Avengers Alliance PVP 13 patch notes live

By Alan Ng - Dec 21, 2013

It is going to be a happy weekend for Marvel Avengers Alliance players, as there has been a big update. PVP 13 is now live, meaning that the fight for Agent Venom is now on. As a result, we’re happy to bring you the full Avengers Alliance PVP 13 patch notes for those that require it.

We first told you that Agent Venom was coming to the popular game here, the same time when it was revealed that Nico Minoru would be the Spec Ops 15 reward – an event that is ongoing as we speak.

Now it is time for players to switch back into PVP mode. The rewards are now live and we’re surprised to see Playdom giving players 5CP per day for the daily five battles before the roulette.

Some great prizes over Christmas..

Some great prizes over Christmas..

Aside from PVP, there are also two new costumes to buy – these being Grey Hulk and Original War Machine. Dr Doom’s moves have also been unlocked as well, giving you an idea just how powerful the character is going to become once players start unlocking him on Christmas Day – the deadline for the Impending Doom lockboxes.

Read through the full patch notes here to have a look at what has changed in the game. If you are a PVP player and intend to compete for Adamantium league, feel free to offer your thoughts on this update and if you have any tips to share for other players taking part.

Agent Venom has a nasty surprise waiting for you..

Agent Venom has a nasty surprise waiting for you..

Are you happy that there is so much content to play through at the moment, or is it actually too much at once to manage at the same time?

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  • Tom Bacon

    I think it’s nice to see a game that’s releasing new content in a continuous stream.