Myer down during Boxing Day sale

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 26, 2013

The Myer website is down today and the outage has happened on one of their most popular shopping days, the Boxing Day sale or also known as the day after Christmas sale, although there is no timeframe for when the website will return.

You can see an image below that’s a screenshot we just took revealing the Myer website is down, although Product Reviews readers inform us that the downtime has reached a number of hours now.

Myer named their Boxing Day sale Australia’s “Biggest Stocktake”. This message worked and thousands of online shoppers took to the Australian retailer to bag a bargain, but instead met the message shown below.


The Myer website should come back up today at some point, but we do wonder how much revenue will be lost during the day after Christmas sale considering the number of hours it’s been down so far.

At the time of writing the website still displays the “we are experiencing technical difficulties” message. This is joint with another message explaining the team is working hard to get the website back up.

Did you head to Myer during the Boxing Day sale to find it down? What were you looking to purchase during the sales today?

We will update our readers when the website is back online, but feel free to leave a comment below if you find Myer back up.

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