FIFA 14 January transfer update for ratings

By Alan Ng - Dec 19, 2013

As we approach the busy Christmas period in the English Premier League, it can only mean exciting things for FIFA 14 players. The January transfer window will be opening soon and it means that FIFA 14 will get a massive update once all of the signings have been made.

Unlike previous games in the series though, the most significant aspects of the FIFA 14 January transfer update will happen automatically. With the weekly updates to the game, you can expect to see the players changing clubs to relate to real-life events, without having to go into edit mode and manually switch them over yourself.

One request that we’ve seen players make though, which EA will need to do themselves is ratings. A lot of gamers want to see a FIFA 14 player ratings update and a perfect time for EA to provide this, could be with the January transfer update.

Some players in the game are not performing to their current rating that they shipped with upon release, but then again, some players are also performing well higher than their current rating – Liverpool’s Luis Suarez a prime example.

Does Ramsey deserve better than a 79 on current form?

Does Ramsey deserve better than a 79 on current form?

You could also argue that Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey deserves a higher rating that the 79 that EA have given him – he’s been absolutely on fire this season, so why not reflect this in the ratings and make the game a lot more realistic this January?

What would you like to see from EA with regards to the January transfer update? Do you agree that some player ratings need to be adjusted?

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  • Andeey

    well first of all would be good for more teams to be added possibly, like ive the real transfers but cant because the leagues don’t exit in the game, even if they would just be made available for searching also because of that players are missing from the game such as Joe Ironside Sheffield united player, returned from loan early dec or jan and is still missing, some players in lower leagues are way under rated, an update for skill games would help for example I cant get the silver games achievement cause on the lob pass one it bounces back out of some or should I say most of the bin things, and some additional buyable stuff for each level would be great, and it sucks that the first one a season things can only be used once, I purchased one, used it and just after my console crashed and it hadn’t auto saved, I lost it and couldn’t use or buy again, right pissed of now I gotta wait till im level 39 I think to get it again, LLLLOOOOONNNNGGGGG

  • Dennis Li

    is it the first friday in february this update is coming? and when do you update the boots, for example Ramos with the old tiempo? When does the new ones come? (Im not lvl 36, so i cant buy it in the catalogue)

  • QQ

    I would like to be able to modify the starting squad without running into a “corrupted” team file or “squad file does not match” error.