GTA V HotKnife location online after 1.08 update

By Alan Ng - Dec 22, 2013

We have another great heads-up for all GTA V players right now. We recently told you how to obtain one exciting car in the game, that being the Z-Type. Now though, we have the GTA V HotKnife location online for you – obtainable after installing the latest GTA V 1.08 update.

This car is one of the best in the game, but you may have noticed that it is locked away – usually for those with the GTA V Collector’s Edition. However, it appears that another loophole has been spotted which Rockstar are yet to fix, showing how to get the Hotknife with the normal version.

Here’s how to do it: Just like the Z-Type, you’ll find the Hotknife on the LegendaryMotors website on your in-game browser. You’ll see a sold out message, but click on the Elegy RH8 and then click home. Go to the URL window and quickly press B and A on the Xbox 360, or O and X on the PS3 version of the game.

If done correctly, you can then change the URL of the page with a manual entry. From there, input 29 at the end of “CarDetails” and then hit enter. After this step, go back home and then hover over the cursor again and repeat the B and A on Xbox 360, or O and X on PS3.

This time, delete the CarDetails section of the URL and type in “PurchaseCar” instead. If you have done everything right, you’ll get a notification in the bottom left corner and the shiny new Hotknife will be delivered to your garage shortly by your mechanic.

Are you a fan of the Hotknife?

Are you a fan of the Hotknife?

As far as we’re aware, this little trick is working after the 1.08 update. Try it out yourself, follow the steps carefully and let us know if it worked for you below.

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  • John

    even though it won’t store in the garage will the mechanic still deliver it?

  • Mark Winlow

    Does this still work

  • seb

    whats the number on tank
    have the money but not the rank
    its very easy to have enough cash on gta these days though

    • james

      number is one for tank 6 for attack

  • lel

    This game is a massive joke.

  • bob

    my mechanic can deliver it and i can bring it to los santos customs but it wont go in my garage

  • Nathan

    What is the number of the khamelion too get in same process as above

  • Kevo5252

    Wow it really works

  • that one guy

    Can do similar method to get the cargobob. # is 5 & wont matter ur rank to to it to get tank or attack chopper. U just need to have the $ to buy it. Cargobob is only $187,000

  • KB2755

    Worked for me, can’t store in garage though.

    If I modify it, will the changes stick when the mechanic delivers it?

  • Calvin-GTA

    Yes still works, I did carbon rs (30)
    But won’t go in the garage which was a little disappointing but mechanic will deliver

  • josh

    It can also be done with the tank. I didn’t have the rank but I had the money

    • tacokings

      what is the number for the tank

  • they aint in the garage properly so it a bit of a waste

  • Nathan

    Has this worked for anyone?

  • Ryan Sandler

    I just thought that i would point out, that even doing this you will NOT be able to keep these cars in your garage unless you have that DLC. I can confirm this for the Carbon RS, but not the Hotknife or Khameleon. You can still have your mechanic deliver the vehicle.

  • Gumby65

    Best car in the game? Hardly. I have the collector’s ed., and although it is VERY COOL LOOKING, it drives like a cement mixer, even modded up.

    • Nathan

      Do you if the carbon rs bike can be unlocked in a similar way as what above said about the hotnife?

      • Kevin

        Yeah just change the number 29 to 30