Nexus 10 2 release with surprise conclusion

By Alan Ng - Dec 22, 2013

While most of you have been disillusioned over Google’s Nexus 10 2 release date silence, it looks like we may have an interesting conclusion to the saga at CES 2014. Many consumers had been expecting LG to build the Nexus 10 2, but in fact rumors are now suggesting that Samsung could be the company with the task of handling Google’s Nexus 10 2014 tablet.

This is interesting, largely due to the fact that we already have Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition on the market. Now, we could see Samsung expand their range with a Nexus branded tablet, with whispers suggesting that the device could be the previously rumored 10.5-inch AMOLED tablet from the company.

We were initially under the impression that this was a separate device from the Nexus 10 2, but now it could be the same device. A 10.5 inch Nexus 10 2 would be an exciting prospect, especially if it comes with specs such as an Octa-core processor, 3GB of RAM and the very latest version of Android 4.4 Kitkat.

Samsung and Google are obviously remaining silent on this possibility, but what an interesting conclusion it would be after LG were thought to be getting the nod. Then again, LG has just launched the LG G Pad 8.3, so perhaps Google were after a fresh start after LG’s work on the Nexus 5.

All eyes should now be on CES 2014. Samsung usually has a very big presence at the event, so we have a feeling that we could finally see the next Nexus tablet soon.

As we await further details, let us know your thoughts on Samsung now being favorite to build the Nexus 10 2. Does a 10.5-inch tablet sound interesting you, with stock Android that will receive updates before any other device?

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  • drjaymz

    My personal preference would not be an AMOLED screen at all. I don’t like the blue hue, the over saturation or the grainyness at low brightness levels. I think that on the 10″ device they will really struggle to keep it a sensible price. The 10″ screen on the current Nexus 10 is just right.

  • Jonny Danger

    I’m no size queen. 7″ works for me.

    • drjaymz

      That is what I thought, until I got a Nexus 10. I often read things that were formatted for A4 and on 7″ it gives you a headache. I also prefer most websites on the 10″. I actually didn’t intend getting a Nexus 10, but its the best thing I did. I have a nexus 7 as well, nothing wrong with that. Damage the screen on the Nexus 10 you’ll really be upset.

  • Thomas Partida

    Does it really matter who makes it? We all know what we want. If this is the real deal then it will definitely satisfy my hunger, this sounds like a beast of a tablet.

  • Christopher Wice

    A 10.5″ in a 10″ form factor would be great.
    Maybe add some hidden functionality that’s revealed once you acquire a Glass or Gem

  • Adam Yates

    As long as it has lte support, I’m game! I’ve been waiting for a pure android 10″ tablet with lte for too long!

  • Bob

    First Samsung, then Asus, then LG, now it’s back to Samsung. Make your minds up!

    • GBP

      what is wrong.. 10″ tablet samsung, 7″ tablet Asus & nexus phone LG… make up your mind bob!!!