Call of Duty Ghosts update to kill cheats, fix spawn issues

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 23, 2013

The new Call of Duty Ghosts game launched with a fresh story and noticeable improvements for those on Xbox One, or PS4, but the franchise has repeated many of the previous problems seen on past games. This includes Call of Duty Ghosts suffering from spawn issues, hacking, balancing problems with weapons, and cheats on Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and Xbox One.

Infinity Ward aims to fix many of the cheats and glitches currently being experienced in COD Ghosts, which they hinted at in a few forums and blog posts. In the next patch and over the coming months you can expect updates to fix troubles gamers are reporting like spawn kill issues, along with prevention measures to stop hacking and cheats.


The Call of Duty Ghosts spawn issues will be fixed thanks to Infinity Ward collecting lots of data over the past month of online play, and they are currently testing a new spawn system in COD Ghosts that should kill most spawn issues being reported.

There is no release date for this spawn update, but we do expect it to launch sooner rather than later, especially considering the amount of complaints in forums about COD Ghosts spawn killing. This is nothing new in terms of Call of Duty, but some gamers claim it’s a real problem and they won’t play until this bug is fixed.

If you find anyone using some sort of cheat in COD Ghosts or hacking, then you are asked to report these users to Infinity Ward and it looks like a ban might be issued against gamers violating the Code of Conduct. We are not sure if this includes glitches in COD Ghosts, or if it’s for the more extreme hacking and cheats.

You can count on regular patches to fix exploits and glitches, although some manual intervention might be needed to fix hacked stats.

The next update for PS3 will be Call of Duty Ghosts patch 1.07 and 1.09 on PS4, so you can count on the patch notes to include some of the improvements mentioned. This will include changes to weapons for better balancing, increased XP rewards in Operations, and also a new Heavy Duty playlist.

How would you like to see changes to Call of Duty Ghosts weapons? Have you seen any cheats in multiplayer, or spawn issues? If so leave a comment below detailing what you have seen. Nothing gets more annoying than spawning and being killed within a second, before you have had a chance to even move.

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  • V

    There’s a cheat in which enemy can freeze our score so that they can get in the lead. All’s another cheat in which after afew seconds the score automatically increases by two. Been trying to find this glitch, hack or whatever so that I would know what its called but can’t find it anywhere. Would like more information on it to see if I can start identifying who is using it or what not to report them.,

  • jeff

    its april 3 and im still getting spawn camped in ghosts what a waste of money to have purchased this game im done with cod

  • No more

    I am giving up on ghosts and COD all together. The spawn camping is running rampant on ghosts, and I refuse to reward the makers of a game that isn’t fun.

    • Morpheus

      You know it’s gotten bad when I am able to kill a couple spawn campers and actually hear THEM scream out their complaints.

  • Codslayer19

    So u fix the spawns so now as long as u have a teammate there that’s usually where you spawn it’s worse than it was before now u spawn walk three feet and get shot. Spawning on top of ied’s is sweet and every exit out of the spawn is blocked by at least one enemy WTF!!!!!!!!

  • Martar82

    This games is awful, the guns a crap, the perk system is crap, the kill streaks are crap as are the stupid squad points, spawning, well that’s something else I went 15 deaths down before I got a kill, there entire game needs a overhaul, they should have kept it the same way as mw3 which is by far the best cod game the maps guns perks all worked well, nothing on this game as good in any way

  • Hitman

    There should be a major change in assault rifles on ghosts most of them are so overpowered they make most other guns pointless, for instance the AK12 and Remington, they are the only guns people ever use because they can camp on these huge maps and still get kills and it’s taking all skill from the game, which isn’t helped by the terrible spawn system either. Go back to making cod like mw1 and mw2 they were by far the best games for skilled players.

  • 6th times the charm

    You’d think with the first 5 games they made they would’ve had figured there were going to be spawn issues and instead of releasing the game right away they should’ve fixed them.

