GTA V money glitch ban explanation

By Alan Ng - Dec 20, 2013

As we told you earlier on this week, Rockstar has now released the GTA V 1.08 update. Rockstar had initially prevented users from exploiting a glitch to make unlimited cash, but it appears that an even bigger problem has emerged due to those with modded consoles.

As a result, a GTA V 1.08 money glitch is still possible in the game – with modded users setting up online lobbies, and then distributing this ‘dirty’ money with those that join the lobby, no questions asked.

You only need to head to our previous article here, to see the sheer amount of GTA V players on PS3 and Xbox 360 who are keen on gaining easy GTA V money in this way. It’s a difficult situation and has obviously divided the GTA V community somewhat.

Rockstar has made it hard to earn money legitimately, so players have become desperate. Getting money from these modded lobbies though is against Rockstar’s policy as you may have guessed, and we’ve now started to see the developer take action.

We have noticed that Rockstar has issued a statement on their support website, specifically explaining their reasons for banning users which they have spotted using this new method to make money in the game.

To pick out one quote from their website:

“To keep the gameplay environment as fair as possible for legitimate players, we routinely do sweeps to separate out cheaters and modders, and to reverse any illegitimate transactions.”

Consider that a warning we think. While we can understand that it is now becoming very difficult to make money in the game, getting free money from a modded user is a risky business.

Let us know what you think of this. Has Rockstar banned your account already from GTA Online as a result of joining these modded lobbies?

Is your ban a permanent or temporary one?

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    Someone who can help me msg me plz AR DIGITAL007

  • Ian

    Can they really ban us? I mean all the DNS server glitch is just changing network settings. I don’t think they can ban us just for that. That’s almost like changing your Wi-Fi conneciton.

  • Martin

    I think it would be unfair to ban people who joined these lobbies. nobody knows if they are going to join a modded lobby.when someone gives you 500 million you cant just ignore it.i myself have been given lots of money fro modders but what can I do? give me one reason on why I should be banned.i didn’t mod or hack. I agree with banning the modders as they intentionally are hacking.but the people who they give money to should be left alone.if rockstart ban every person that was given money then it would take the population of this game down.

  • Ollie

    you need money to have fun online. you cant do anything without being considered a bad sport. i don’t care about everyone having great cars and what not. people who hack there level on the other hand need to be banned. leveling up is fun and isn’t hard unlike obtaining a nice sum of money legitimately. i was given 115 million by a guy who was giving it out in the lobby i joined after asking him for some. Rockstar should fix this glitch, ban the people who have hacked their level and then focus on improving the game with new activities etc.

  • Lorenzo

    I think a majority of the online sessions that are being hosted are modded. I played a random session then a few mins later I received a message that I was given 200 million. I don’t feel bad at all because I have put time and real money into this game just to have it all gone and all rockstar would say is “well were sorry but we can’t replicate the bug that you experienced” no refund nothing just a big go f*^% yourself!

  • damian baranski

    I know how to get rid of the hackers giving money to other people rockstar should disable the Share money after job or something and they wont bew able to give money out and the hackers will easy get banned

  • john

    Maybe if they’d allow us to earn money a little easier then we wouldn’t exploit this. Think about your god damn consumers you greedy pigs, you earn a billion from this game and then make it as hard as F*** so obviously people are going to exploit mods.

    • steavewithana

      Making money in GTA Online is simple. It’s not Rockstars fault you suck at the game. Ban the cheaters.

      • Not impressed

        Wow. If you have the time in this retarded game to make good money I don’t even know what to say. They nerfed all missions giving more than a few thousand.

  • killacal534

    I got given money and its the best thing that has ever happened to me on

  • That one guy

    Im a hacker & no u dont need to be in a modded xbox lobby to end up with someone giving u a bunch of cash or a way high bounty. I dont mod lobbies, I just change the default open lobby server settings to only change things for me. But in doing so I can give a % of what I get after robbing a store. & no I dont hand out billions. I give just under 2 million every 5% I hand out. That way no red flags to R*. Im not trying to get gamers banned or put in bad sport. & I dont put bounties on people. I just try to help those that ask for it.

    • arne

      Can you help me on the ps3? Arne-NL

      • That one guy

        Sorry I would if i could but I only have a xbox.

