Hyrule Warriors with Dynasty theme expectations

By Alan Ng - Dec 19, 2013

If you missed Nintendo’s Direct event yesterday, one of the biggest announcements was undoubtedly the reveal of Hyrule Warriors. This game is going to be a mash-up between Zelda and Dynasty Warriors, the ancient Chinese brawler that is developed by Tecmo-Koei.

Tecmo-Koei are also going to be developing this one, but obviously with Nintendo’s blessing to use Link as the main character and other Zelda franchise items. The title is Hyrule Warriors and the game is due out in 2014 on Wii U – but we understand that Hyrule Warriors is only a working title for now.

A trailer has been released and it actually looks like a lot of fun. Dynasty Warriors is a franchise that has proven itself to have its own loyal fanbase down the years. Combining that style of endless hack and slash gameplay, but whilst doing it as Link can only be an interesting prospect.

We’ve already seen that opinion on the merge appears to be divided. Some of you are saying that this is doomed to failure from the start, but others can’t wait for the game to arrive and have praised Nintendo for bringing the two titles together.

Be assured that this is a spinoff game too and isn’t connected to the Legend of Zelda series, especially the upcoming game on Wii U. We are very excited about seeing what Tecmo Koei can do with the game, don’t forget that this is another Wii U exclusive for fans to get their hands on in 2014 – so you can’t fault Nintendo for trying to make everyone happy.

We hope that Tecmo Koei will include a lot more Zelda elements in the game such as item and puzzle exploration, as we don’t want to see just repetitive killing over and over again. The potential for this game is massive – you may just not realize it yet.

Give us your reaction to the game below, regardless if its positive or negative.

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