  • Evan Summers

    finding ppl with 4 atttachments with no extra perk equipped wtf?! and spawning.. Joining game………… class. KILLED! should never happened (unless joining a game on mw2 while nuke is being called BUT THIS ISN”T MW2 IS IT)

  • blake

    Plz give use a BO3

  • Aaronjohn

    Plz fix the operation on the wii u

  • dragon430

    Ghost sucks leveling up and leveling up your weapons is terrible loved BO and BO2 give us a BO3

  • Deadman

    Playing game and you shoot them and they don’t die but hit you with s2 hots and your dead just starting out playing the game new to it and seems that I can’t level up makes you want to quit playing and sell the game

  • Matthewsala

    horrible lag on certain players in all games. Shoot and 4 seconda later get a hitmarker and kill. All game types. Fix that or i am not playing it again. Xbox 360

  • WinLottery&CreateBetterGame

    TAKE OUT AIM ASSIST. this is supposed to be a game of skill. Only way to get better at aiming is for the gamer to do it. This is also where the “quick-scopers” come into play, without aim assist the majority of them would be greatly deterred from using it.

    Reduce dogs health. It’s not robocop incarnated, it’s a dog with a body armo

    Knifing in the game is a joke. I can be half a foot from the enemy trying to knife, but miss (or worse, get a hit marker!!! WTF!) and he turns and stabs me (without moving) or someone lunges 10 feet and knifes me…WTF!!!

    Hit markers: Watching the killcam and saying “wtf! that never even hit me!!” you know what I mean. The hitboxes seem to be trailing like a shadow on our character, hence when you run around cover (a brick building) and a sniper hits you after you made the corner…WTF!! The game is taking the last location of the target (you) and the target location of the sniper when scoped and decides it’s a kill shot?? FFS

    How long have the developers been in business for? How many games have they released with the same problems? GET YOUR #*@! TOGETHER!!!

  • NikkiT

    Mine won’t let me play online on multiplayer mode at all – it comes up with the error message saying the server isn’t available.

  • syn71

    The hackers are getting to ridiculous levels. Can’t hardly play a single game without at least one person, usually several using hacks to see through walls, auto aim your ass and basically just ruin it for everyone but them. I realize there are some really good players but cheating doesn’t make you good and it doesn’t make you a contender, it just makes everyone else hate you and frankly, I don’t enjoy playing at all anymore. There are some that kill you right out of the gate when you spawn and some that have you targeted and dead before they even see you. It’s plainly obvious when you watch the kill cam and often times they don’t even take a single bullet even though you’ve shot them multiple times as shown on the kill cam. It’s as if you didn’t even fire a round. COD has always had hackers but Ghosts is far worse than any other by far. I just don’t understand why play at all if you’re just going to cheat, there is no honor in a victory won that way.

  • jreed1e

    are they serious cheating on x box one no there isn’t hacked lobbies aim bots they are a problem for the 360 with there j tags and easily compromised system not a ps4 or x box one issue they are going to mess with the spawns some more spawn killing is not a problem in this game at all the problem is the developers trying to stop spawn killing and making it a issue i kill some 1 it spawns him behind me that don’t make sense or im playing blitz holding the enemy back on the spawn so i can score and stop them scoring to get my 16-0 operation and the other team spawns right by your blitz goal cause your team is to close to there blitz this is un acceptable i now play bf4 far better 1 team spawns 1 end the other team the opposite side

  • Mick

    After tonight im not going back online now until they fix the hacks and ban the people who use them, i paid full price to sit and be cheated by these idiots, rubbish game if you ask me should never have been this easy to ruin, please next time you guys make a game make it better…….!!!!!!!

    Yet again another game ruined by hackers, well done guys hope you sit in your parents basements feeling proud of yourselves…….

    • PO’D Ghost

      Exactly! What he said….

  • Dansin Sepulveduhh

    I wish Extinction wasn’t so much of a cluster fuck…like once you get what you wanted it gets too easy and I have no idea what I’m doing..

    I like that we get objectives but I wish it was kinda a liiiittle bit like zombie mode…I get bored of Multiplayer then I go to Extinction and I get bored after I upgrade the stuff I want..

    • PO’D Ghost

      More fun than Multiplayer, however once beaten you won’t play anymore..

  • max

    Please do not nerf shotguns!!!!thats why i quit with black ops 2. They are finally friggin realistic. Please fix shotting walls tho.

    • PO’D Ghost

      Yeah, even in squads the crappier your rank the more of a beast the AI’s are they will follow you through an entire building shooting through walls. Another COD Ghost programmer fail.

  • chris23

    MW2 was the best game

    • PO’D Ghost

      Agreed and Sad it’s true. Things don’t always get better do they?