        • MadoMatic

          hey mate what’s ur gamertag ?

    • Zion

      Could you help me out please I am on Xbox

      • That one guy

        Sure. I can just jump into a lobby with u.

      • That one guy

        Ill be on for a while tonight & again tomorrow after 10pm central time.


    I would love some money. I have been trying for days and days to earn enough to buy the Monroe. I have about $200,000 right now. If anyone needs to get rid of a few 100 million just let me know. PSN: ChronicRyderNRA
    I have never seen anyone give out billions or put billions on a bounty. A few days ago somebody gave me $70 out of the blue but that is it. If the game had gas as a requirement I could of filled up my Sandking with $70. LOL

  • gta

    i got into a modded lobby and it was a random session 5 mins later got a bounty of 2 billion after seven days staying in apartment and getting a achievement for surviving i went on inventory it said last job bounty clicked it and got 2 billion

  • Wyatt Seamon

    Got in a modded lobby yesterday and got to lvl 200 and got about 50 billion l

  • Reilz

    I joined a session ( not invited ) came across a player who had a bounty on her/him killed him/her and turns out the bounty was a billion????? I didn’t know… So it’s not just through an invite only to money lobby thing 🙁

  • CJ

    i dnt want to get banned but i was give 2 billion

  • Nate

    When i was playing my friend didnt tell me he was on a mod lobby so he sent me almost all of his so he wouldnt get banned now im stuck with 900000000

  • MJB

    Guys, you WILL NOT get banned for receiving money from somebody else. They’re only after the people who are giving it out (This is what they themselves have said). If you have received any money, feel free to spend it as you wish, if you don’t want it, create a new character, withdraw all the money to that character, and swap back to your original.

    • I’m Aj

      What if you take a bounty off of some one and it gives you 2 billion would I get banned?

  • ~Desire

    Hopped into a game and BAM Lvl 1000 Billions of dollars if i get banned im going to be pissed

  • Rockstar Suck

    It’s Rockstars own fault.. I was playing yesterday minding my own business.. Then I get a message to say I have a billion dollars? I certainly hope I don’t get banned as I’ve done nothing wrong at all..

    • joe

      It doesn’t work like that only way for them to share money with you is if your in the modded lobby when they robbed the store for 2billion then and only then can they sgare with people in that lobby and it only works in a invite only lobby..which is INVITE ONLY..nice try to get outta trouble..r* knows this and why they are also banning people who recieve it too

      • Justanotherfan

        It is not in invite only lobby, they have been. Showing up in open lobbys now. I was in a lobby with 3 of my crew members, (open lobby mind you), then random players started coming on. Everything was still fine nothing strange yet, so that’s what I thought, 10mins after that I get a bounty put on me for 2 billion dollars, along with I think 7 or 8 random players, so now there is 16 billon dollars running around in this room. At the same time he is also giving 1 billion away. So they are not in close lobby’s anymore.

        I got off after a few mins after that, with that 2 billion bounty on me. All I can do is wait it out to survive the bounty so it will disappear.

  • mattt

    Just bring out bank heist problem solved

  • HeroPwn

    I am fine with it as long as they don’t crush the money making missions (Coveted especially)

  • mozzyi

    Guys if you’re a modder for psn adn going to do a money lobby message me via my email and i’ll hand you my gamertag so you add me into your lobby

    • Wyatt Seamon

      I have 50 billion and I’ll gladly give u around 200 million lol add me axeman1000

      • Hingle McCringlebery

        I am Evil Senator on XBoxLive….please hook me up with some cash., add me and lets do some crime.

        • That one guy

          Ill try to find u if ur online later & u still need $

      • Dan Vaughan

        Can I have some dollaaaaahhhh? lol add me PSN: TheDanVaughan

  • thejokeruwk

    I was just playing a race, after I finished the race I spawned in a lobby with a cheater in it, he sent me 1billion, I emailed rockstar right away let’s hope I don’t get banned

    • k


  • King

    Bunch of bull, the only way to avoid getting money from these hackers is to not play, I’m a level 87 and have never cheated, someone gives me free money and I get banned, seems every lobby is a hack lobby now. Please tell me what I did wrong, Nothing, did I ask for money no, did I report and message rock star right after yes I did

  • Christopher Crispy Paul

    I received 103 million from an annon donor, then proceeded to claim a bounty of 2 billion, that’s right BILLION dollars, from 2 dudes trying to cheat. No mods, no cheater lobby..just ganked.

