GTA V DNS, online cheats and money glitch

- Dec 28, 2013

It was clear that Grand Theft Auto 5 would change a lot for thousands of gamers and the online community would certainly take advantage of any glitches they could find, but we are not sure if fans expected the kind of cheats and hacking taking place right now. GTA V online has been plagued by cheats in a number of ways and these range from loopholes through DNS to money glitches that allow gamers to stash bags of virtual cash.

You can learn more about GTA V private and public DNS servers that gamers are using on both PS3 and Xbox 360 in this article. Product Readers readers should be aware that any action you take with a GTA V online DNS hack is your own responsibility, so count that as a warning.

There’s a number of cheats within the game already that are harmless and deliver weapons and vehicles very quickly, although you cannot save these GTA V cheats like you could on PS3 and Xbox 360 for the previous game. You can see a list of cheats via this article and learn how to get weapons fast here as well.

GTA V online money glitch and exploits spread – just before Christmas we touched on the GTA V money glitch returning after patch 1.08 with a new method and detailed an explanation by Rockstar in regard to banning users for using online money cheats.

Since then Rockstar has issued further comments about those that use a glitch to gain free money in GTA V online and this comes after lots of complaints. The majority of players are not happy with all the hacking and cheats in GTA V online, and Rockstar has now made it clear they will fix the “exploits” along with delivering bans for those cheating.


If you have been manipulating GTA V online, then Rockstar state you will be “punished” with “appropriate measures”. Rockstar continue to explain that if you received a lot of free GTA V online money thanks to a gift but not by manipulating the game directly yourself, then you have “nothing to fear”.

This is good news for those that have been given money by others and Rockstar even offer you the chance to have the money taken away by contacting them, although the large sums of gifted money will be taken away once Rockstar launch the upcoming GTA V online fix for money manipulation.

Everyone’s balances should be properly adjusted once GTA V online gets the pending update, but if you see any problems then share a comment below?

It will be interesting to see what happens when adjustments are made and we say this thanks to a few people having millions after being gifted large sums of cash. “I was playing GTA V online and kept getting money given to me, so now I have millions but I didn’t cheat myself it was given to me”, said one Product Reviews reader.

What do you make of all the GTA V online hacking and cheats? Did you use a money glitch or were you gifted cash, and do you feel the hacking is ruining the online economy?

The complaints can be found everywhere and users are being given massive sums in the 7 figures, but Rockstar is aware of the problem and you can expect bans along with a fix in a matter of days.

Bottom-line: If you have not been cheating then Rockstar make it clear you have nothing to worry about, but time will tell if any of these people get caught up in the ban process.

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  • roscco

    Leave the money regardles after the hackers are all gone there wont be anybody to give out money , and by the rate all the excitement about the money its getting spent like if it was never there eliminate the hackers leave the money its a win win situation for gamers and you problem solved

  • Concerned player

    Sure it is ruining the online economy i was gifted a billion dollars and sure spent alittle of my own but rockstar you gotta relize we can choose to accept it or decline it you guys just put it on there so now more and more people are getting worried about getting banned because they could not choose to decline the money
    Your move rockstar

  • another concerned player

    just look at their level…anything over than what could be acquired with someone with no life except to exceed in the gta v online realm should be demoted back to the beginning and flagged with a warning describing how one would be banned if to continue with hacking/cheating …now with the money..I have been gifted several times and would hate to see the money go for it would take away most of the fun considering you spend time you don’t have in the real world just to have something on the online realm

  • John Glez

    Something Id vote for would be making a wipe on gta, a whole restart on the online game instead of banning half the users, I am keeping in mind there could be the same old issues such as low paying missions and disatisfaction on the loss of the progress done.

    But theres more gain than loss, since making a restart would make the server fair and competitive, creating a dynamic community. Thank you, respectful comments and points of view are appreciated.

