Fallout 4 clues from Christmas card

Although there is a lot of Fallout 4 disappointment in the air after the VGX no-show where we didn’t see a Fallout 4 release date announcement, it appears that all hope has not been lost just quite yet. Bethesda has released a Christmas card on their website with seasons greetings, but some fans have already discovered that the card may contain subtle Fallout 4 hints.

The last we heard about the game, was a big rumor which appeared to confirmed that Fallout 4 would be set in Boston after months of speculation on the subject. Bethesda meanwhile, have sat back and enjoyed all of the hype generated for their upcoming release, knowing too well that they have everyone in their pockets with regards to keeping fans excited for the game.

The image you see here is a Christmas card released on the Beth Blog. Upon examination, it is no mere Christmas card though. The items featured in the card are actually items that belong in games that are on the way from the company.

For example, the robot dog on the floor is actually the Panzerhound from Wolfenstein. Next, you’ll see the wreath on the wall which is inspired by The Elder Scrolls Online. Finally, you’ll notice the blood-drenched safe which is an obvious teaser for The Evil Within.

All of these games are due in 2014 and although there are no blatent clues on Fallout 4, fans have spotted something. Take another look at the barbed wire on the safe. Although it may seem like nothing to some of you, others may agree that the barbed wire is shaped like the number 4 – what do you think?

Trust Bethesda to kick off another wave of painful teasers. Look at the poster yourself and let us know if you think Bethesda has done this on purpose.



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