    • Jeremygrrtt

      Same thing happened to me too. Got a bounty for 2 Billion dollars. I’m pissed

  • HonestJohnnis

    I hear it’s pretty easy to get out of the cheater lobbies.

    • That one guy

      I hacked out of bad sport/cheater lobby 2 days ago…still got my dunce hat on & can’t do jobs but I can play with friends in good sport lobbies.

      • HonestJohnnis

        Honestly that’s all you really need at this point.. The missions Rockstar has given us thus far have left a lot to be desired. Good luck getting the hat off!

        • That one guy

          Says 7 days left in bad sport. But its nice that I can pop into good sport when my friends get on then I go back to bad sport after they get off. & I agree on the less than impressive missions available. Map jobs are not great & phone jobs getting old. To be honest if they gave us the heists or something else to do I never would have hacked it. & im kinda digging the hat. But also found out if im running the hack I can start a race & then join my friends or any good sport lobby & my hat is gone.

  • Dylan Swinburne

    I walked in an Amunation and was 80 million dollars richer. I have also been in games where bounties of over 100 Million have been placed.

  • Joseph Galvan

    I blame Rockstar for not putting the unlimited money glitch in the first place and taking away all the fun. That’s the reason people do all these money glitches. San Andreas >>>>>>>>>>> GTA V

  • RebelMind

    Trust me leveling up in this game is worth way more then any in game currency. All the money in Gta Online is only good for getting your first apartment and 10 car garage. Besides that I’d be more concerned for Rockstar’s future fanbase which is shrinking by the second, and its all because they want to play virtual God in Los Santos.

  • SwankDaddy

    Attention All Modders My PSN Gamer Tag Is Tripple_OG_Z Ill Take Some Of That Dirty Computer Money Off Your HAnds

  • Dafydd Thorne

    I don’t agree with the hackers but it’s to hard to make legitimate money I only used money glitches when I was desporiete

  • john

    Thst is retarted just in case my gamer tag is frailarmadillo7 hint hint;-)

    • Dafydd Thorne

      So do u mod

  • joe

    i randomly got 52 millio on online and idk how or wh

    • Justanotherfan

      Most likely one of the hackers gave you the money, you don’t have to know them. They just randomly give out money to anyone

  • Fred

    I hope all you cheaters and modders burn in hell. And, of course, this is just one very good reason why there will NEVER be a PC version. You hacks don’t deserve it, and you’ll never get it.

    • Ken

      It’s gta your suppose to cheat, plus they should have hired hackers before the release

      • HeroPwn

        Yeah you suppose to cheat IN SINGLE PLAYER, and gta 5 was so easy you didn’t need to use cheat (nor even buy weapons).
        I don’t know what the point of the money if you’re too lazy to rank up to at least lvl 40+ since that where the fun is really starting.

    • Ken

      What an odd punishment, but I hope a hacker forces you to have millions of dollars

  • Jojo

    I Have been a recipient of the money, And will say right now nothing better happen to me because of this. It wasn’t my fault i received it.. There game isn’t even stopping them. The person GAVE ME cash, That option SHOULD be locked, But since it is just “locked” modders can code and script using that.

    • The Arbor

      Yeah, Someone gave me a piss load of money as well.

      Hope I dont get banned… It wouldnt be fair!

  • Justanotherfan

    Everyone should start blaming the makers and the developers of the game. How is it that all those glitch happen to be in the game in the first place, from money glitch to duplication ETC.

    Don’t blame the players for finding them and them wanting to ban them for using it. Blame the makers and developers for leaving them in the game, and they can’t say that they did not program it into the game, it’s part of the game program. They cam patch it all they want, players that know about programs are going to keep finding ways around your patch, so don’t ban players if they happen to be in a modded room and they are given an X amount of millions or billions just for being there, ban the hackers for cracking your broken game, because that’s what it is now broken.

    So patch it all you want, because those hackers are going to keep finding ways, around your mistakes that you added into your own game.

    • Ken

      Exactly they should have hired hackers, you can’t get mad at people using an overpowered gun its the developer