Live new Battlefield 4 update fix for Xbox One to end pain?

By Matt Tran - Dec 19, 2013

Players of the Xbox One version of Battlefield 4 have been swamped with issues recently, with the latest patches not fixing a majority of problems. DICE has now released another live update which should hopefully end the pain that gamers have been suffering with of late.

The newest update rolled out addresses a majority of the game’s most common bugs such as save corruption, random crashes and the notorious kill trade issue. The Kill Trade has been a huge frustration and refers to the situation when two opposing players exchange fire and are both killed at the same time. This has now seemingly been resolved and should not occur after the fixes.

DICE has posted the update log to their official Battlefield 4 blog, detailing all of the specific fixes that will take place. Have you received the update yet and has it fixed all of the issues you were experiencing?

We want to hear from you if you are still suffering with bugs since the roll out, so leave a comment if this is the case.

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