Pokemon X and Y Bank US, UK release time delay

By Alan Ng - Dec 27, 2013

We have an important heads-up for all Pokemon X and Y players now. The highly anticipated Pokemon X and Y Bank and transporter release date has been delayed, meaning that we now won’t see both services available to players on December 27 as originally intended.

Both the Poke Bank and Poke Transporter are already available for Japanese and Korean gamers. However, Nintendo has now confirmed that the Poke Bank release date for US and UK Pokemon X and Y has been delayed.

This has been confirmed with a statement on Nintendo’s website, which we’ve included for you below:

It reads: “Nintendo and The Pokémon Company International have postponed the launch of Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter – two software applications that were originally scheduled to launch for Nintendo 3DS on Dec. 27 – due to a large volume of traffic to the Nintendo Network service.”

As you can see, the reason is solely due to the Nintendo Network, which we’re guessing that Nintendo are worried will become unstable with everyone using Poke Bank at the same time on December 27.

Perhaps the most disappointing thing about this, is that there is no new release date scheduled for the Poke Bank after this delay. Nintendo are yet to comment on this publicly other than their statement above, so hopefully we’ll be able to bring you a revised date soon.

Are you looking for the Poke Bank release in US and UK today? If so, give us your thoughts on the delay.

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  • Paolo forteza

    Iam paolo forteza Iam Pokemon x and y player Iam really disappointed and rideculouse and Iam waiting for the release date this month January or February 2014
    For Pokemon bank and pokemon transporter I need to download that on my nintendo 3ds xl so badly pls I need that I hope you understand I explain and pls lunch it to United States North America pls deliver to gamestop because to buy nintendo eshop card to activate code to download my nintendo 3ds xl pls Iam begging

  • Ash Katchem

    What’s a pokebank?

    • Gary Oak

      It’s a delayed service that can store pokemon from past gens to pokemon x or y. If you actually kept up with me, you might have known that!

      • Ash Katchem

        I hate you gary!

        • Gary oak

          lolololol smell ya later, ash!

        • Classic player

          Gary, you have promised all of us that you would smell us later. Get to it, we have been waiting for more than ten years.

  • Really upset person

    As soon as I beat pokemon X the first thing I wanted to do was migrate my pokemon like you could in gen 5. But NOPE, Nintendo had to add the pokemon bank and make it a profit. Why couldn’t we just migrate pokemon like we did in previous generations? Either pokemon Z or any future pokemon game for the 3ds better have the migrating thing back!

    • Espurr

      Because they can’t transfer DSI games to 3DS directly, and they’re from seperate generations. It only worked for HGSS and DP because there was a slot for the GBA. Most likely there will be no migrating, so you’ll have to just deal with it as of now.

  • BlazeMasterMVP

    And there’s no need to be racist Nintendo was just not prepared for the overload if we see this in the future then it’s real sad How they are letting the consumers down

    • Upset dude

      Yeah but they forgot about migrating pokemon.

  • BlazeMasterMVP

    & that’s all the way to 100 & doing this for a long time so you can try this method as well I keep it @ 110%

  • BlazeMasterMVP

    But I understand my people pokegening has it’s bugs if not used properly but it’s no different from reg breeding yes it’s a longer process but I done test with raising stats on them and my study showed that those stats ended up the same with one use of rare candies gym battles & then one going back and forth to the elite four then facing the so called champion but going to the Pokemon center that’s 14 hours away not really worth the gas or your time & then @ that they give you two natures only and they iv s sucks badly I look at it as freedom of choice & strategizing to be the best

    • That guy

      Every game has at least one bug! In pokestar studios there was a tree next to the movie theater you could use surf on. Or in castellia city (however you spell it) in BW there was a gray floating dot in the buildings at the bottom right corner of the map.

  • BlazeMasterMVP


    I’m in ny and I never got pokebank @ all & I been waiting ever sense the release it’s a ball buster yes but ask yourself this do we want the bad eggs appearing and erasing all your Pokemon and corrupt the save file?

    Then patience is upon you but hopefully they fix this and get things to a normal process

    • Gary Oak and Blue/Green Oak


  • Tyler Retamino

    This is why I stick to Xbox and PlayStation…..as much as I love Nintendo :-

    • MAH BOI

      It’s a shame we couldn’t just migrate pokemon like we did in gen 5 and 4

  • Tk

    Everyone who is whining and blasting the japanese is being highly unfair to them. They did get the bank first but the servers began going haywire rather quickly so the few worldwide who got the chance to download the bank and transporter got their pokemon on X/Y however those pokemon do not have the Kalos marker so they cant be played competitively. The only way they can be competitive is if you breed them so they become hatched with a Kalos marker. Also the bank and transporter were removed from the eshop completely worldwide. So only the select few who got through and downloaded and transferred before the app was shut down and taken offline has their pokemon on X/Y. Yes it is highly unfair Nintendo did not foresee this and try to create some sort of roadblock to prevent server overload but what’s done is done. My guess is we will be seeing it back on the eshop once the holidays are over and the traffic has gone down to normal levels.

