GTA V Z-Type car location unknown, customization joy

By Alan Ng - Dec 19, 2013

As gamers try to find ways to make money easily on the new GTA V 1.08 update, we switch our attention to one GTA V car that some of you may be having difficulty finding. That car is the popular Z-Type, one of the most expensive cars in the game when purchasing and customizing.

As you may have discovered, it looks like there is no physical way to buy the GTA V Z-Type car. This model has been inspired by the real life Bugatti motor and it seems as if Rockstar has made it one of the most exclusive cars in GTA V – not to mention one of the most expensive too.

Because of this, there is no GTA V Z-Type car location in the game to get one for free. However, you can buy one but only if you have $10,000,000 spare – which is going to be a difficult task for most of you. We have been telling you how hard it is to make money in the game after the new 1.08 update, so spending $10 million on a brand new motor may be too much for you at the moment.

To buy the car, simply go to the on your GTA browser in story mode and order one in your choice of color. You’ll be pleased to know that GTA V Z-type customization is possible, and we have a great video to show you below which gives you an idea of what you can do to this motor one you get it into Los Santos customs.

What do you think of the Z-Type customized?

What do you think of the Z-Type customized?

Alternatively, you can also buy the Z-Type in GTA V online, with the price being much cheaper at $950,000. Have you found this car by normal means without paying $10 million for it? Let us know in the comments if you are the proud owner of one of these already.

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  • deez

    Thats not no 10mil its 950k…

    • fishface1881

      This whole article is wrong.. How do they mean impossible to buy? I managed it… as you say for 950k

      • Eonkid16

        They confused online with singleplayer