  • in-game money

    RockStar Continues to comment on the fact that the money hacks have affected the in game economy. whilst they have in-game ways to make possibly “BILLIONS” one of these ways would be the in-game stock market, but wait once again Rockstar has screwed the player by not having that service available upon the games release, another way to make “BANK” would be RockStar Releasing Heists which were supposed to be in the game upon its release. the point is that RockStar is screwing its games players and has brought all of this upon them selves. they have implemented ways to create a steady flow of in-game cash, yet all such ways are unaccessable

  • Kassem

    Can someone give me money on ps3 I need 1b because I don’t want to do a glitch. My ps3 name is maarbani_champ

  • Gary Kelly

    here is the thing it took so long for rock star to get this online stable it serves them right i had gta 5 for 2 monthes before i was able to get online and at least play

  • Rivrawr

    Thing is… They can’t wave ban half their users off xboxlive cause that in return will come back to negative feedback to XBL. Everygame I log into everyone is level 100-900.

  • JoelzSantana17

    I dont have the brains to even glitch or hack gta 5 i dont even think about it it doesn’t make the game fair and fun for others but my issue is that after this new update if my money gets touched im gona be pretty piss considering that I have never done anything wrong.

  • foreal

    it all started when I met this dude on a normal sessions on GTA 5 online. his name was ShOckAim.he told me that he could give us billions and billions and billions of dollars because he has his own website and whatnot about dns codes and stuff like that so stupidly I said yes. Then I join the session and he gave me like 15 billion dollars in a like holy crap so I asked for more and got to the point where I got around 21 billion dollars. then I use this genus could I found on youtube to get billion dollar haircut see all my money down because it was so annoying cuz I didn’t have all this money couldn’t spend it all and i think i got down to 964 million dollarsand I got the level 246 andmy second characters level 146 but then I deleted them both becauseI didn’t want to get banned from GTA 5 cause that’s like my favorite game and that’s like the only game I play besides call of duty ghost but then I join the new session with a new character and I got 1,000,000,000 more dollars and now I have like 1,594,088,664. something like that so ya can you please take all my money away except for like $500, 000 I have restarted both my characters and stuff so ya and my account name is XTR3M3 PR3DAT3R

  • Ahmed Hassan Malik

    Can someone please give me little bit of money may be two or three million I dont have money at all as I dont like doing glitches gamer tag is ahmedmalik23. Please help little money I don’t want to do glitches… thanks

  • bolo

    I have no complains with money on GTA v….I was gifted and I’m thankful it made the game a whole lot of fun for me……ban the cheaters for cheating to make fair for everyone but please don’t take the money because then the game sucks because its almost impossible to own cars planes and tanks…I feel if u don’t want the money then email rock star to take away. Everyone else go on shopping spree.

    • Trickster

      Why would it be fair to ban the cheaters, all some of them doing is just trying to make the more interesting and not use the cheats to get people pissed off in the game. Do you think it’s fair for somebody to get console banned for 10 months just because they cheated to make te game more interesting.

  • adamHolland

    Primary DNS: – Up and Running im on it now.

    Secondary DNS :

    Godmode, RP, Money

    WARNING: This server makes you a level 200 or atleast it appears I used
    it and got to level 200 got more rp connected to my DNS and then I was
    really a level 330. SO BE WARNED!

    Source: YouTube

    Go to network settings, manually enter the DNS server value given above.

    • youngYoLo987

      thnx I am using it

    • Kassem

      What is the website

      • adamHolland

        Stop now. They banned my cheat account. I had to revert to my normal account.

  • i play gta

    I dont mind getting a couple billion dollars every now and then, and now that some bountys are over a million dollars, the game is a lot more interesting. In gta 4, everybody would be on killing sprees and did nothing else, but in gta 5, all you do is buy things and customize cars. No one fights for stuff anymore. Even though it might be unfair, it makes the game a lot more fun and enjoyable.

  • gta master

    I am so sick of money I have been give 71b and there is no way to get rid of it

    • Abdel Rahman

      ok i know how to get this amount of money for xbox 360

    • Mackenzie

      Go to rockstar support submit a request and they can remove your money it make take more than a day but they can remove your money 🙂

  • potheadgamer

    Let us keep the money, think of it as a christmas gift, they money given to me has drastically enhanced the gaming experience to the point where game isnt SOOOO real, it gives it that fantasy overtone that makes you think “hey, im effin rich” i gaurentee that if my money is gone i will definitely lose interest in Gta V, so will millions of others for the game is only fun when its not so real

  • Here For Fun

    I got gifted money & as far as I’m concerned, GTA online is now 100x more fun than it ever was before. Prior to this exploit, it used to take me several days just to get 1 vehicle half done up, plus there was no chance of getting planes without purchasing money. GTA online should just be unlimited money for everyone, it’s a crap tone more fun!!!!! If Rockstar gave everyone a stack of money, there would be no need to cheat.

