Chromebook 11 charger problems lead to recall

By Alan Ng - Dec 18, 2013

We have some important news for those of you with a Chromebook 11 laptop from HP and Google. It has been confirmed that the Chromebook 11 charger problems have reached its limit. A Chromebook 11 recall has now been issued, advising all users to stop using the current charger and request a replacement as soon as possible.

You won’t need to send your Chromebook 11 laptop into HP or Google though. The charger is the main culprit here, as you may have heard with frequent Chromebook 11 charger overheating stories. The Consumer Product Saftey Commission has now ruled that the Chromebook 11 charger is a burn or fire hazard, with one reported user suffering a small burn as a result of a melted charger.

Both HP and Google have acknowledged the recall, advising users to stop using the charger immediately and request a replacement. You can do this by visiting this link, just fill in the details including your laptop’s serial number and you should receive a Chromebook 11 charger replacement in due course.


It goes without saying that this isn’t good news for both Google and HP. The $280 laptop has only just gone on sale during the Holiday season, so it isn’t a good start.

Do you own a Chromebook 11? If so, get in touch with us if you have also noticed some overheating issues with the charger that shipped out of the box.

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