  • Jason

    Here are a few of my issues with this game: 1. There aren’t enough small maps (as they are important to have in COD), and for the large maps you’re only fighting 6 people so it takes forever to find anyone. You’ll also come across a lot of campers because of the map size, and it’s funny how they make sure those maps have plenty of areas that seem to be designed for camping. 2. The dog kill streak is clearly overpowered as they: run at supernatural speeds, lunge from a ridiculous distance, have way too much health: 3 times that of humans is what I heard, only require a 5 kill streak, enemies who try to take out the dog as it’s going after them are at risk of being shot at by another player but must do so anyways to survive the dog attack, the warning dog noises are random, quiet, and not consistent at all, it’s virtually impossible to take a dog out when you’re indoors and there are no open areas (they’ll jump you no problem unless you snipe stun them), every time I get a guard dog, they get a crap ton of cheap kills so it’s difficult not to take advantage of them as nearly everyone does, they are great for campers to use to cover their backs, so even if the enemy manages to kill the camper the dog is there to finish him off. 3. I.E.D.s: They can be placed anywhere and have a considerable blast radius, the warning is nothing (1 second !) when you’re sprinting towards it without realizing it, if you’re going up a stair way and take a right and then continue up the stairs and their is an IED right after that turn on the wall then the warning is SIGNIFICANTLY reduced and it’s impossible to avoid, also using an IED takes no real skill but rather common sense to place it in an area that people won’t see it (free kills), the appearance of an IED is dark and there isn’t red laser trigger wires like a claymore to give you a decent visual warning and rarely is it possible to avoid them upon hearing the faint noise warning it gives, while yes you can be cautious upon entering a room and listen for it, jump back and lie down but this doesn’t always work, and the IEDs aren’t always placed in an obvious location. There are plenty of other problems I have with the game unfortunately, but it still manages to be fun.

    • PO’D Ghost

      The idea of IED’s instead of bettys or clay-mores was a epic fail. The dogs are terrible too.

    • Vinny1976

      Grow up , its a game !!!

      • Jason

        Calm down, these problems I’ve listed don’t break the game for me and really isn’t a big deal to me (I really enjoy the game). However, I would prefer that IEDs, guard dogs, and large maps would be toned down to improve the multiplayer experience. If not then that’s not a deal breaker for me and I won’t make a huge fuss over it at all.

        • Jason

          @appl3 What led you to believe that I had implied that IEDs should have an overly obvious indicator of it’s presence? Of course they shouldn’t, and if anything they could leave it as is visually and change something else about it to prevent it from being overpowered. Such as giving the player slightly more time to react before it explodes. By the way, all I would like is a few improvements to multiplayer but I would be completely fine without those changes. What I find to be silly is when you tell me to grow up… Sorry, but I enjoy to talk about Call of Duty and that includes what I don’t like about it as well. I fail to see how I need to grow up. I may type a lot but I honestly enjoy myself even though I really should be on a forum. 😉

  • CoD player

    just want many of these posters to know that Treyarc had nothing to do with Ghosts that is release by infinity ward a separate entity of activision. Treyarc makes Black ops and Infinity Ward makes modern warfare and now ghosts. Treyarc’s games have always been much better IMO. Ghosts is a alright game but it is lacking almost everywhere and the with the lack of a anticheat in this new engine the hacking is out of control.

    • appl3

      you might wanna look into more because treyarc games suck and for one yes infinity ward and activision hired treyarc to help finish the game in the timeline they had and in return they gave treyarch the wii u version of ghost oh yah your a real cod player look at ur facts before you try and be a gamer cod aint even a good game

  • H8ing

    I’ve been in a few matches against hackers allready and all it takes is a few to ruin your enjoyment of the game. A lot of people say “you just suck, there’s no hacking”, that’s total BS. I was in a match day before last where this guy cheated so hard that by the end of it we all left each other alone and were trying to kill this guy together. At least the game vid shows clearly that he was cheating. Emptying all mags into one guy on “hardcore” getting more hit markers than can be counted while the guy kills us one by one until we are 5 of us stabbing him over and over in a circle around him until he finishes us all off

    • PO’D Ghost

      It took my almost a month to actually play through an entire match without shutting of my console completely after a few words. Yet, again, another story of someone paying to be a Beta tester and being robbed of his hard earned money. Thanks Infinity Ward!

