GTA V 1.09 update with crisis fixes needed

By Alan Ng - Dec 21, 2013

As expected, it looks like there are mixed feelings over the GTA V 1.08 update that has just gone live for PS3 and Xbox 360 a few days ago. Players are reporting various issues with the new content creator update, with many already looking forward to fixes coming with the GTA V 1.09 update.

As we told you just days ago, it looks like players have found a way to again make money easily with a GTA V 1.08 money glitch. However, this has been made possible using a new method, since Rockstar has already managed to eliminate the previous exploit which involved players switching between characters quickly.

Aside from the rich players that are ruining the balance for others, we have heard about other issues that need quick attention in the next patch. These include a continuation of custom cars being destroyed by tanks in online mode, to which the owner of the vehicle has to fork out insurance themselves to get it sorted.

It’s not the first case where we have seen the GTA V bad sport system being exploited, but we thought Rockstar had sorted this out completely with previous patches – perhaps not.

Even more bizarre, is that we’re also hearing of complaints of players receiving money when they shouldn’t be. It sounds to us that this related to the new money method mentioned above, where a user playing a modded version of GTA V can host an online money and distribute this money to players for nothing.

Players are calling it the GTA V Robin Hood method – you only need to visit the comments here to see that players have become desperate and will do whatever it takes to make some easy cash.

What problems have you been having with GTA V, since the 1.08 update that you would like to see fixed when the GTA V 1.09 update goes live? Hopefully Rockstar will iron out the content creator in the coming weeks to make it a lot smoother for everyone in 2014.

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  • Shadez

    They really have to fix some story mode problems. I’m trying to go for 100% completion but am being held back due to strangers and freaks missions glitching (Beverly missions). It’s frustrating because i’ve put so much effort in and so many hours just for it to glitch. Rockstar really has to fix that its just not fair.

  • Billy95Idol


  • MrMayhem405

    I work all week long. Why should I have to work on a video game?? I get my “sense of accomplishment” in real life. My XBOX is where I go to be a “rockstar”. Why should I worry about some glitches. I’ll take all that money, and shoot all of you whiney wussies.

  • Kev

    Reset money for everyone who has recieved money whether it was voluntary or involuntary & ban the hackers from gta all together, dont put them in cheater lobbies just ban them all together!

    • Lucian

      Erm, no. You don’t seem to grasp the fact that rockstar ruined the game by nerfing money handouts, making practically everything purchase unreachable. So no, mr high-and-mighty, us people that cheated for the money should not be banned at all. You can sit there and earn your minuscule amount of money and piss about your time, driving around in a shitstain of a car, while I actually enjoy the game.

      • Matt

        Hey, rather than cheating, why don’t you buy a damn money card! And besides, what’s the point of a game if there’s no challenge. You have to work hard to get the money and in turn, get the things you want.

        • Lucian

          Sorry, BUY a card? Sure because I want to spend more money on an already expensive game. Don’t see why spending money = fun. And no, the challenge was in the single player, I play the multiplayer to have FUN.

  • Jimmy Joe Bob

    Hell, after 1.08 I can’t even play my GTA5 anymore…. I get an infinite loading screen single player or online connected to the network or not. This update is trash. I had to delete all the GTA5 data off my PS3 and it still isn’t quite right. It’s taken me 6 hours to download the initial 8 gig install….. and I know it’s not my PS3 I just got it for Christmas.

  • Leon Strongbow Ouchakov

    My custom sultan got destroyed and apprently it didn’t have insurance although I know it did coz it’s been blown up millions of times. But my friend threw a grenade at it and now it’s gone. Wtf

    • Shannon

      Same happened with my adder, i know for a fact i had insurance because a) i bought it from the site which adds the insurance and tracker automatically and b) i double checked all the time in los santos customs.
      i must have spent atleast 50,000 on it in lsc, plus the 1 million dollars it costed, my car got blown up by a tank though, a player of course. then i got a message saying “in future make sure your car has insurance” or something like that, i was fuming 🙁

  • Bill

    so there is a another problem. I can not join gta online at all any more. It goes to the launching session screen. Then my system freezes. i dont want to create a new character because i worked hard on this one. Rockstart needs to start focussing on real problems like freezing and other game problems. Hackers and people who are giving away money are not affecting anyone. Freezing my system is bothereing me and im not the only one.

  • Jamie

    Rockstar needs 500mb update for every damn thing I don’t know if im getting console banned or banned from gta because people keep giving me money that I don’t ask for..
    back in October had like 5k and it was fun trying to get levels and money.

  • mikey

    im sick of it. every server i go into has a modder putting out billion$ bounties, or playin deathmatches with god mode. it sucks

  • Jay

    Everytime I go on the internet. Cell Phone or Computer, I always keep getting thrown off it and cannot see my HUD anymore -_-

  • swaggerboi

    pepole hack beacuse you cant earn enough money by playing the game modes . its a simple as that . i dont know i single youtuber who earns millions with out hacking , exploiting or glitches its the truth .

