PS4 created PSN down status over holidays

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 28, 2013

There is no doubt that the influx of new PS4 consoles helped take PSN down over the holidays and the PlayStation Network status changed from Christmas day onwards for a lot of gamers. We reported this fact on December 25th and received well over 800 comments from Product Reviews readers detailing their problems with getting the PS3 or PS4 to connect to PSN. These people found the service down or received connection errors for many hours and even days in some cases.

Some gamers found PSN down for a number of days, while others had little problem connecting their PS4 or PS3 to the network. Other than some PSN maintenance, it seemed like Sony would only let a certain number of people connect to their network and the demand was so great over the holidays that thousands couldn’t connect.

PS4 takes PSN down

There was a number of different error messages displayed on PS4 and PS3, which included the error message shown in the screenshot below. This had an error code “E-820001F7”, although there were many other issues reported to us within our post from 3 days ago.


As we write this article, the news about PSN being down on Christmas day is still receiving comments and now heading towards 900 comments. Within the last hour one Product Reviews reader reports that PSN is down in South Africa, and over the last 24 hours we’ve heard about problems with PSN being down in eastern Canada, Central Coast California, Tennessee, Orange County and more.

Have you had problems connecting with your PS4 or PS3 today? If so, did you have issues with PSN being down over Christmas day as well?

After looking at all the comments, it is clear that the problems were related to demand being much higher than Sony could handle or prepared for this year. The influx of new PS4’s certainly helped turn the PSN status to down for a lot of people around the world.

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  • AfrikanKing

    My PS3 connects to PSN but not my PS4 what’s going on

  • TexasTed

    Bought PS3 on Dec. 22nd and still have not been able to connect. THREE hours on phone with Sony tech support. Still NO JOY!!!

  • Steven

    On PS3, still can’t get into store.

  • Neox9685

    my ps4 is/was working fine when it came to logging in, though I logged out by mistake and now when I try to reset my password it says that they can’t connect to the servers. so I guess I’m just stuck until they can get it up again or something.

  • Wickedproxy

    Haven’t had any trouble in Harrisburg IL. Both my PS3 and PS4 are logging in fine. My PS Vita is also logging in with no problems.

  • Ta’i Ngatokorua

    NZ is fine, no problems here 🙂

  • #notasonyfannow

    Im from portsmouth south england bought it for my son for christmas has not managed to get online once loads of different error codes come up its frustrating

  • Jpw

    Sony couldn’t prepare for this? I see a lot of fanboy in that comment. Give me a break!

  • Aaron

    Yeah I recieved a ps4 for Christmas and I’ve been able to connect and play for like a couple hours, is psn still down? I still can’t connect, is it just me or haven’t they fixed it yet?

    • James

      Yes my ps4 still wont connect and its a waste of money if i cant play online