Snapchat adds replay feature with iOS update

By Matt Tran - Dec 22, 2013

iOS users with the Snapchat app may have noticed an update last night which adds a few interesting new features. The most eye catching of these is the replay feature which essentially changes the whole purpose of the app.

The main premise of Snapchat is for the sent image to only be seen once and for a limited period of time barring a screenshot. The replay feature will now allows users to look back at the expired snap, once per day. This applies to both pictures and videos so for those of you who send more personal snaps, be sure to think before you wildly tick on all the recipient boxes.


Other new features that the update has brought are front facing flash, smart filters, special text and an extension from three to seven best friends. These additions are not as significant but add a little more functionality to the app. For example smart filters lets you overlay data to your snaps such as the time of day, current weather and speed of travel.

Have you updated your Snapchat app yet and had a chance to sample the newly added features? Let us know what you think of them and if being able to replay apps has defeated the purpose of Snapchat.

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