  • Jerry Wilson

    Well I have been blasting Nintendo America since this has happened. Unfair and biased to the core I think. If Nintendo did not realize that this game would generate that much traffic is ridiculous, I don’t buy it for a second

  • Michael Ngo

    It’s extremely unfair how Japanese players are wrecking us with their legendaries. At least let the rest of the world use it for ONE day before taking it down!

    • Jerry Wilson

      It’s extremely unfair and unbalanced. Exactly what Nintendo wants. Hey Americans only have spent millions and probably billions of dollars on their products for years to be constantly slapped in the face by unfair and biased Nintendo. I’m pretty upset to say the least

  • Mallory LeBlanc


    • Green Oak


  • Lexi

    The reason why is because all the kids who got WiiUs and DS’s bunked up the server trying to update. Dang kids and their WiiU’s and the 3DS’s.

  • Lexi

    Now I wanna kill myself

  • Rhys

    My reaction to this news was basically “………awwwww”

  • swal hal

    We’re not gonna see it before 2014 kicks in for sure…
    These moves are really counterproductive for an international company as they’re scathing their own image.
    But as soon as we get our hands on pokebank we’ll all forget.

  • Link6194

    I need my older pokémon!

    • Lucas and Plato

      We wanna pet our Dialga and Giratina in the pokemon amie so badly!

      • Dawn

        And I wanna pet my Palkia!

        • ShinyGiratinaGal

          I wanna feed my giratina!! it must be STARVING in my okemon white 2!

  • NintendoISracist

    They are probably patching it so everyone who isnt japanese cant put hacked pokes on the bank. meanwhile, wonder-gigas and solar power blastoises are in ranked battles thanks to the japs who got the bank early.


      thanks to the “japs”? OH WOW. I didn’t know that Nintendo was an AMERICAN OR EUROPEAN company HUH? Chill out man. The “japs” are the creators of the product and they can do whatever the eff they want with their products. Why nobody gave a damn when some western countries got the game prior to 12th of october???can u tell me why and stop being so hypocrite?? And btw, this piece of news is WRONG! the pokebank service has been removed out of the “jap” e-shop and the “japs” and “gooks” CANNOT use it either. So please kindly STFU.

      • PandaTactical

        Stop trollin….Olakase….

        • Eva Amore

          This person isn’t trolling. XD

        • gengar

          deffenately trolling taking something that wasnt ment to be racist too far “gooks” was unnecessary, either way, Nintendo,Sony and MOST Japanese companies ARE racist, but so are most American companies. this probably has to do with some butt-hurt 12 yr. old telling on someone who had a hacked pokemon and they “underestimated” the hacking ability of the average 20 year old who does nothing but play to win and when a 12 yr old beats him he hacks to get “beter”

      • Rae

        He’s correct, I have a japanese 3ds and I can’t download it from there either.


      and WOW at your name TOO. Who is racist calling the Japanese “JAPS” fuckin americans.

      • Eva Amore

        Nintendo racist? Hahahaha no hon you’re racist. Don’t call Japanese people “Japs”. It’s offensive.

        • Jerry Wilson

          You’re an idiot. Plain and simple

        • UhmNo

          you’re both idiots. End of discussion.

      • Jerry Wilson

        It is racist. Nintendo knew what they we’re doing by not letting us have poke bank. Now every time I go to gts it’s filled with shiny pokemon and legends that we can’t even access. I think it’s pretty easy to say yes Nintendo is racist against its american customers

      • busybgamer

        And your lecturing racism when you say “fuckin americans”. You know we need more “fuckin americans” in this world.

  • Tyler Retamino

    Funny how the Koreans and Japanese get it though -_-


      Funny how u are a tard. FUNNY how some western countries got a JAPANESE game even before the japanese and the rest of the world. Stop being so hypocrite u fucktard. U r not the centre of the universe.

      • Tyler Retamino

        In fact, I don’t think there’s any racism involved, it’s just irritating that they got e chance to use before anyone else when it was stated to be a worldwide release, yes its been taken off the e-shop but still, don’t say one thing then do another -_-
        Fucktard 😉

  • sadperson

    i cant take this i’m about to break my 3DS and trow eggs at nintendo i was looking for this since along time oh god jesus nintendo stop it ok i am not going to buy anymore for nintendo everyone is sad now nintendo YOU SUCK FOR DOING THAT TO ME


      and the oscar goes to…. SADPERSON!!!!!!! Wow. very dramatic. such tragedy.

