Elder Scrolls 6 vs. Fallout 4 for 2015 release

By Peter Chubb - Dec 19, 2013

It is all very well seeing all these hints that point to Fallout 4, even though Bethesda has yet to officially announce the game, but they do love the publicity. We recently discussed how there was a clue to Fallout 4 in a recent Christmas card on the game publisher’s website.

However, for those who believe that we could see the next installment of Fallout released next year, then you might be disappointed. Okay, so it is clear that fans believe they have seen something on the Christmas card, which relates to games coming in 2014, but other fans believe this to be wishful thinking and that Fallout 4 will not be released until 2015.

We are not too sure what to make of this because we know that the whole Fallout 4 saga has been a rather confusing one, as we had assumed to know something about the game by now because of the countdown website. However, that was proved to be a hoax, and a good one at that.

It’s for this reason why whenever we see something from Bethesda we will now look at things that are not really there.

Having said that, a 2014 release for Fallout 4 would be better than 2015 from a fans point of view, as this is the year we expect Elder Scrolls 6 to be released. Then again, Bethesda might need another year to get to grips with the PS3 and Xbox One, and so the next Elder Scrolls title might not be here until 2016.

When do you think Fallout 4 and The Elder Scrolls 6 will be released?

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  • BroMaster86

    exactly eso was made by zenimax and PUBLISHED by bethesda and evan if it was made by betheasda it would not matter they have a small army of nerds working for them also i cant wait for tes6 ive been searching websites for almost a year trying to gather info on the next es i have seen graghic mods for skyrim and want to see that as a actuall game with a full new story but that new story got me thinking and now im going to try skywind!!!

  • Dylan

    I’d MUCH rather Elder Scrolls 6. A new Fallout would be cool, but a new Elder Scrolls would be amazing.

  • Anon Y. Mouse

    “Then again, Bethesda might need another year to get to grips with the PS3 and Xbox One…” I know this is a typo but considering what happened to Skyrim on PS3 I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re STILL trying to figure it out.

    • MyOwnDisaster

      The thing about Skyrim on PS3 (and is also the case with a lot of development on PS3) was the trouble they had getting things to work with the cell processor. The PS4’s processor is based on PowerPC, so development should be much easier.

  • shawn

    anyone think it could be neither?

  • Will

    Honestly, I think Fallout 4 will come out before Elder Scrolls 6 will. They are both very good franchises so it really doesn’t matter to me, though I must say I am having wasteland withdrawl… Skyrim is still too fresh in my memory and the wastelands of Fallout are too distant. Ha.

  • paulmcelroy

    I think it’s about time we had an Elderscrolls/Fallout/Bioshock/Zelda crossover game. Who’s with me?

    • Moses

      bioshock and fallout cross over would work, & zelda and elder cross over would work. but not all four, 2 are fantasy, 2 are sci-fi. all from different time periods it just wouldnt work

      • Anon E. Mouse

        He’s joking. It’s sarcasm. Any combination of those games would be awful.

  • Zach

    thats true skyrim has been the only game I have played since 2011. Seriously I’m truly taking my time the only part I beat was dawngaurd lol. I got like only 60 dudgeons cleared and like 106 locations discovered. All I do is explore the world w/o discovering anything at all. I really just started taking it. Seriously and I was even at the big realease at the mall Gamestop . I got to level 65 b4 I even started I got atlases 2000hrs on it also with my other characters. I got 456hrs on my level 65 just running around the world avoiding locations….I got to 65 with 5 locations discovered and 1 dudgeon cleared bleakfalls barrow. I’m just crazy obsessed with the game. I have no idea what I
    M going to do when the 6th one comes out !! Can’t freaking wait it’s already driving me nuts bc the world and graphics ducting are going to be amazingly beutiful due to the new console. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Le Deps

    I think the Elder Scrolls 6 is the only video game where I honestly don’t mind if it takes another four years to arrive. I’m still getting lots of replay from Skyrim and it was the amount of time taken to bring it to us after Oblivion is the reason for this. The detail, beauty and lore in these games is immense and they payout is totally worth the wait!

    I liked Fallout, but never fell in love with it or dedicated the ridiculous number of hours to it that I do with Skyrim so I’m honestly not too fussed when the next one comes out. I think it’s because I’m just a sucker for medieval fantasy so the Elder Scrolls is right up my alley!

    • MyOwnDisaster

      I think it’d be reasonable to expect Elder Scrolls 6 by about 2016. I think at E3 next year we’ll get an announcement from Bethesda. As for Fallout 4, I’m entirely expecting the mystery to continue…Bethesda’s been stringing us along for quite some time now.

  • Rach

    Elder Scrolls 6 = 2015. By around this time they would have had at the most part about 3+ years to build off of Skyrim. The Elder Scrolls Online I don’t think would have drained their resources heavily because it’s just being published by them. Teso was made entirely by Zenimax Online. With this in mind along with the fact that Skyrim itself was a major it, ES6 is well on its way.

  • Zach

    The elder scrolls 6 more than likely won’t be released for another 2/3 years at least. It has been about 2 years since the release of skyrim. If it has been like all the other elder scroll games we can be waiting a little while which does suck. But I still play skyrim which in my mind was the best out of them all! Morrowind was pretty good but oblivion was a little cheesy but still ok. Bethesda will more than likely put out another fallout b4 another elder scrolls…..but maybe it will be elder scrolls 6 who knows. That would be awesome. Yet there is so much content in the elder scrolls series and amazingly huge ya we could be waiting awhile. I rather them take their time with the elder scrolls and make it amazing than just rush it and not be as good as skyrim…. They sort of rushed oblivion and it didn’t turn out the way I really wanted it to. I’m a graphics and huge beautiful world and dungeons kind of guy. Of course tons of long quests also. But it would be nice if the 6th one would come out before my 27th birthday 25 atm. So who knows atm we will all have to wait and see what they decide. Later