  • Josh

    At the risk of sounding like an entitled jerk…

    -Had several years to develop, and two weeks extended and was released to bugs as we know. Most of the advertised content was missing (heists) and heists still are.
    -Mission payout and leveling is terrible and continues to be nerfed along with other features like bounties. Sorry, not everyone has time to grind just for money. Many of us are casual gamers, I was playing gta iv with my friends up until summer and was entertained. Gta is a game where there’s so much to do, I want to explore without having to spend 100hours just to get a helicopter unlocked
    -Besides the payout issues, they seem to have not and still not double check their coding. Look at the RP glitches in Capture! Sorry, with a game like this, and the lack of money and leveling that comes with playing fair, you honestly expect people to not exploit glitches? Get real. It’s GRAND THEFT AUTO too…not a big glitches in shooters or any other game, but I certainly glitched and made sure I got money from a modded lobby, not going to lie.

    Anyways, besides my rant, I’ll probably be banned although I wasn’t modding myself. If they somehow take away modded money then whatever, looks like I’m moving on to BF4 anyways.

    Looking forward to the heists coming out in another half year.


    maybe this wouldn’t be like this if they added something that would be fun and made us players a-lot of money. hmm… What could they add, maybe HEISTS!!!!!!!!! You brought this upon YOURSELVES RockStar!!!!

  • jimmy

    I’ll admit YES I did use the server hack but only to get me & my friend’s some $$$ Now they Rstar has reset my xp to -2 billion cause my xp went way up in the hack lobby which I did not want 2 happen. I only wanted cash now I’m screwed!!

  • The money giver

    Ps3 only

  • The money giver

    Add my Gamer tag GTAHAX35 or 34 I jump in peoples lobby and give them loads of cash maybe you will get lucky and meet up wit me and receive loads of cash 91-100 million or even more

    • Mr. Zyme

      Mine gives out 1.2 billion each person

      • Kassem

        What is ure ps3 name?

  • expose

    Its the new age of gaming and you have to pay to play truly sad and greedy. May they rot in hell

  • Angry Old Man

    You guys make it so hard for lower levels to earn money and level please fix this one of the many reasons people are using hacks and stuff you guys should understand you guys cause all this and we are to blame

  • Shadowclaw Torres

    I was playing a few days ago in online. All I ever did was rob stores, kill people with bounties, and attack armored trucks. Until one day some guy game me 3 billion and I tried wasting the money but I can’t finish it. Will everything I bought be removed? Hope not.

    • i play gta

      i dont think ur stuff you bought will be taken but the rest of ur money will

    • Gta 5 facts

      Go to rockstar support and submit a request and they can remove your money also if u read the rockstar forums they said u won’t get banned and are trying to patch this

  • Partydog24

    i was given money and the rest was earned by killing people with bounty’s of alot of money so will i lose all that money and my cars, if so thats messed up because i killed those people fair and with teamwork of my friends online so dont punish the people who have killed the people for money ban the glitchers and hackers who randomly gave us the money and had the bountys

    • Dr.Gonzo

      let me know if you find out.

  • Guest

    if we were given money and used it will we lose our cars and homes? or will we keep it?

  • Dr.Gonzo

    so if we are given money we are safe? what if we spent cash? ban hammre coming out?

  • Scott

    It’s possible Rockstar knew this was going to happen which is why EVERYTHING is so expensive and now they are getting free publicity. Why would they care if people stop playing? They’ve already made money ten fold off the game.

