Mario Kart 8 release date MIA with new gameplay

By Alan Ng - Dec 19, 2013

If you were expecting to see some new Mario Kart 8 gameplay at Nintendo’s Direct event yesterday, we’re pleased to say that the company didn’t disappoint. Nintendo left it till the very end to give us a new glimpse of Mario Kart 8, but some of you may be frustrated that there is still no Mario Kart 8 release date in sight.

The game is looking amazing from a graphics point of view, and Nintendo gave us another example of this by unveiling a brand new airport level that looks like a great deal of fun. We knew that the game was coming in Spring 2014, but unfortunately the Nintendo Direct event still didn’t bring us a release date.

Nintendo are obviously not ready to give us this kind of information yet, but hopefully this also means that there will not be any delays of any sort as we’ve seen with other Wii U titles. This gameplay alone though should give you the evidence you need to remind you that this is going to be well worth the wait.

Enjoy the new Mario Kart 8 gameplay below and let us know if this is one of your instant buys in 2014 on the Wii U.

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  • Hammer Bro

    Spring 2014!! Mario Kart 8 is realeased!Watch exculsivly on Wii U!!!On youtube!