Nintendo gifting Celebi as first Pokemon X & Y giveaway

By Matt Tran - Dec 21, 2013

Players of Pokemon X and Y who use the Pokemon Bank will be gifted a Celebi as Nintendo’s first giveaway. The legendary psychic Pokemon has been very rare to obtain in the previous versions of the games and can’t be obtained without Nintendo events.

The Pokemon Bank is a cloud based subscription service, used for storing large amounts of your Pokemon. The Bank can hold up to 3000 Pokemon and also enables you to bring over your Generation V catches. It only costs $4.99 a year and gives players access to exclusive giveaways like this one.

Celebi will be available until September 2014 giving fans plenty of time to get on board. As long as players download the app before this cut off date, Celebi will be waiting for them in the Pokemon Bank. For more news on Pokemon X and Y events and exclusives check out a few of our previous articles.

The service goes live on December 27th, which is why Nintendo are gifting this legendary Pokemon as to celebrate. The special event Celebi will be at level 10 with the Natural Cure Ability, the moves it will know are Hold Back, Recover, Heal Bell and Safeguard.

Will you be subscribing to the Pokemon Bank to retrieve your limited edition Celebi on Pokemon X and Y?

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