  • Joshua Geick

    I got banned I was given huge amounts of money I had gotten billions and they banned my account so im screwed I had worked hard to get where I had without the money I had 80 billion I did not want it and need it

  • Azronskii

    i have being playing gta5 for about 2 months now it was a really good until all these hackers came about now i have about £998,346,897 and i dont know how to get rid of it all, i wanted to earn my money on the game not get it given to me, now the game is really boring i can have anything i want and all my friends also can because the money is getting passed about everywhere so basically i have paid £50.00 for a game that is not played properly you cant even kill these hackers rockstar need to sort it out everyone is just getting ripped off.

    • David

      If you have Xbox add me at CRAZYpecan , I’ll take the money

  • Vtech@1006

    I think the Rockstar will do wrong by banning people now. I believe that by doing that they will lost a lot of gamers around the world. It seems that everyone joined the moments when they were getting money but it’s true, it got out of control with all those DNS Servers. People now are getting nervous as some of they have a lot of money and they don’t know how to share with others or to get rid of. Rockstar should focus in working in all those glitches and DNS servers to make sure that they get fix and people can stop making glitches and cheat codes instead of banding gamers. Rockstar needs to focus too in fixing the problem they already have in the regular mode game as Sharing cash with friends and other people. I believe that one of the main cause of all these cheats scenarios were because people were not able to share money with others.
    If I was one of the Rockstar representative I will make the game even with the gamers. I will upgrade to higher money cost on buying houses and accessories as cars, helicopters, boats, clothes, haircuts, ammunition and everything that gamers need to buy so gamers can use all the money they have. Also they should start updating new missions, new apartments,mansions and other things that they new to update as people are starting to get boring with the same missions by playing them all over and over again. They should start bringing new things up faster so people can enjoy and make the game interesting for gamers and that way we all stay playing and have fun. But please make sure that in all new upgrades all glitches and cheat codes get cover so the game stays even for all of the GTA 5 gamers.

  • khodgson

    I was just causaley playing then two people just randomly gave me loads of cash, so now I am in 8 digit money!

  • fenek

    I didn’t use any cheats online, I was just playing free mode, went to an atm for a deposit and I noticed all the money I had.
    But I think the other players were using cheats cause everybody was crazy and invincible, just not like a regular gta online game

  • Ben C

    Wait is it only the money cheat that you get punished for I haven’t used the money glitch because I wanted to complete the game by myself but the cheat that I ONLY have used is the car cheats so will I get punished for that?

    • GiRVAN

      You will not get punished for using cheats in single player

  • fenek

    Just received 1,000,000,000 last night, the same today!

  • nowi

    can anyone get online allready???

    • Ferrarello

      Is it freezing and locking up your system ?

      • fenek

        yep same issue, i had to reboot my system 5 times, its good now

        • Anon.

          It works now?

  • Jay Love

    But… I want to keep my money! It’s not that big of a deal people. It’s free money, why are some crying about it? Now people in God mode, dominating the game is another thing. That I don’t like. But free money? I’ll take it and I’ll be VERY upset when it’s all taken away. All the money I had previous to the gifts BETTER still be there or I will stop playing along with a lot of other people.

  • richy_rich2476

    Gta online isn’t working right now? Are they patching glitches/hacks?

    • Jay Love

      I can’t get on so that’s probably the reason.

      • richy_rich2476

        Man I thought I was the only one! Haha

        • nowi

          Damn, same here!!!
          I hope it get fixed soon :-/

        • Randomo

          I’m still playing????

    • Ferrarello

      It’s been locking up the minute I try to get online….

  • D

    Please tell me they realize that if they ban ppl who used exploits that barely anyone would be allowed online. I’ve been playing since the game came out and all I’ve seen for about 3 months is players talking about money they got from exploitsor money they r giving away. I’ve met very few ppl who haven’t taken advantage of the game. And most who have either got screwed out of their characters and cars over and over and over or have done snd unlocked everything they needed to and just felt like having the money of a powerful player

  • xXsbspXx

    I wish everything was free like in GTA 4 online, i like that they put money in play, but they were basically looking to get shot in my opinion, they should at least make things cheaper or make money easier to get so they hackers wont NEED to hack

    • Ferrarello

      The missions don’t pay sh-t and a good haircut costs $1000…..THATS why people cheat.