      • Doge

        Much sad. Very tragic. Wow. Sad over 9000.

  • juanton

    Same here nicodemos nintendo e,shop is working for me to

  • Nicodemos Lucio Longo

    While the Eshop is back up now, hopefully they’ll release the pokebank/transfer tool feature later today sometime – most likely tonight. If not, hopefully tomorrow.

    Nintendo should have anticipated this, and even though Japan doesn’t exactly celebrate Christmas, it’s still a huge commercial holiday and that meant a lot of kids/others got a 3DS + either pokemon x/y as a gift. This was gonna happen eventually if they chose to release it worldwide anyway, so hopefully Nintendo / Gamefreak can finally bring it back on the eshop for not only Japan, but for us in North America & Europe.. and of course you aussies too.

  • George

    I’m not even surprised, the worst thing is they don’t even have new date, we should at least be given that if they are going to delay. They better use this time to patch up the software as it seems it also allows all kinds of illegal cheats through, something they also promised the bank would stop

    • Guest

      A date would be nice- especially since the eShop seems to be back online for most of us- However as for the checks on illegal pokemon. Sadly whether they put checks in the pokebank or not/make them stronger, there is always the hackers into the game to get pokemon distributed just like for the other past generations with GTS glitches and all. It wont make much of a difference, it’ll just decrease for the time being while the hackers continue to come up with concrete ways to do what they did in past gens (unless they have already, it’s just not readily available for the mobs of people wanting to cheat)
      They can only do so much. I see a hacked pokemon in the GTS, I dont trade for it, As for online battles- still could care less for them seeing as I hardly manage to win any while fighting legitimate pokemon because of stupid errors I make. If it’s about winning battles- Show them a lesson by beating their “fake” team c: makes it even better. Now while the pokebank is still delayed, might as well mess around with the Dream Radar for abit…maybe go out and get SS/HG with holiday money to give me something to do. Lucky people who managed to download the Pokebank- apparently you still got access to it from what I heard, congrats while the rest of us suffer.

  • Imada

    What kind of Christmas is this Nintendo?

    • Captain Obvious

      A horrible one.

  • OzKat

    This was something, 100’s of thousands of us players have been waiting for. I was prepping for the VGC and have my teams ready. BUT, this was my biggest push ever for these new games. Thanks nintendo, Christmas is ruined…

    • Darth Vader

      What happened?

      • Emperor Palpitine

        In the fan’s reactions and your reaction, you destroyed it.

        • Darth Vader


        • Emperor Palpitine


  • Jacobbdoc

    They should’ve anticipated that this would happen, not take it out on us! I’ve been waiting ever since they confirmed the first release date and I better get it today as they promised! Pokemon should be FUN not OH NOW I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL NINTENDO GETS IT’S FRIGGEN STUFF TOGETHER FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME!

    • Gary Oak


      • nooby gary oak

        Soz… wrong comment

  • Truthspeaker

    why dont they have better network , they have all the money , thats why Japan shouldnt have the Nintendo network , American should as well makes life fair


      very funny.

    • Rae

      Because it’s all about America! Hello Europe didn’t get it either so quit complaining like America is the only country in the world! Chill out!

    • Gary Oak (like a boss)


  • Sparx632

    This is stupid, this is like nintendos 3rd or 4th delay this year. We probably won’t see this application for a long long time. Flipnote studio 3D was delayed for the same reason and not given a new release date. Nintendo seem to have completely forgotten about that application so I wouldn’t be surprised if the same thing happened here.


      i don’t think u can compare flipnote with a franchise that makes lots of money out of Japan.

      • Brandon

        We are STILL waiting for Hoenn remakes! They have delayed it for YEARS!

  • Juan Solo

    Got my 3DS for christmas so I can finally play these games, and I like to get all of the event Pokémon so I’m trying to get my Celebi before the free trial date for the Pokebank expires

    • Parker

      You get a free 30 day trial. The trial will start when you sign up for the service.

      • Miles Edgeworth

        HOLD IT! The problem is we can’t get connected to pokebank! Because of this, we can’t get the event Celebi! Knowing Nintendo, the thing won’t even be uploaded this year. It’s probably gonna be uploaded about a year they have announced it like the did in the past! Japan got BW2 and before at least one year before we did! THERE’S NO WAY WE CAN GET THE EVENT CELEBI!


      actually those who have been activating their 3ds/WiiU for Christmas, going through the e-shop are the one’s who should be “blamed” for the server’s overload.