    • bill


  • bryce culwell

    i keep getting 1 billion dollars from hackers and now I have 5 billion dollars and I don’t need it all and I don’t want to be accused of being a hacker and having to delete my character and starting all over again can anyone help me out?

  • Gerry Lopx

    i cant give my money some dude gave me more than 44 billion dollars i dont need this much and when i try to give money it says unable to give cash to other player at the moment

  • steveandbee

    how can i give some of my billions to my friends? The option via your Inventory seems disabled.

    • SoloFlaco

      I could use a few mil…it’s a pain trying to build up playing thru all these missions…can’t get a decent car this way..


      • Hacking is gay

        Send me a message to snip3zMW3giggity and ill give you some money, I don’t want it

  • TGxFuSsIoNz

    Is any of you guys experiencing the same problems as me such as when you go to play online joining online has failed? i cant get online at all plz help!

  • Max McLaren

    11 billion i got of modders 🙁 id rather stick with the 100k what i had before the modders

  • xfantom321broski

    Ok me and my friends all have the game,we got them at completely different times.I was the first to get it and now all of a sudden thay’re all out-ranking me .just handle the glitch.Im not saying to bring them back down to what they were or ban them,just do what you usually do and get rid of it.Why do i have cornrows imbedded into my characters head?I was pissed when i couldnt get rid of it.The next big thing is the stupid Robin Hood lobby.R* theres no way to ban them me and all my friends which we are all in one crew,ran across alot of these lobbies on accident.And who can refuse money like that,oh wait you can’t refuse it.If you want all these money glitches handled just give us hiest a little bit quicker with some big cash so my crew have get along without all the tanks on eachother only doing it for the money.The creator seemed fine to me it worked out.Don’t add new cars theres enough of them if you fond some of the super rare ones.All in all, just ban the people who modded the game not the game not the recievers.You might as well leave the money alone you can,t buy that many things but a fully modded car and a bunch of bullets.Just give us hiest and we’re all happy.banning the innocent could bring the money you earned in a day,go down the drain in less than 6 hours if you ban the recievers.But hey nothings better than having your whole crew banned huh.

  • Darksorrow900

    I have received some of this cash by complete accident.I joined a lobby and was just driving around getting killed like usual. A bounty for 2.9 billion dollars got put on someones head. I ignored it and carried on. Saw some guy down the street and was happy to run him down. Turns out he had the bounty and I got the cash. Im level 24 with almost 3 billion dollars.Kinda annoying since I dont have to work for anything anymore just levels.

    • Lucas Oppel

      I know how you feel, I had only like 1 million dollars two days ago and then poof! I have 11billion dollars due to hackers that have given me the money, now all I can do is level up, I still do missions and jobs but I don’t have interest in doing them anymore because its not a challenge. Money couldn’t buy happiness

  • CorruptedMind

    Need to be able to spawn into vehicles for Tanks,Buzzards, and Demo Deathmatches

  • Lucas Oppel

    In Creater Mode, they should let you make a capture mode so you can make your own capture the flag death matches, it would be awesome

  • Gallonman20

    I was in A lobby today and somebody was giving free money to anyone I said heck no cause I’m not getting banned

  • wallhugger

    I’ve been unable to play on-line since the new patches, I get disconnected every couple minutes or so and it ruined the gaming experience so much that I don’t even want to bother trying anymore.

  • Confused

    I recieved 300 mil in online currency completely by accident. While im not complaining about that, it has kinda ruined the game for me now.. Also, i had an adder and a cabrio 9F, and then somehow the adder was duplicated into the exact same cabrio!… Now i have cabrios and no adder

  • Kyle Fears

    Ive been banned for now reason at all! I was given 400 mil when I didnt want it and its ruined my gaming experience. selling GTA V because I have had enough of Rockstars crap!

  • Parwan

    My ps3 keeps freezing on the loading screen where they’re showing the clip art!!! PLZ HELPPP, my game is in perfect condition and my ps3 slim is perfect, YYYYYYY

    • Jack

      let me guess a black screen with white writing talking about there F**KING LICENSING AGREEMENTS!!!!

  • Millz0834

    Can’t get off my loading screen

    • Parwan

      same here plzzzz help

  • Name

    Not sure if its a glitch or lag but when ever I’m trying to jack a car off the street I open the door hes about to get in and it disappears

  • Brian Griffin

    Purchase more apartments and garages, more customizations to cars, remove tanks and also the glitch where you change the URL on warstock on your phone and are able to purchase a tank without being lvl71, also maybe a big cruise ship you can buy and drive in the water with your friends

  • stevie

    Get rid of tattooed cornrows its ugly….and tanks are annoying when a whole crew has them
    Rp glitch screwed up the ranking system… everything i earned everyone else got in a day of glitching

  • Kev

    The ramps on content creatore for bikes are messed, gta also invites offline players prompting us to have to invite them! As well as this we should have the ability to have an apartment as well as a garage! Its the hackers messing the game up not the people unintentionally getting money gifted by them

  • ronald abreu

    oh and also make it so you can buy a car that you got to duplicate it for yourself
    EXAMPLE me and my brother play in the same account and he wanted a bmw that is combertible is special but I found it one the street and I couldn’t find another one make it so I can buy one of my vehicles that I got from the street in a special part of the internet

  • ronald abreu

    give us more garage storage
    give us more money for jobs
    give us more clothe and cars
    give us more weapons
    give us more car costumisations
    give us more more fun warstock vehicles like the fighter jet witch would be really cool

  • Jim

    Any genuine concerns you have should be directed at the official Rockstar lines of communication – saying it here seems pretty pointless.

