any idea why that might be as that makes it much harder to upgrade at three times the cost?