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Elf Yourself Vs MomentCam app for Christmas

Amid all of the Christmas fever that is going on right now, we want to ask you for your thoughts on arguably the two biggest social apps of the year. Elf Yourself has shone back into the limelight as it does every Christmas, but MomentCam has taken us by surprise with how popular the Asia-based app has been received in the US and Europe among fans.

Elf Yourself is already an established app of course. It is a very simple app, but with the potential to dish out maximum enjoyment. Earlier this week, we told you how fans had taken the app to the next level by using the faces of celebrities with Elf Yourself, so that famous figures would also be dancing along to it.

MomentCam on the other hand takes your photo and transforms it into the style of a caricature. You can then use a variety of funny templates such as the one shown below, to ensure that your friends and family will find it extremely amusing.


Both Elf Yourself and MomentCam are available on iOS and Android now, with both providing some great fun in the office if you are having a boring day.

It’s also great to see that both apps are free to download, although there are some restrictions on Elf Yourself when it comes to keeping videos and sharing them – MomentCam is completely free though.

Have you had the opportunity to use either apps? If so, let us know which one you think is your favorite. If you haven’t tried MomentCam or Elf Yourself yet on iOS or Android – what are you waiting for?



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