Steam Machine unboxing with controller focus

By Alan Ng - Dec 17, 2013

Valve were not kidding when they said that Steam Machine prototypes were going to be reaching select users very soon. Now, it looks like some of these users have received an early Christmas present ahead of schedule.

We can bring you one of the first Steam Machine unboxing videos for you to take a look at, with also another video which focuses on the new SteamOS controller that everyone is talking about at the moment.

Just to remind you, these prototypes are not available to everyone. Beta testers have been selected by Valve specifically, so any hardware you see how in these videos are likely to be subject to final testing before Valve is ready to go public with the launch.

Firstly, just take a look at that wooden box – we’re assuming all prototypes are shipping in the same box, which is very cool. The box almost looks similar to the Xbox One in design too, although remember that this is a prototype.


We can also reveal that the setup of this particular prototype is running on SteamOS with an Intel Core i5-4570, along with 15.6GB of RAM and a 974GB hard drive.

As we wait for more details on what other specs that different prototypes are running, enjoy these two videos that we have picked out for you.

What is your early reaction to the Steam Machine – are you looking to buy one of these as soon as possible as an alternative to the PS4 and Xbox One?

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