Elf Yourself on Jibjab for Christmas 2013

By Alan Ng - Dec 21, 2013

If you are looking for a new Elf Yourself fix over the weekend, we think we have something fantastic for you. Some of the Elf Yourself jibjab videos we’ve spotted are hilarious and offer a lot more fun than what the current Elf Yourself app and OfficeMax Elf Yourself web version offers.

Earlier this week we told you that fans had now started to look for the best Elf Yourself videos from those that were actually celebrities, rather than random people. We saw videos featuring the likes of One Direction and Miley Cyrus, but now we have something different for you.

Head over to the Elf Yourself Jibjab page to get started. Type Elf Yourself into the search box, and you’ll see that a new variety of templates await you – brand new templates that are not available on the Elf Yourself app.

For example, there’s a snowball fight, rocking around the Christmas tree, Santa profile pic and many more. We have a good feeling that you will find these a lot more fun than some of the default OfficeMax Elf Yourself dances – that are probably starting to get a bit boring for you.

Give it a try now, it’s free and a bit of harmless fun. If you have been enjoying the Elf Yourself section on Jibjab, let us know which is your favorite video below.

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