      • gobleyjublr

        They made it so expensive so that you would have to buy the money cards so they could make more money off of you

  • surferjames

    It would be silly if rockstar ban players that got the money without knowing, I for one received over 3 billion in bounty’s that didn’t know were that much, if they ban the users such as this…they are potentially opening up to being sued by alot of people..rockstar need to act very carefully on this as can cost them even more money because many people can argue that they allowed these glitches to happen too many times and therefore are too blame themselves. I for one believe they slipped up and the damage to rockstar will continue.

    • justin chapman

      Good point,if the glitches were not there then people could not glitch away,but it has just got stupid now

    • justin chapman

      In GTA 3-4 there were money cheats up down left right etc cheats where you did not really need money that much in them games.This GTA 5 you need millions to mod cars buy cars clothes aircraft weapons etc and there are no cheats for GTA 5 for money apart from money glitches from YouTube that I never tried to do so can’t blame people for wanting lots of cash as you need lots of cash for the game

  • adamHolland

    You people act as if people who play a game about killing, stealing, and being a jackhole would not exploit crappy code. GTFO… Get on a DNS server and have some fun clowns.

    • Bane Hardy

      Are you a hacker? could you add me on PS3?

    • kaybaybae

      Who would want to put real life time to earn every single gta dollar… my ps3 is for fun and let me tell you, being a billionaire and killing all these annoying ass people online is the most fun I’ve had since zombies (for me).

      So for all the people crying because we’re hacking, keep crying while you spend 30 minutes per mission for $750 and 150 rp because I can assure you, everything single person who has taken advantage of these hacks is ultimately having an overall better experience with this whole GTA 5 era. We’re having way more fun and that’s what these stupid games are for. So, good for all you ‘clean’ players… keep spending your free time doing the underpaying, time consuming jobs Rockstart created for you.

      Its clear Rockstar can’t stop the hackers. Yes, maybe the ones that don’t know what they’re doing but if they do know what they’re doing then EVEN IF they got banned, they could be up and running and playing in no time after that with a new everything.

  • justin chapman

    I also feel because of all this money crap,the public have gone crazy on a bounty on your head everyone chasing you to kill you.I feel this has destroyed the game as cannot go anywhere without some idiot chasing you to kill you 🙁

    • Jay Love

      I do that without someone having a bounty. That’s why I play. Run around on passive mode if it bothers you so much!

      • Ferrarello

        Passive mode is a joke….it only works not being shot while on foot and then players just run you over in a car.

  • justin chapman

    I had over 400.000 before this mess.I had 66.000.000 appear first did not know was given it,then 166.000.000,now 100.000.000 and saw someone gave it me.I did not cheat just spent some money someone gave me.I am now worried will loose everything I have and get banned 🙁

    • adamHolland

      You won’t get banned. I routinely give millions to all on servers. Someday I will do this with real currency.

      • Jimmy1shoe

        lol, now wouldn’t that be something. Destroy those rich greedy a**bites.

      • V

        So your the one who has gave give me 82 million gta$

      • Eddie Mendez

        Hey how can i get lot of cash the onky way h have 2get it its sellhn cars and thats gettin boring tho h really apreciate ht

        • adamHolland

          Primary DNS: – Up and Running

          Secondary DNS :

          Godmode, RP, Money

          WARNING: This server makes you a level 200 or at least it appears I used
          it and got to level 200 got more rp connected to my DNS and then I was
          really a level 330. SO BE WARNED!

          Source: YouTube

      • Bane Hardy

        Add me on PS3?

      • alexg

        add me on ps3 bud AlexGlen94

      • kaybaybae

        Real currency?

  • Adrian James Purtle

    so all the money i was gifted or randomly given is all going to disappear but how will they know what you got legitimately

    • kaybaybae

      They don’t. That’s why these so called consequences are not going to be as severe (if any) as being talked about. They’re not going to take your money. Because if they take yours, they’d have to take EVERYONE’S money. If they do that, then Rockstar would have one angry gta gamer community with multiple people starting to quit playing. Which…they don’t want.
      Honestly, I agree with some of the people saying they meant to set up the game like this for hackers to take advantage just for theattention and hype.
      I mean don’t you think Rockstar is advanced enough to prepare for this…..