Steam Machine gameplay with ‘cheap’ controller

By Alan Ng - Dec 20, 2013

If you didn’t already know it yet, Valve’s Steam Machine has become one step closer to reality this week, as Steam Box prototypes started to emerge on YouTube with a selection of gameplay videos. Now, we have some Steam Machine gameplay showing Team Fortress 2, along with some early feedback on how the controller feels slightly ‘cheap’ in the hand.

Earlier this week, we gave you the first glimpse of some Steam Machine unboxing footage, thanks to some lucky users who had already managed to get their hands on a prototype system from Valve. While we’re still at an early development stage, it looks like Valve could have something massive on their hands and it could be the very device to bridge the gap with regards to PC gaming in the living room.

Now, we’re pleased to see that more gameplay has arrived. One user has uploaded some Team Fortress 2 gameplay, which he plays using the Steam Machine controller. This video offers a great close-up of Valve’s new pad, although the author does point out that the controller feels a little ‘cheap’ in his hand.

He also feels that the controller is very light and that Valve are almost certain to make improvements to the controller with the final model to give it a more professional look and feel.

You can also see in the video that he finds it hard to get used to playing Team Fortress 2 on a controller – a subject that we keep hearing about, with other controller previews from games such as Portal, Left4Dead 2 and Half Life 2.

From what you have seen from the prototype controller so far, do you agree that it is looking a little on the ‘cheap’ side? Remember that this is only for testing though, so you can’t blame Valve on this occasion perhaps – after all, it’s great that they are getting the hardware out there for some users to test before final release.

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