  • gustin89

    I have been playing ghosts for few weeks and I’ve noticed some guys when they bring up there weapen it goes to center chest every time. Idk wat that is I’ve seen it on kill cams but I’ve tried figuring out keeping my stick up but I still have to push left or right it doesn’t go to middle of chest so I’m lost.

    • SpacemanSpliffz


    • PO’D Ghost

      This is how your hard earned cash is rewarded by a crappy game overrun by hackers on day one. The reason being is that Infinity Ward used no new technology to make this game they just used the code from MW3 so on day one all those MW3 hackers could hack COD Ghost with ease and take away all your enjoyment. Once again a big thanks to Infinity Ward and The Ghost Team!

  • Noah Yates

    I will never buy a tre arch or infinity ward game ever again

    • matt

      Good for u

    • PO’D Ghost

      I’ll be following you soon sir if things don’t get better.

  • Cesar

    The snipers are over powered with quick scoping and also with the thermel scope they should really take off that attchement from snipers, and drop shooting is horrible in this game if yoy drop shot you get hit in the head

    • PO’D Ghost

      Not much a of complaint quick scoping is kind of a thing in COD so is drop shotting. Oh, but the AIMBOT and God mode definitely helps their game.

  • eddie s

    if treyarch would of made ghosts play like black ops one does it would have been way better

    • SpacemanSpliffz

      WOULD’VE. Dumbass.

      • jreed1e

        lol would’ve is a simple way to say would of ? so why is he dumb lol is not are you going to message back and say isn’t stop flying to space well smoking and maybe u will notice what u commenting about thought we talking about ghost

    • PO’D Ghost

      They’re different style of game it would have not been better. Wait, maybe it would have been, no it wouldn’t have been. Actually, anything would have been better like buying a dung beetle and watching him roll his excrement around all day.

  • COD Freak

    There are many glaring problems with COD Ghosts that leave me wondering who tested this game before it’s release. This is a HUGE step backward for Infinity Ward. Ghosts needs some serious tweaking in upcoming patches to recover from an what is an awful release. This is not just my opinion as the majority of friends that I used to play BO2 with do not play Ghosts. Further proof lies in the low number of players playing Ghosts online.


    Here are some of the more glaring issues that I cannot believe made it past initial testing.

    * Helicopters but no ‘lock-on’ launchers to shoot them down?

    * Huge maps but no Tac Insert and/or no Ground War?

    * Spawn system is horrible – worse than BO2 which I didn’t think was possible.

    * Joining friends in games or lobbies was easy in BO2 and in Ghosts is now a convoluted mess of back and forth messages because the first lobby invite rarely works.

    * One perk in MW3 is now 5 perks in COD Ghosts. I have to ditch my secondary, tactical, and lethal to ‘purchase’ more perks and still don’t get what I used to in previous games.

    – MW3 – Assassin Pro

    – BO2 – Cold Blooded, Ghost, and Hard Wired

    – COD Ghosts – Off the Grid, Ghost, Incog, parts of both Blind Eye and Tac Resist

    * Quick Draw as an a weapon attachment in BO2 was great, and now it’s back to a perk – I would call this a step backward.

    * 6 load outs with no chance to increase that number?

    * No ability to switch squad members in pre-game lobby? I would understand if you could only switch between your current and prestiged squad members, but basically once I prestige a squad member he’s no longer of any use to me.

    * The Sniper rifles are much harder to use than in BO2. I quit using them altogether in Ghosts.

    * Ghosts completely freezes my system on average 3 times per evening forcing me to cold boot.


    In BO2 I always had enough friends online to completely fill both teams in a lobby (and this was easy to do with BO2’s ability to join friends) but now I have trouble finding enough friends to fill a 6-person team. It’s really kinda sad.

    All of this has me asking: When does the next Infinity Ward game come out?

    • PO’D Ghost

      What he said…

    • Tim

      Plus the interface on BO2 was cleaner and easier to read/understand. Even something as simple as all the little orange dots on the spinning globe in BO2 multiplayer looked much better than the unreadable yellow nonsense on Ghosts that supposed to represent everyone playing online.

