Avengers Alliance Iceman class, moves expectations

By Alan Ng - Dec 18, 2013

Earlier this month we told you that Avengers Alliance would finally be getting Iceman. He had been a firm fan request for many months, but developers Playdom are finally putting him in the game. Now we look ahead to the Avengers Alliance Iceman release date, with what class and moves the X-Men member will have.

To recap, Iceman will be coming with the Avengers Alliance Spec Op 16 event – this has been confirmed. What we don’t know though, is what class he will have. The immediate guess is that he will be a blaster, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Iceman becomes a tactician either as it would also fit.

We also know that Iceman will be gaining a Horseman outfit, as seen in the image below. Although we understand Playdom using his original appearance from the comics, we would hope that Iceman’s X-Men suit from Days of Future Past will be unlocked for CP further on down the line.

Do you like this design or not?

Do you like this design or not?

In terms of Iceman’s moves, what would you like to see? Some clues on this could be seen in the Marvel Vs Capcom 2 gameplay clip that we have added below for you. A mix of Ice-based projectiles as well as a team ice protection shield that blocks out buffs would be some suggestions perhaps.

Would you like to see this Iceman X-Men alt?

Would you like to see this Iceman X-Men alt?

Iceman is finally coming to the game, so let us know what you would like to see from the character, in terms of class and move set.

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  • Tom Bacon

    The outfit from DoFP definitely won’t be in it. The X-Men movies, including the looks, are Fox properties, not Marvel Studios.