FIFA 14 Luis Suarez update after amazing form

By Alan Ng - Dec 19, 2013

If you are a regular FIFA 14 player, you may have noticed that the man everyone is talking about right now appears to have suffered from a ratings crisis at the hands of EA. Liverpool FC’s Luis Suarez is only rated an 86 in the game, with fans now hoping to see a FIFA 14 update to bring the striker on par with his current form.

You can arguably say that on current form, Luis Suarez should have a FIFA 14 rating of in the 90’s, up there with Lionel Messi and C.Ronaldo. Many critics and fans alike are saying that Suarez is now amongst the best in the world.

If that is the case though, why does he have a rating of 86? EA could win over a lot of fans, whilst making FIFA 14 much more realistic, by admitting that they made a big mistake with his base rating. A FIFA 14 January update for Luis Suarez rating would be a great move – so what should his final rating actually be?

Let’s take a look at the other strikers in the game who currently have 90 or higher. In terms of player stats that shipped at launch, there is only Falcao who has a 90 rating and is considered a non-legend. Pele is up there as the best player with a 95 rating, but he’s classed as a legend so it’s a different case.

Regardless if you are a Liverpool FC fan though, do you believe Luis Suarez should be rated higher than 86 after the January update, or do you think EA will ignore his low rating until FIFA 15?

Give us your reaction to this below.

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  • An person

    Henry was a 97 after scoring 30 in the epl. Suarez now has 29. Should Suarez have a rating of 94+

  • A Liverpool Fan

    it should b finishing 97, dribbling 98, acceleration 95, passing 87, stamina 99……….then we will see how his total aggregate shapes……thats all….!!

    • johnny

      he will be madrista soon… 3:)

      • Duh

        Will he? Just after signing a new long term contract? :/

      • A Liverpool Fan

        keep dreaming, boy…..whatever makes u happy……..!!!

    • samdough

      Dribling 98 ??

  • Boarneges

    Should never be lower than Van Persie. 89 would be the absolute minimum.

    • Meh

      Hahaha Suarez has scored more than Van Persie and Rooney so how should 89 be the Minimum?

      • Boarneges

        … As in Suarez should be rated higher than Van Persie and Rooney?

  • Patrick N Janice

    Yes, should be above 90+