    Also, no-one is getting bans for being given money – Rockstar themselves has issued a statement saying just that – they are “punishing” people who share glitched money.

    It’s important to get the facts with this particular topic, as a lot of people seems to be getting very worried – you WILL NOT get banned or have your console banned if you are GIVEN money …..

  • Fred

    Hey R*, it’s impossible to not be showered with money when you go into a public free roam. I went into one this morning for about 15 minutes, and ended up with over $2 Billion that I didn’t even know I had until I went back into a private session. Once again the console modders have ruined the game for everyone.

    • KolbyGoalie34

      Ok, so if somebody gave you a billion dollars in real life would you complain? No? So why would you do it on here?

      • Tony Dennis

        Some ppl want to earn the money and have a feeling of accomplishment. Difference between real life is ITS REAL LIFE!!!

      • dashawn

        Why df would would you complain if someone gave u money in real life..this isnt real life if somebidy give you money it ruins the fun of making money on your own it takes the fun out of every thing

      • Eric David Tippett

        Because now hes going to get banned by Rockstars automatic banning system when players have over a certain amount of money.

        • Darksorrow900

          That isnt a thing. Plus the people that are handing the money out are getting banned not the people that are receiving it from bugged bounty’s and being given it. Take it from a guy thats got 3bil

  • HonestJohnnis

    Just release the add-ons for single player. R* already screwed the pooch with online, just like they did with RDR. Lesson learned, don’t buy a R* game if you expect a decent online experience.

    Also, from the looks of the live support forum they’re banning people who receive money, some with console bans. That’s not nice considering there isn’t an option not to accept gifted money. I will be sure to wait for the reloaded scene release of R* content in the future, especially since they think it’s acceptable nerf mission payment with the same update they release the USD for faux dollar shark cards.

  • skatanrdio

    Fix the shirt and tattoo glitch tired of seeing my tattoos through my t-shirts very annoying.
    Fix the guns attachments sick of extended clips being on my guns when i take them off.
    Fix the hair and mask glitch sick of going bald and having to purchase another haircut.

  • Scipio527

    Let my character be bald instead of having cornrows tattooed on my head.
    Create an option to ACCEPT or DENY money that someone tries to give you.
    Create an option with passive mode that protects you in your vehicle and makes it so you can’t deal damage to someone.
    Larger garages? With so many cars 10 as the limit isn’t enough…

  • Itsmebiatch

    Dam modders messing every thing up

  • archie22

    how about having customisable apartments. there is no point inviting someone round to your place when it looks exactly the same as theirs

  • Benjamin Lee Harden

    How about bad sport by using a tank when you have a bounty on your head please fix it to where no one uses tanks when they have a bounty on their heads because I’m tired of trying to kill the bounty but finding out that they are killing you with a tank please rock star fix that issue!!! I just started even though I’m rank 33 going on 34 I sometimes can’t even play the game without joining a lobby where people kill you when your not messing with them and you end up losing money that you just earned so please rock star fix these problems so I can try at least to make friends on there so they can help me do missions!!! Please also fix the bugatti problem I mean it that way because before I actually started playing I saw the Bugatti on there for millions of dollars now its not on there no more so please fix these problems rock star that will make us happy!!!!


    How about…. > Animals > More Clothes > More Cars > More Apartments > Houses > New Guns > More Car Mods [Now on to bigger problems…] > *REMOVE* THE TANK its used 24/7 not even for defence as the discription below it states. > Make you not drop a *Clip* of ammo each time you die its annoying, (Especially the minigun i worked hard to get) > Bad Sport should be where if you blow up 10 personal cars in 1 lobby ur a Bad Sport for a week, and they get kicked and put in the bad sport lobby immediately. > The weapon drops are wierd i can walk over it, it’ll despawn & i wont get it. > The aim-assist disable it for crew and friends, if someone doesn’t have aim-assist you are not allowed to shoot them with aim assist only with regular aim. > Crew Crome Glitch, Just make Crome Customizeable > Drinking and Driveing > Customizeable Atv’s and Sanches’s > FIX THE STOCKMARKET SITE!! > Fix the site Lifeinvader > All sites from storymode available to see > Pets > A way to move items & wallpaper around your house. <3

    • Steven Thibodeau

      if u have aim assist offf then the lobby yur in all has regular aim maybe u just suck

      • Tony Dennis

        I agree with steven