      Plus, the camos on BO2 were easy to see/enjoy on your own gun. With Ghosts, I don’t even feel it’s worth trying to get the camos. They just kinda disappear into the gun. When you saw a guy running around with a gold gun on BO2 it was like, “ah, that’s cool. I want that.” But now, I don’t even notice the camos or care. It removes a lot of the fun.

      And I also miss the design-it-yourself playercard images. At least it was something to look at (or laugh at) while waiting for the game to load.

      Also, the horizontal calling cards on BO2 (with the images of drones, or a helicopter, or whatever kill streak or game mode you accomplished) was cool and gave you something to strive for — I still want that red Orbital V-Sat one. But in Ghosts, they’re all just based on a purchase with squad points. Kinda boring.

      The more you played BO2, the more you earned and unlocked. From shapes for drawing images on your player card to calling cards. Ghosts is just about squad points, and nothing more. It removes a lot of fun.

    • You all seem so cool

      This is the only coherent thought on this page, the only comment that used bullet points instead of a big moronic paragraph of pure bitching.

      I came here because my operations still werent working over a month after release but good god these develepors must be so sad to see their game forums OVERRUN with stupidity….

  • Matt

    I would recommend adding more kill streak rewards for Assault and for Support. Support doesn’t have anything that is really good. Just bland things.

    Also, please add the Clan Wars app to the COD site. It would make it so much easier instead of using my phone all the time while I’m playing. Or add it to the game itself so I can check it while I’m playing.

    • Anonymy

      I totally agree, specialist is boring and Assaults get boring after a while too, because they’re so easy to get, and hard to use. Support kill streaks are useful if you have a bad team. Also ballistic vest does absolutely nothing in hardcore game modes which makes me stop playing hardcore.

    • PO’D Ghost


  • Mick

    Hey im new ti this online gaming scene and if im honest im considering just giving up with it and sticking to the game its self, I use the pc to play and its some nights like using rubber bullets as im there trying to learn the game and advance my rank the right way against id say 80% of the time cheats who cant be killed, i saved my squad pints up purchased a very effective weapon , i add perks and yet i am unable to kill with it half of the time after emptying half a clip into people because they use god mode cheats etc, yet i add that i am getting hit by 1 bullet and dying, also the some days the play is so glitchy i have to turn t off as ill be running 1 second and facing the other way another. Come on guys its seriously taking the fun out of the game now i mean why bother if you stand no chance of ever winning a match because of all the cheats…….????

    • Tim

      No one can overcome a well-placed IED! Especially if you use the extra damage perk (way at the end of the perk list).

  • duke man

    Just more guns please triple it. Trey arch destroyed this game

    • Mini

      lol you just made so much sense on your last comment

    • PO’D Ghost

      Agreed / and Agreed /!

  • Keith McDonnell

    The gaming section hasnt been updated in 3 days when I check but yet this was posted today in gaming but its not in it when i check ?

  • Nicholas Brooklyn Weiner

    Maybe it’s just me, and I’m not all that great in cod by no means . But what about the high bullet damage? There’s been time’s where as I’ve gotten killed by one bullet and I’ve dumped a clip. Or accuracy for the guns? I know I’ve aim dead at people and all most shots missed as to them it’s like aim bullet one I die. Also how about adding more gun’s? The perks also are pretty whack if you ask me.

    • PO’D Ghost

      Here is my story, I actually had my M14 against this guys head why he was crouched, I emptied the clip he got up and ran around me then killed me. Apparently, I got fooled by another hacker, my bullets were blanks, or hit detection is archaic as commodore 64.

  • vVv_skye_vVv

    If they done a spawn system similar to what was used on homefront, spawn issues would be thing of the past

    • PO’D Ghost

      Yup, I think it’s fun playing between lives for 2 – 5 seconds doesn’t everybody?

      • Dan Lambert

        That’s right on. I played with and against a guy online this morning who was 42/1 when I faced him and 45/2 when I played with him on Team Deathmatch. I’m not the best player in the world but certainly not the worst either. He moved at super speed and EVERY shot hit the mark. I watched him get shot by me and beside of me with little/ no effect. The cheating is rampant on this game and I report them every time for boosting/cheating. This happens on a game on a consistent basis. Now, let’s see if anything gets done about it or if I’m just spitting into the wind.Add that to the fact of getting spawned in front of enemies constantly and I’m not sure I would care if my wife binned this fame or not.