Ryse Colosseum Pack DLC released with free update

By Matt Tran - Dec 19, 2013

Fresh DLC content has been released for Ryse: Son of Rome, in addition to some extra free game updates. The Colosseum Pack has been released by Microsoft on the Xbox One exclusive as the first of four planned content drops.

The paid for Colosseum Pack gives players two new arenas to fight in, Ascension and Henge. Those who fork out the $3.99 will also receive the Commodus and Centurion Gladiator skins. Ascension will make players fight through Hades’ lair, rising back to the surface. Henge requires you to slay more barbarians to reclaim an ancient forest shrine and secure it for Rome.

The free game update which will provide all players with an upgrade to co-operative multiplayer mode Gladiator. Two new level events will occur throughout a selection of random maps whilst you in the arena killing barbarians. The first level event will include the spawn of a new enemy turret which will fire off deadly arrows until you can destroy it.

The second event features a boost to your Gladiator’s Health or Focus, via a one-time activated bonus. This is gained from rewards statues of Roman deities that emerge from the sands. You can see gameplay by watching the video we have included for you below, more details can be found here.

Will you be downloading the Ryse DLC?

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